Аманийский боевой медведь. Сумка кайши

Сумка Кайши - Объект - World of Warcraft


Комментарий от Nameme

This is located inside a pot in the northeastern corner of Halazzi's room. Angling the camera to an overhead look helps.

Your raid must kill Halazzi within the timed event's limit for Ashli to survive and her bag to contain loot.

Комментарий от kadaan

The item obtained from the chests in the timed event is based on how many bosses you've downed and not to the boss itself. If you kill the eagle first, that chest will have the same loot table as if you killed bear first.

Chest 1: Armor item- Cloak of Fiends- Cord of Braided Troll Hair- Elunite Imbued Leggings- Life-step Belt- Mantle of Ill Intent- Pauldrons of Stone Resolve- Shadowcaster's Drape- Shadowhunter's Treads

Chest 2: Weapon- Amani Divining Staff- Rage- Staff of Dark Mending- Trollbane- Tuskbreaker- Umbral Shiv

Chest 3: Ring- Mana Attuned Band- Signet of Eternal Life- Signet of Primal Wrath- Signet of the Last Defender- Signet of the Quiet Forest

Chest 4: Bear Mount- Amani War Bear (Yes, 100% drop rate from the 4th chest and not a random drop from each chest)

Комментарий от Motret

Where si the bag? Pls, help :)

Комментарий от MasterOfDisguise

The chest is in Zul'Aman, and can be looted if you successfully complete the timed event there. Kada has already covered what drops from the chest.

Комментарий от samuil

First chest can also contain Shadowcaster's Drape.

Комментарий от dustyraven

what i want to know were the pot/bag is like next to a boss were is it?

Комментарий от Strut

I soloed Zul Aman and i looked for it but it wasnt there. Is 100% chance of being there?

Комментарий от Moby812

And can tell more precisely, where exactly is Ashli's Bag?

Комментарий от bojan93

In which area of Zul'Aman can be found this bag !?!?

Комментарий от Thrabone

how do u get the Amani War bear to Drop??becuse i was wodering so i can help out my guild and get eveyone the bear.....pls reply

Комментарий от Moby812

It is possible a picture with more exact (clear) arrangement?

можно снимок с более точным (понятным) расположением?

Комментарий от Majordeath

I have amani war bear. Its not faster than a normal mount. Just looks awesome.

Комментарий от critt

Can you ninja the bag? or do you have to kill the boss?

Комментарий от Shaquille

and ofc consider Amani War Bear now history in 4th chest :)

Комментарий от Darkni

Does anyone know what they replaced the amani war bear with? They said they would put something else in there of value (not like the mount but some item instead).

Комментарий от TheRealAzoth

From the new loot table of "Ashli's Bag", user comments and blue posts it appears any of the rings from the 3rd timed chest will also drop from the 4th. The same ring can drop from both. This may only be a temporary thing until Bliz updates the loot table for the 4th timer but who knows when or even if that will happen.

Комментарий от smallroar

It shows same as 3rd chest , because many people skipped dragonhawk boss , and went straight to lynx. and making that the third chest .

Комментарий от edudum

actually i've did a bear run yesterday and a ring from the 3rd chest dropped (since bears are no longer attainable)

Комментарий от sachbab

any one know if blizzard will remove the bear mount or nerf the drop rate in lich king ?

Комментарий от Draconax

It's already been removed.

Комментарий от puredeath

Hmm doesnt the mount have 100% drop chanse :O

1st! :O

Комментарий от nickabilla

I dont see how to fit a bear in a sac...

Комментарий от Thana

I also thought you can't put 1kg ground meat on one bun, but it works!

Комментарий от Absalom1

i cant find this Bag...where in Zul'Aman is?

Комментарий от hero123

where is the urn where is the bag? near hazzali?

Комментарий от shadow1

I've never done zul'aman before and i want to know to open the urn that holds the bag do u need anything special?

Комментарий от DoomMachine

who knew a small bag could hold an Amani War Bear

Комментарий от Joaze

Patch 4.1 Updated!

This is rewarded when killing the 4th boss in Zul'Aman before the "Time untill sacrifice"- runs out.This is the so called "timed run". It's an object on ground that when you open it contain 1 Amani Battle Bear that the entire party can roll on.

As of 4.1 this 5man timed run works as follows:You get 15 minutes from the start. Killing the first 2 bosses gives you 5 minutes from each boss, killing the next 2 doesn't give you anything at all. Which means you have a total of 20 minutes to complete the Timed Run.

Комментарий от Viruzzz

15+5+5=25, not 20. Just math fail.

Комментарий от WilyEWarlock

Need to have a clarification, can the quest to free the prisoners be completed by jumping to this Boss?

Комментарий от monkiy

No. You have to kill the boss within the allotted time. Simply pulling him doesn't count.

Комментарий от Blazertin

Is the mount going to be removed like the last one?

Комментарий от AdjudicatorX2

As of 4.1, the Zul'Aman instance has been remade into a level 85 heroic 5-man dungeon. This satchel is received by rescuing Kasha from Halazzi (Lynx boss).

The other containers are:

Bakkalzu's Satchel from Akil'zon (eagle boss)

Norkani's Package from Jan'alai (dragonhawk boss)

Hazlek's Trunk from Nalorakk (Bear boss)

Комментарий от alex97000

what hapens if you just skip to lynx boss at the first 15 mins?

Комментарий от GanondorfTM

Doing the Timed Run will now award every player in the group with Медвежья услуга.

Комментарий от Drainmor

Does This Bag Be Always There?

Комментарий от DeGoudenEeuw

Despite what wowhead currently says, the drop rate for Amani Battle Bear is 100%.

Комментарий от ElementGamer

forget how the amani "Shoved" a bear into a little purse,i wonder how lonely it got in there.

Комментарий от fangso

isn't kasha kingslayer orkuses dragon?

Комментарий от vexis58

The NPC you rescued will walk around the room smashing the urns, leaving lootable golden coins behind. One of the urns will contain a small bag that you can loot for the bear. The bag contains ONE bear, and disappears after being looted.

Комментарий от zerodark9

I would like to say that the Bear can drop from other loot bags, rather than just from Сумка Кайши. We got it out of a bag from the person who was near the south east boss.

Комментарий от bruenir

I'd spent a long time wondering if this was now soloable, and yesterday I said to my wife "I'm gonna try Zul'Aman and see if I can s.." and she said "oh I'll come with you!" and I said "OK." So we duo'ed it, and crushed the place, got a few achievements. Shammy 537 ilvl (her) and Hunter 527 ilvl (me). You only need to kill the first 4 bosses, but one thing: don't forget to release the prisoners. We almost forgot tonight, and I had to ride back to 3rd boss just before we did 4th. Yoiks. Still had 9 mins or so when we finished, and I think we had 11-12 last night. Both nights the bear dropped (I know that's a small sample but anecdotally I think the drop rate is 100%) so we're all set now. I wish Zul'Gurub were so giving. I did die tonight to one of the bosses (I forget which one) as I was distracted and let the boss get to me instead of my pet. I would hazard the opinion that if you're around 515+ ilvl soloing would be simple, and duoing as the wife and I did would be trivial.Another note: neither of us had actually ever completed the rescue the prisoner's quest, so last night, it was an actual quest to finish that. Tonight, as we did it yesterday, we did not see any quest, which concerned us, but the timer shows up as soon as the gate opens. We didn't use any real tactics on any boss, just burn baby burn. Amp the DPS up and you should be good to go.

Комментарий от runecor2000

I killed hazzali and freed kasha and then she breakes the vases and in one of the vases is it a bag and in it i got a freeking bag of coins insted of Amani battle bear!

Комментарий от runecor2000

I killed hazzali and freed kasha and then she breakes the vases and in one of the vases is it a bag and in it i got a freeking bag of coins insted of Amani battle bear!

Комментарий от TheBlackFox

How can a bear fit in a bag? xD

Комментарий от Neza1337

WHAT! didnt get the ^&*!ing bear!

Комментарий от smashz

First time I tried this.. I got a Bag of Coins which is 1% chance and I didnt get the bear haha

Комментарий от Deathkola

Of course with my luck the bear has a 90% drop chance and thats what i was going for and somehow i dont get the bear but i get the armor that has a .12% drop chance

Комментарий от myrddinwylt

It seems like the drop rate has been reduced or my rng is fail :

Just got Починенный плащ Фростхайма which according to the list should be 0.14% drop rate.

Комментарий от tccb1833

Remember you have to actually kill all 4 bosses in time to get this. It doesn't always drop from the bonus loot at Halazzi. The first kill will always reward you with a bag of gold. The second and third kills give you an epic item and the 4th kill will be the mount.

Комментарий от lamarak663

Did this today got it on the first try once you kill Halazi before the timer runs out loot the bag in the corner of the room I only tried once so im not sure if I was just lucky I also did it on my arms warrior with the trollbane sword.

Комментарий от Pneumonia

In order to free Kasha you need to kill the boss, which means: if you didn’t get the bear, resetting the instance won’t make any difference. Also, as a lvl 110, you can just go straight to it


Аманийский боевой медведь - Предмет


Комментарий от Icelandic

Returning as of 4.1, in the newly 85 Heroic rendition of Zul'Aman.

Бронированный ящер Раззаши and the Стремительная зульская пантера will be available from Zul'Gurub, replacing their since-removed brethren, Стремительный зульский тигр and Стремительный ящер Раззаши.

From the re-made Zul'Aman, we will once again have a crack at a Warbear, namely a remake of Аманийский боевой медведь.

I only managed to get the Raptor in old Zul'Gurub and no Warbear...I'm quite thrilled with this change.

Комментарий от Pyrocosm

It should also be noted that as of today, there is no discernible difference between the 3D models of the Battle Bear and the War Bear. This, however, is likely to be changed.

EDIT: Ohmigosh its purple

Комментарий от XTensuX

im glad it dosent look so bear

Комментарий от risljaninasim

This will not replace the war bear :(

Комментарий от BizarreMonkey

It should also be noted that as of today, there is no discernible difference between the 3D models of the Battle Bear and the War Bear. This, however, is likely to be changed.


This will not replace the war bear :(

And that is a bad thing why? Everyone gets a bear, just the old one will look cooler.

Комментарий от Flyingshots

I'm thrilled to see this, now we all actually have a chance for the bear. Just that the old one is just going to turn out into a status symbol to say. "I've played for a long time, and I was also a accomplished raider during the Burning Crusade."

Комментарий от kamii

For a lot of people it has been a status symbol of sorts already before the new one, though. :)

Комментарий от Jan1c

Indeed, you can still distinguish the oldschool people. I wish Blizz would 've had the same consideration when it comes to Wrath.

I never got the bear back in '07 because I only started raiding at the end of BC and I always envied people who had it, BUT I never would 've asked for it to return because I knew how much it would 've pissed the people off who worked for it back then.

Later in Wrath I was pretty happy (/proud) because I got my Starcaller title and 10m hardmode drake when it was still actually hard and I thought "this will be my war bear in Cat."

But no, Blizz had to leave that in so every random 85 can steamroll it and get their mount / title. I don't even wanna use my Ulduar drake / titles anymore because it's so damn common now.

Комментарий от Philes

I'm glad they're bringing this mount back. Losing the opportunity to loot this mount forever would have been unBEARable!

Комментарий от TheGrimSage

Everyone gets a bear, just the old one will look cooler different.

Fixed for you

Комментарий от Fathimir

Breaking the cycle of envy. It's a good thing. Also not relevant to this bear and a total buzzkill.(regarding Jan1c)

Комментарий от AxellSlade

i see wut u did thar

Комментарий от zomg5

so the way i see this is that if a old time player have obtain the Аманийский боевой медведь before they still can get this mount? please correct me if i'm wrong it's just because the name sound a bit different

Комментарий от Wravien

How do we obtain it? same way?

Комментарий от Deactivated1664

We all know the red ones are faster anyways.

Комментарий от futbolaholic

Do we know If there's going to be a chest event? Or is this going to be a random drop?

Комментарий от Fathimir

Quoting from the end of the official content preview released today:

The Swift Zulian Panther and Armored Razzashi Raptor are obtained in Zul'Gurub, while the Amani Battle Bear can be earned by killing the first four bosses of Zul'Aman in a limited amount of time.

Also, finally a screenshot of the new bear: http://us.media4.battle.net/cms/gallery/A1869W1ZSL0L1301010282853.jpgLooks like it's the same model, with the shoulderguards and toned down from vivid red to a more subdued green (and the trim and secondary colors adjusted to match).

Edit: From live reports, looked like the color scheme was changed since the official preview (see uploaded screenshots). I dub this new look the "Shadow Bear."

Комментарий от zomg5

The Amani Battle Bear can be earned by killing the first four bosses of Zul'Aman in a limited amount of time.

sounds similar to the way that Бронзовый дракон is obtained only that in ZA u have to kill four bosses for it

Комментарий от Merador

On the official blizzardpage is a screenshot from the new bear:http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/blog/2082342#blog

Only a slight color change!

Комментарий от Cubedout

I'm not sure that I'm entirely happy about this.

Its Blizzards way of letting all people get a chance at obtaining something, sure that's ok. But then you have the players who worked hard to get their items in the first place. Then the model copy slightly different colour mount comes out in a generally easy to obtain manner.

Sure they are different in colour, but the players that obtained them the easy way but may never have seen the previous mounts could then consider themselves the same.

The value of the original is therefore lost.

But still, I do also understand the perspective of those who didn't get one. I myself would like one for the characters I play now. As my bear rider has retired to alt.

-Stay Frosty

Комментарий от Nataley

Or did you consider those of us who played during that time and never received the mount? Imagine how pissed we were. We worked just as hard and we're glad it's obtainable once again.

Комментарий от Anubisz

But then you have the players who worked hard to get their items in the first place. Then the model copy slightly different colour mount comes out in a generally easy to obtain manner.

Thoese people have had 4 years or more to enjoy their mount..time to move on dont you think?

Комментарий от mnevis

@NatalyIf you're meaning the very few people who somehow were in a ZA bear run group, but didn't win one when the rest of their team members did, then you have a point (though you didn't get screwed by Blizzard, but by your guild).

Your post however makes only an extremely vague assertion to that end, of 'working just as hard'. I see you stating you played 'during that time', and asked us (I guess those who have the original bear) to 'imagine how pissed' you were at being left out of the bear party. That's pathetic, whiny, and ludicrous.

Personally, I think it's cool that it's coming back as a timed event, gonna get some for my alts. Since it's early in the expansion though, once the 4.1 heroics are as easy as Cata release ones are with decent gear, this bear will be exactly as cool as a Bronze Drake was in Wrath (which is to say, not nearly as cool as riding around on Chronalis should be).

Комментарий от MacOSXpert

The recoloured version of the Amani War Bear that will be available in the revamped Level 85 heroic dungeon, Zul'aman.

Комментарий от MacOSXpert

The recoloured version of the Amani War Bear that will be available in the revamped Level 85 heroic dungeon, Zul'aman.

Комментарий от MacOSXpert

Recoloured version of the Amani War Bear which will be introduced in Patch 4.1's revamp of Zul'aman, becoming a level 85 heroic dungeon.

Комментарий от Alterraia

I got the original one. I don't care if people have the new one. It's not the same. Mine is red, theirs is green. So, I know I got mine when it mattered & this one will be the new 'welfare bear'.

Комментарий от abbuehl

New Patch 4.1 items and instance on live servers.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kP2kR3MA9cY&feature=youtube_gdata

Комментарий от mewmewface

actually no anubisz, it wasnt a daily heroic you could do before. it was a raid on BC expansion that wasnt so easy mode back then. its jsut wow has given in to the endless QQ on forums about bringing the [email protected]#$ing bear back.

Комментарий от mewmewface

its just ridiculous how blizzard gave into the constant qq in the forums about people wanting it back, its just brutally pathetic. they could design an entirely new bear and i wouldnt give a damn.

Комментарий от perculia

Completed the run with 3 minutes to spare today. Mount is more purple than previous models linked (not green at all) but has exactly the same textures as the old one (screenshots uploaded for comparison).(##RESPBREAK##)140##DELIM##perculia##DELIM##

Комментарий от Arrow34

On that note, for the people who cant get on WoW at the moment to check, what is the time limit to obtain the mount? I haven't been able to see it on here.

Комментарий от lagavulin

Patch 2.3.0 was released in November of 2007, so almost 3 1/2 years, not "4 years or more".


Комментарий от Skyline20

Just got this mount last night. Hopefully they'll add my screenshot that i uploaded!

Комментарий от Lethorio

The mount run works exactly as it did in TBC, in that only the bear and eagle bosses give you more time, you only need to clear the animal bosses, and only one mount will drop.

Happy farming.

Комментарий от Harson

Well, they picked Pink instead of green for this Warbear.Very nice choice Blizzard!/sarcasm

Комментарий от lehayes

People are gonna love this that missed out on the Amani War Bear almost looks the exact same. Unfortunately for the people that had the original Amani War Bear feel its RUINED by this its the same exact skin and almost the same color. At a glance it looks like the old one thats not directly clicked on for the brightness just a dimmer version. Depends on if you have the original or not gonna hate it or love it.

Комментарий от Illearth

How much time does the eagle boss give as compared to the bear boss? I know from last time i did it that it wasnt standardized, but i didn't pay enough attention.

Комментарий от adezard

the bear is easy as it was at 70, we did it with a bear tank, priest healers, hunter, ret paladin , and my (enhance shaman) skipped most the trash killed each boss didn't open chest and had 8 mins left on lynx boss and killed it and got the bear

Комментарий от adezard

also..i don't know if its intentional or not but this doesn't come with an achievement for looting i'm sure they will add one later on in game ...hopefully

Комментарий от adezard

i'll just post our strat here for anyone interested

skip the main pack from eagle and bear boss, run up to eagle kill only the caster first on each pull then keep pulling up aoe'ing everything down til you get to the top and pull the big add that stops the birds from spawning,

then pull the eagle boss blow hero,a dps will get picked up by a giant white bird (you can dps the bird if your picked up) then back to blowing up the boss should take you 1 min to kill him with hero popped

skip chest go to bear boss

pull his first set of adds and the first set of bears and aoe them down together then head up to the stairs and continue to aoe pull each pack , then when you get to the last pack next to the boss cc 1 of the adds , if its a flamecaster it will be immune to cc (idk if its a bug or a glitch or just that platform) so cc the other and burn the flame caster then pull the boss, have 3 players picked out to stand in range to lessen the bosses dmg in human form(1 at a time soon as they get the debuff)

head to dragonhawk you should have 17 mins or so left on the timer after killing the bear boss, so mass pull adds and aoe , and be sure to kill the scouts , continue to aoe pull til you get to the stairs of dragonhawk, be sure to cc the adds and kill the juggernaut first, he can be purged when he gets the earthquake buff on him which helps him die faster, kill these adds and pull the boss, blow hero again and burn him down and aoe the hatchlings that come from ignoring the hatchers in the fight, you should have about 12 mins or so left at this point.

jump down, skip the juggernaut and the healer pat that go from in front of lynx and dragonhawk area and run to the side of the stairs heading to hex lord and pull the lnyx pack, then after they are dead skip the other adds and that are avoidable and pull the add with the 2 crocks burn them down, then have your tank pull both packs of lynx mobs and pop cooldowns and aoe them down, your healer will most likely need to drink so drink fast and pull the last pack on the stairs

then lynx boss you should have 8 mins left on timer so just pull him ignore healing totem and lightning totem and just zerg him down and you got your mount and free gold on the ground, just be sure your roll hax are on and you have your brand new za bear.. hope this helps those trying to get theirs

Комментарий от sneepy

Me and my team are using group setup below:

Tank- Prot Warrior- 190k hp and about 8k DPS on bosses.Healer- Holy Paladin- about 10k HPS on bosses.1DPS- Survival Hunter- about 18k DPS on bosses.2DPS- Feral Druid- about 18k DPS on bosses.3DPS- Ench Shammy- about 17k DPS on bosses.

With last run we've got 3 mins left.

We are using "Hit and run" strategy. Once last trash mob is dying, tank is pulling another group of trash. After killing a boss, we are mounting up immediately!

Notice that your team must know tactics perfectly. Any of deaths may cause you will run out of time.

Комментарий от DBeckham7890

It probably isn't needed, but Зелье невидимости can probably be used to skip a trash pull at the beginning of the trash on Dragonhawk boss, and then again on the last pull before Lynx boss.

Комментарий от Midlothia


Комментарий от Anubisz

Would this be doable by a guild group with teamspeak. We have an average item lvl of 355-360.

Комментарий от Joaze

Did the timed run with a guild group today and got this mount.

Feral TankHoly PalaShadow PriestFire MageFrost DK

We're all at an average ilvl of 368. We skipped a lot of trash pulls, we didn't wipe. We never stopped for drink/food, we used Crusader Aura between pulls. We all pull out well over 20k dps on bosses and even more on trash. We took the fastest possible way in there. We never stopped for ANYTHING.We all knew the tactics for every boss.

When the timed event boss died, we had 1-2 minutes left on the timer.

Conclusion: This mount will remain hard to get even if you outgear it. A simple mistake and you've failed your timed run.Untill blizzard nerfs Zul Aman,(which I personally hope they don't), it's gonna remain a rare mount,

Комментарий от rockmanzero

Owkeej so you say that you have 368 gear fully nuked everything and still had 1-2 minutes left?

Think you took a wrong route since we did it with a good pace many communication on ventrilo and had like 4-5 minutes left. Not really a challenge if you already did it back in TBC.


Protection PaladinHoly PaladinFeral CatFire MageShadow Priest

Комментарий от danonek

We did mount time ryb 5 times today with 1 offspec and 2 alts.Pala prot- alt (355)Shaman ench- alt (357)Pala ret-offspec (367)Another Pala ret (366)Pala holy (367)

Everytime we had 4 min left.

Комментарий от holix12

This is obiously going to be the new Поводья бронзового дракона. Sigh...

Комментарий от PhineEredar

Here's a video from 4.1 of some friends and I doing a timed run for this bear:


Комментарий от Leicad

I have a small tip after doing the run succesfully 5 times in a row. Just before the bear boss, there will be trolls on warbears. Usually when you kill the rider, the bear will get maximum health and you have to kill that as well. Here is the trick: stun the handler when he is at roughly 40% hp and the bear won't spawn! Since there is 4 of these mobs, it will easily shave off ~30 seconds which can be vital if you are having abit of trouble.

Best of luck guys!

Комментарий от Azothoras

Some notes for the bear run:

Each run only gives one bear.You need to kill the Lynx boss before the timer runs out. If the timer runs out while fighting the lynx, the captive will still die, and it will fail.

You will need to kill the four bosses (eagle, bear, dragonhawk, lynx) before the timer on top of your screen runs out.You start off with 15 minutes, and you get another 5 minutes for killing the eagle and the bear boss, giving you a grand total of 25 minutes to do it.

If you can't manage the DPS, try bringing hex sticks with you, and go into a clean instance and unhex the frogs to get the buffs, then group queue (Note: You have to apply the buff before rejoining ZA, because the item dissappears when zoning, while the buff does not.) at ZA again. The buffs will stick with you until you die.

EDIT: Some more info

Комментарий от adezard

me and my group are mostly 362 ilvl we run strick with a ret paladin , marks hunter, disc/ holy priest, me (enhance shaman), and feral druid tank, we skip most of the trash and pull lynx with atleast 7-8 mins left on timer.

and also to note to those who want to know...we tried for multiple bear runs today and after our first one we noticed the timer doesn't show up anymore after the first time you do a bear run...i don't know if its a bug or not, but we got half way through our normal pulls to dragonhawk and noticed it

Комментарий от adezard

but then again we have alot of battle bears now !

Комментарий от Gornax

just wondering, how do you skip most of the trash?

and when the timer doesnt show up, do you still get the mount if you are fast enough?

Комментарий от lyom

giving you -1 your punctuation and capitalization sucks and

Комментарий от Botixx

Did it 5 times today, wasnt that hard with a good healer.Our composition looked like this:Prot WarriorResto druidBm hunter- just for the hero, using it on the eagle and dragonhawk bossMM hunterShadow Priest

Usualy we were engaging the last boss with 6 minutes left, cleared all the trash, most of the problems we had was the dragonhawk boss our tank and in a few runs a healer died there but we were able to do it nevertheless with the help of mass ressurection :)

Комментарий от Skyzed

Just did it with my guild mates with vent ofc360 lvl item everyone

Protection paladin Me<---Resto shamanCombat rogueShadow priestFurry warrior

We did it with 6 minutes leftTry to skip as packs and patrols u can ,pop bl/hero at 1st and 3rd bosses ,be fast on your mount ups, and also dont do any ninjapulls, cause from one simple mistake u can lose the run.

Комментарий от Xavicus

After 3 hours (one huge fail ran in while healer was outside) we had our 5 amani battle bears (one dude left before screeny :P)

Комментарий от frostyfire14

Just completed it on April 30th as a Guild Run; and of course we used vent.

Resto Shaman (Me)Protection PaladinBalance DruidDestruction WarlockShadow Priest

We did not stop for mana on any pull.The Balance Druid cycled his innervate with my Mana Tide Totem (ex. I used my Totem, 2mins later he used Innervate on me, 2mins later I used the totem and so forth). We only stopped to drink on the Lynx boss because we had 4mins to spare.

We used Heroism on the Eagle Boss and the Lynx Boss (Did not use Heroism on the Dragonhawk - First time completing the mount run so we were not sure if you just had to engage the Lynx boss, or kill him within the time limit.)

If you have a Shaman or DK you can use water walking to skip the patrol with 2 crocs on his sides. Saves about 1min if you're crunching for time. Other than that, that is the only trash we skipped.

Good Luck everyone!

Edit - Spelling

Комментарий от Fathimir

Thanks for mentioning your group's ilevel, Joaze.

Seriously, many of the posts in here regarding the execution of this run are worse than worthless without knowing how geared the group was (and if you had any stacks of Luck of the Draw from LFD pugs). Skill is only one deciding factor, gear makes a huge difference as well - awesome dps saves minutes, and tanking/healing the large packs without cc is not trivial.

Комментарий от Fathimir

The posts here which happily proclaim they got their bears with X minutes left, without mentioning how geared their group was (or if they had any stacks of the LFD buff, but that's unlikely) are beyond annoying. Gear makes a difference. Please include it in your posts.


Комментарий от mnevis


I know you're just being reactionary and anti-elitist which is all the rage, but...

Have you looked at the pictures?

Objectively speaking, the new bear looks like the old bear but drained of color. I wish they gave it a new color scheme rather than just leaving it out in the sun for 20 years; some of the artist's renditions that were floating around the web looked better than the real thing.

My2c, not that anyone cares.

Комментарий от CaptainAng

Need some comments on this:

Went in with a full group of guildies, all 359 ilvl, didn't stop between pulls, didn't stop to drink, didn't wipe, crusader aura between pulls, killed Eagle, Bear, Dragonhawk. As Dragonhawk died, our timer did not change. Does Dragonhawk not give time anymore? Because of no additional time there was no way we were making it (and killing) Lynx boss before timer was up.

I also heard of a group doing Eagle > Bear > Lynx and getting the mount... though I find this to be extremely hard to believe.

Комментарий от adezard

idk if my post i made earlier shows up or not but i'll do it again, most the juggernaut & healer pats are avoidable this helps you alot in the run, once you avoid the one from dragonhawk to lynx pull just the first set of lynx trash at the steps of hex lord. after they die have a shaman or if you have a dk water walk the group and run just past the hut and run straight out across the water skipping the croc pat which saves you a min of pulling and walking time, have your tank run in grab 2 packs of lynxs blow cd's and the group aoe's these down, doing this plus the water walking saves you atleast 2 mins hope this little extra bit helps you guys

Комментарий от Qwerg

Guide for ZA timed run

The gates open. 2 mobs appear and the one coming from the right is attackable 4 seconds earlier than the one on the left. nuke it first. Go down the stairs from the left and jump to the grass at the left. Like that u can avoid a bit better the pat. Mark the pat with a stupid mark, like star or triangle, so that it can be noticed fast. Jump up the thrash of the hawk. You pull first pair and kill the caster, repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat, killing the melee mobs with cleaves and such. Pull big fugly guy and make the birds stop spawning. Go to hawk fast (healer has to even drink when the tank is pulling stuff) and pop hero. Nuke it, stay spread 10 yards and hug at his tornado. He dies, mount up and go down. You can even jump from a part of the wall to save time. Go down to the swamp and avoid the 2 pats. Killing these 2 takes 2-3mins of your time. You don't want them

Right about now 3-4 volcanic pots are used. Pull the first thrash and aoe down, when first mobs dies the tank can pull the bear pack if the healer's mana allow it. I am not sure but i think popping mirror images causes buggs on the bear part, so save them for boss fight or use them when u reach the first mounted bears. Go to the stairs, pull, nuke/stun the medic man and kill his 40k hp totem that causes immunity asap. When 3 out of 4 are dead the tank can continue walking higher. Those are the first bear pack. Pop some soft cds or 2 min cd or less and like usual use pots to increase your dps. This after all is a dps + survival race. when they reach 35% of hp u can stun them and bugg them, so the bear isn't spawning with them (saves 1 min if you add all 4 bears). Go up and pull the mobs. After 4 seconds of pulling u can cc the medic man and the other fugly melee and kill the bears like before. (use pot!). Kill the bears, break the cc and kill the mobs too. Pull boss, make a 3 range charge share (use pot!) and kill him like that. when he is dead u hafta be swift, mount up and rush to the first scout.

Scouts are really hard to aim for, the first 2 are easy and the only hard one is the one behind the dragonhawks pack. Try to be careful with that one, since tank must pull the mobs and dps nuke the scouts down. If you have a mage in group you don't cc the casters at this thrash pack. Mages can steal a buff allowing em to move 300% speed and also increases spell haste, making em capable of literally nuking the mobs there. If no mage in group, a shaman or a priest or whoever can, must dispell. if that's not possible too u have to CC the casters as much as possible. Dispelling/stealing also applies to the mob with the earthquake buff. Moving on u nuke em like that, blah blah.

Dragonhawk boss (USE POTS FFS) and pop hero again (yeah u should have it). Kill 1 hatcher at start, let the other hatch eggs, aoe em down, avoid fires, etc etc.

Mount up and move to the west, down the swamp again. Yeah, you guessed right! You avoid the pat again! Shocked. Next to the temple stairs there is a pack of kitties, pull em and nuke em down. (yeah u just used your pot. AGAIN!). When they are dead, you click the icon of your flask and drink the water walking elixir. If you got shamy or dk u save 100g :]. Move between the temple ruins and the troll pack at your right and go near the shore. If you are lucky the croc pack isn't at the egde of their route so u can enter the water and run to the other side. Once there you activate kitties, nuke em. Once 2 are dead u activate the next pack. (used a pot and reused your flask by now). You do the first normal MB and pull the next kittie pack. 3 are dead u move on. Once that's done you wait again and heal up to full, and go for the last pack of kitties. When they are dead u pull the last mob pack. it's the hardest one imo, cause u get rather stressed with the whole situation. Nuke the two trolls down first and then the kitties.

You use pot before pullin lynx and u reuse it like you would have done in a raid (this applies to ALL bosses and packs done yet). You don't have hero, but u keep nuking the boss only. All but boss must enter the water totems for + mana if u caster or healer. When he splits you nuke the boss, not the lynx and also nuke the lightening totem. Again you pull boss out of water totem.

1 death is enough to fail this. Every second counts. You don't need to loot or free the prisoners or antihex the frogs during this. Looting wastes 1 min in total by distracting you too so you gotta be careful

That all. GL with it if you gonna try it


Комментарий от Repriever

I recently got Amani Battle Bear, and after comparing it with my guildies Amani War Bear, I would say that the old one is better looking. The new one is slightly pinkish color, mostly on the armor. The old mount is brown with a nice looking red armor. They are of the same size though.

Why did I lose the roll on the old one...? :(

Комментарий от Aelobin

The buff items you sometimes get from unhexing a frog WILL disappear on a loading screen, even if you go from being in Zul'Aman to Zul'Aman again. Just thought I'd mention this in case anyone else was thinking of trying to collect a few and then getting someone outside the instance to queue you.

Комментарий от Talvias

I see what you did there.

Комментарий от Healca

Purple pink Amaini bear? If so i'd like to see it in pack - Haris Pilton with big chupa chups as a pet - compensation.War Bear FTWПочему? Потому что он красный.

Комментарий от Gone

Just ran this with my guild, we made the timer with a group consisting of a Prot Paladin (me), a Resto Druid, an Arcane Mage (must have), a Hunter, and an Elemental Shaman. Here are a few tips and tricks we used to make the run fast.

1) Having an Arcane mage makes a huge difference. First because they can spellsteal the earthquake buff on some trash for extra dps (tanks be ready for this it pulls beast aggro) and second, and more importantly because on the last boss they can sit in the mana totem and spam Arcane Blast. Ours isnt even that geared and he pulled 24k dps, their Mastery makes them very OP here.

2) Be heavy on ranged, we ran with three, but you should have at least two, it helps things along especialy on the bird boss.

3) On the boss with the eggs, we killed both of the adds and just burnt the boss down, then the tank and healer both poped cooldowns when the eggs hatched (mass res is a muct have if you choose to do this, because 1 or 2 people will probobly die)

4) Water walk past the part with the crocs, if you dont have a DK or Shaman make sure everyone has a water walking potion.

5) Arrange what you are going to CC ahead of time, Vent makes all the difference.

Комментарий от mcshanes

Wish it was green as originally planned :(

Комментарий от Dantix

A New Hope for the green amani bear? :D

Posted by Zarhym:

It's purple. Yes, the one we originally previewed is a different color and we may make use of it one day. We try to get information to you as quickly as possible via content previews. The major issue we run into though, is that we're pushing for image assets and functionality information as soon as they come off the presses from our developers. So the quicker we are about getting you information, the more likely it is that something will change between the time the preview is posted, and the time the feature/content goes live. This is one of those cases and we're trying to work on ways to minimize them as much as possible.

Source: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/2483738657?page=1

Комментарий от pejmanovich

is their any way of obtaining this mount by skipping all the bosses and going for lynx?

Комментарий от Qwerg

It's not the lynx giving you the mount :) it's saving all of the hostages before they are sacrifised. Lynx is just always last cause ZA was designed in such a way that it would be pointless and stupidly time consuming to go in another route other than Hawk>Bear>Dragonhawk>LynxEdit: This was cause of a comment that was downrated and removed questiong why not rush for the lynx and forget the rest of the bosses :<!

Комментарий от pejmanovich

ah right kk thanks

Комментарий от legandary

i got it on my main im cool

Комментарий от asax

Since Ive just been corrected on this and other people might be confused to:ONE Ring to rule them all, ONE Ring to find them,ONE Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them..eh I meant Bear...

Комментарий от kolbaska

Random troll heroic feature. Since the start of 4.1 this feature has never diappointed me.

Here's the deal:

According to my statistics the same troll dungeon can not show up again after full clearing of it, but it definetly will show up again if you haven't cleared it or left party.


At the begining I was alone: queued up for radmon, cleared ZG, then got ZA via random, then again ZG and again ZA, etc. - they are always changing after full crealing. Also for the experience I left ZA few times after killing few bosses: after leaving and waiting for cooldown to take off I always had ZA in my random heroic, same with ZG.

Then I tried it with group: party leader always defines which random heroic will show up. After clearing ZG I took guildmates to check it - we got ZA.

Moral of the story: use this feature till you can. You have an access to unlimited amount of bear mounts. Leader cleared ZG then took people for time run. Just kill 4 bosses, loot the bear, disband, party up again, queue for random and repeat till you collect needed amount of bears.

Good luck everyone!

Upd:We made a party of 5 friend and in few hours gathered bears for us, then we took bears for guildmates. (it is possible to sell them via /2)

Комментарий от rockmanzero

Gear doesn't make a real difference, good communication and some brains that is what really counts.(Think about it, people with full epic gear and no brains can wipe a whole night whilst people that have a BRAIN and only half blue/half epic can do it one shot).

Комментарий от thxyoutoo

Since 4.1 released our guild has attained about 15-18 Bears. We did not use the mass rez spell ever and only obtained our bears legit. Many videos up for this bear run possess extremely high dps, optimal group compositions, and/or non-optimal pulls and routes. I do not claim this video to be the ultimate guide. There may be more optimal ways of kill orders. However, this is what we've found to be extremely successful. This may be useless to "pro" players. However, this was made for the average player to learn how to succeed in a realistic manner.

Again, we are not running an optimal composition. We do not use Potions and Flasks. We also are not running full 372 gear. This video is a demonstration that the ZA Bear Runs are obtainable by players with moderate gear levels.

Thank you for your time and please let me know what you think.

Комментарий от thxyoutoo

Video Here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kNcErxIBIv0

A little info on this video:1) Travel time is sped up.2) Combat is in real time!3) Flasks and Potions are not used.4) Captions and tips are inserted throughout the video.5) This is not our fastest kill. It is perhaps our slowest kill so far!

Since 4.1 released our guild has attained about 15-18 Bears. We did not use the mass rez spell ever and only obtained our bears legit. Many videos up for this bear run possess extremely high dps, optimal group compositions, and/or non-optimal pulls and routes. I do not claim this video to be the ultimate guide. There may be more optimal ways of kill orders. However, this is what we've found to be extremely successful. This may be useless to "pro" players. However, this was made for the average player to learn how to succeed in a realistic manner.

Again, we are not running an optimal composition. We do not use Potions and Flasks. We also are not running full 372 gear. This video is a demonstration that the ZA Bear Runs are obtainable by players with moderate gear levels.

Thank you for your time and please let me know what you think.

I hope that this guide is useful to someone.

edit: updates to this guide as well as written supplementation can be found here http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/901523-4.1-Zul-Aman-Bear-Run-Video-Guide!

Комментарий от Lolus

Having to roll on the mount is one of the worst jokes in the game, winner leaves and group disbands

Комментарий от baddiebrute


Комментарий от dagoberg

On our guild attempts our GL thought of this on his own and decided to try. I can confirm that you cannot skip the trash before the dragonhawk boss (at least the annoying one at the stairs) as it will immediately be pulled once you engage the boss and invisibility potion will not work as well for the lynx trash before the lynx boss. We even tried staying far from the tank in order not to aggro and then run in once he reached the last group and when we ran by them we got all off them jumping us. Fortunately, we only did this in 1 attempt, since we had already blown our attempt with the dragonhawk patrol, we decided to try and see if the lynxes would aggro on the same attempt.

EDIT: For some reason this is not attached to the person I was replying to, which was about whether you could skip the trash before dragonhawk boss and the lynxes that jump you after on your way to the lynx boss

Комментарий от dagoberg

On our guild attempts our GL thought of this on his own and decided to try. I can confirm that you cannot skip the trash before the dragonhawk boss (at least the annoying one at the stairs) as it will immediately be pulled once you engage the boss and invisibility potion will not work as well for the lynx trash before the lynx boss. We even tried staying far from the tank in order not to aggro and then run in once he reached the last group and when we ran by them we got all off them jumping us. Fortunately, we only did this in 1 attempt, since we had already blown our attempt with the dragonhawk patrol, we decided to try and see if the lynxes would aggro on the same attempt.

Комментарий от dagoberg

On our guild attempts our GL thought of this on his own and decided to try. I can confirm that you cannot skip the trash before the dragonhawk boss (at least the annoying one at the stairs) as it will immediately be pulled once you engage the boss and invisibility potion will not work as well for the lynx trash before the lynx boss. We even tried staying far from the tank in order not to aggro and then run in once he reached the last group and when we ran by them we got all off them jumping us. Fortunately, we only did this in 1 attempt, since we had already blown our attempt with the dragonhawk patrol, we decided to try and see if the lynxes would aggro on the same attempt.

Комментарий от cryostasis

Completed this run with the following party:- tank : prot warrior (358 iLevel)- healer: resto shaman (358 iLevel)- dps1: fire mage (357 iLevel)- dps2: mm hunter (357 iLevel)- dps3: frost dk (357 iLevel)

During all 5 runs we completed the circuit with 1 minute (on average) to spare. In one run none of us had the timer active and we didn't know how much time we had left - we still got the bear. As we missed some critical buffs (no druid or paladin in the party) we used flasks for all the runs, food buffs, drums (of the forgotten kings) and potting on bosses. Bloodlust was used on the eagle and dragonhawk bosses. To spare healer mana we CCed (poly and frost trap) on the run with the DK deathgripping mobs away from CC and the tank picking it up as soon as it landed. We used Path of Frost to skip the crocodile patrol. Hunter's misdirect allows full nuke right from the start on all packs/bosses.

Комментарий от LSavage

Gear doesn't make a real difference, good communication and some brains that is what really counts

I won't argue that good communication and some brains are important here, but gear still plays a huge role in being able to do this.

Even if you assume that all fights can be won even in minimum level gear (ilevel 346 is required to do this instance using the LFG tool), your gear level has a massive effect on how quickly you can kill the mobs. And in this case, it isn't just about being able to defeat the mobs successfully, its about being able to defeat them quickly as well.

It doesn't matter how good a player you are, your dps will always be limited by how good your gear is. Higher dps means mobs and bosses die quicker and you spend less time in combat. If you cannot kill the mobs quickly enough, you are going to run out of time even if you never wipe.

So Fathimir's point holds true.

Комментарий от LSavage

Gear doesn't make a real difference, good communication and some brains that is what really counts

I won't argue that good communication and some brains are important here, but gear still plays a huge role in being able to do this.

Even if you assume that all fights can be won even in minimum level gear (ilevel 346 is required to do this instance using the LFG tool), your gear level has a massive effect on how quickly you can kill the mobs. And in this case, it isn't just about being able to defeat the mobs successfully, its about being able to defeat them quickly as well.

It doesn't matter how good a player you are, your dps will always be limited by how good your gear is. Higher dps means mobs and bosses die quicker and you spend less time in combat. If you cannot kill the mobs quickly enough, you are going to run out of time even if you never wipe.

So Fathimir's point holds true.

Комментарий от enojy

The dragonhawk trash (on the stairs, last pull before the boss) does chain with the boss. However, we were able to skip the trash right before lynx boss with invisibility potions. Then, on a consecutive run, we used invisibility potions once more for the same pack, and it aggro'ed us.

Only two things I can think of for the invisibility potions to be successful -- one, make sure you wait two full seconds for the world to phase out before approaching the pack, and two, line yourself up between mobs prior to taking the potion, then run straight through (not sure if invisibility potions act as a stealth or as true invisibility.)

Комментарий от Drain7

For anyone wondering how this works, there are 4 Scouts around the lvl, each has you killing a boss to save them. Upon being saved, they will unlock a loot chest. You have 15 mins, and the first 2 kills will add another 5. So you have 25mins total to save all 4 Scouts. This is REALLY hard. If you wipe once you can forget even saving 3, let alone 4. You need Five Star DPS to totally plow this zone to even have a chance at getting all 4. Luckily the 4th has nothing but this mount, which isn't important. Bag 3 isn't important either because there are other weapons to get. The only bag that matters is number 2.

This is the loot...The first chest opened always has a worthless bag of coins. Blizzard knew this is the only one newbs would get, so they made it a waste of time.Chest 2 has 1 of 8 different pieces of armor. This is the one most people will get, and as far as they will get. It's pretty easy to farm this chest. You'll have 20mins to drop the first 2 bosses to get this chest. It has a random purple in it. 1 of 8 different items.Chest 3 has 1 of 2 different weapons, a caster dagger or a 2h.Chest 4 has this mount, and requires saving all 4 in the timer order to acquire.

The only ideal strategy I can give is to HAAAAAAUL ASSSSS. Kill everything really $%^&ing quick, and don't die. Expect to have a trio of 20k+ DPS to even stand a chance. Most groups can barely get the first 2 before the clock is out. The rest can't even reach the third boss in time.

Комментарий от parkwaydrivelol

The timed run really isn't as difficult as people make it out to be. I've pugged this twice in a row with the same group whom I had just met in LFD. We had a Prot Warrior, Resto Druid, Ret Paladin (me) Demo Warlock and Feral druid. To show how easy it really is (not ridiculously easy but still) we had no heroism, we didn't use a single cc the entire instance, and me and the feral druid had average gear, blues and a few ZA/ZG epics. We downed Lynx with 3 minutes to spare, and I won the bear. DPS was roughly 20k per person on each boss fight. We skipped a few trash packs, but nothing gimmicky, just like every other pug group would do. The feral druid died on Jan'alai, and on Lynx trash, and again, we had no heroism.

TL;DR: Not THAT difficult in the general scheme of things. Provided you don't dawdle with freeing prisoners, and pulling unnecessary trash, It's a breeze, and you can expect to accomplish it in every ZA run you do with people who aren't braindead.

Комментарий от LSavage

Gear doesn't make a real difference, good communication and some brains that is what really counts

I won't argue that good communication and some brains are important here, but gear still plays a huge role in being able to do this.

Even if you assume that all fights can be won even in minimum level gear (ilevel 346 is required to do this instance using the LFG tool), your gear level has a massive effect on how quickly you can kill the mobs. And in this case, it isn't just about being able to defeat the mobs successfully, its about being able to defeat them quickly as well.

It doesn't matter how good a player you are, your dps will always be limited by how good your gear is. Higher dps means mobs and bosses die quicker and you spend less time in combat. If you cannot kill the mobs quickly enough, you are going to run out of time even if you never wipe.

So Fathimir's point holds true.

Комментарий от LSavage

Gear doesn't make a real difference, good communication and some brains that is what really counts

I won't argue that good communication and some brains are important here, but gear still plays a huge role in being able to do this.

Even if you assume that all fights can be won even in minimum level gear (ilevel 346 is required to do this instance using the LFG tool), your gear level has a massive effect on how quickly you can kill the mobs. And in this case, it isn't just about being able to defeat the mobs successfully, its about being able to defeat them quickly as well.

It doesn't matter how good a player you are, your dps will always be limited by how good your gear is. Higher dps means mobs and bosses die quicker and you spend less time in combat. If you cannot kill the mobs quickly enough, you are going to run out of time even if you never wipe.

So Fathimir's point holds true.

Комментарий от Trungalung

An arcane mage makes this run extremely easy via Spell Steal.

The Zandalari Juggernauts have a buff called Tectonic Plates which gives them a chance to apply earthquake on the ground that deals ~30k aoe damage every sec + able to crit (seem to have a base crit of 5% or less).

Any mage spec can spell steal but why arcane? The reason is because of Arcane Flows that lowers the cooldown of Invisibility and Prismatic Cloak that make it instant. You can spell steal the buff and invis away which save you time to have actually kill the trash.

Here's what I usually do. There's one juggernaut patrolling between bear and eagle wings. Steal that buff and use it to clear eagle trash. After eagle boss is dead (time warped), go back and steal it again then use it on the bear trash. Kill the bear boss then go back to the same juggernaut and steal the buff AGAIN. It will probably last for two trash pulls for dragonhawk. The last trash pull before dragonhawk boss will have a juggernaut so you don't have to run all the way back. Only downside is you have to kill it. Just make sure the juggernaut dies last so you can have a full duration buff. Use the earthquake on the dragonhawk boss and ignore all trolls. Pop mirrors when the dragonhawk hatchlings are coming out then jump around and melee everything so you have a lot of earthquakes which will probably kill them in like 3 - 4 ticks. The next juggernaut will be the one patroling between lynx and dragon hawk wings. Just steal it use it on lynx trash (will last up until the last two trash mobs if you're fast). After you kill the last trash, there will be a juggernaut to the right. Steal it and use it on the boss (time warp).

Sorry for the wall of text and bad English, but I just want to give as much details as possible. I have successfully pugged through this 3 or 4 times now with people having blues and za/zg gears with my mage in 359s gears and 372 pvp dagger and wand.

Комментарий от Daudgrim

I tested out a theory to get 5 mounts quick with my guild. You Start a ZG Run, finish that one, and then do the bear run in ZA. DON`T Finish ZA!, by that i mean don`t do anything but get the mount, then you requeue for ZA again. Since you didn`t finish ZA, you will get ZA again. Use this method and you get 5 ZA runs in a row while just having to do ZG once. Saves you a ton of time, and since it was a guild run, we all got the bear fast and easy with 8 mins left on the timer When we got to the lynx. (Out setup was, 1 dk frost, 1 survival hunter, 1 pally tank, 1 healing sham and 1 dps druid.)


Комментарий от Knifestalker

just an fyi if u have a rogue in ur group u can have them sap 1 bear thats sitting on the path to the stairs of bear boss and skip the 2 bears to save some time

Комментарий от Alterraia

I've run this in pugs various times. Kind got tired of playing on my main, but run this on my DK (who's now tanking), and my ele shaman (newest toon).

We just ran this 5 times today, and got 5 bears, on the same toons. So, here is my bear strat:

Buffs, table, everything before opening the gates. Everyone mount up inside, and start running. Have one person open the gate, then mount up quick. As soon as you can move, run down the stairs, agro the non elites and kite them to the eagle trash. Normally the first elites at the entrance will NOT agro. When you get down the first flight of stairs and take a left, go left and go over the little wall so you're on the grass, and hug the wall so you shave off a few seconds.

Sometimes, the pat will be right there, depending on how long you took to get ready before opening the door. If so, wait, but the guardians or elites, you skipped at the start, will for some reason agro and follow you. If so, just ignore them and go up the gauntlet. You can AoE them down as you go up.

Gauntlet is still the same. Kill the Wind Walker and grab the next group. Everything dies from AoE. Grab the tempest as soon as it's safe, then kill. Give healer 5 seconds to get mana, pull and burn boss.

Skip the prisoner and go to bear. Watch the pat. Jump the wall on the way down from eagle. Come around the side to get ready to pick up the first pull: 3 mobs. Tank them w/ your back to the wall so you don't get knocked back towards the pat, if it's nearby. When the last one is at 25% hp or even 50%, go to the next pull.

On a side note, I need to point out a glitch that has happened, that we've all noticed. The trash automatically will move, if you get in proximity range, and then stop. ALL dps, threat, et cetera, resets after they stop moving. They move to their spots, then pause for a second and then agro like a body pull. So dps have to watch it there. It's not the tank's fault. This is because when converting to a 5 man from a 10 man, the way the trash reacts now is weird. The bear pull is ok. The 4 pull on the stairs is immune to CC until they stop moving and engage. The mounted bear pull on the next stairs resets agro until they stop at the bottom of the stairs and then they engage. The final pull before the boss move forward a bit, I think to that turquoise pattern on the ground, stop, then engage. They are immune until they are actually chasing someone. Have to wait 2 seconds.

So, anyway, killed the bear pull. Then the 4 pull. We didn't have CC, so we just blow up the medicine man, tank has back to the stairs, bc of knock backs. Move up as last one is about to die. Have the mounted pull. Wait till they stop at the bottom of the stairs to build threat & start dps. Stun them if you can, at about 40% so they don't spawn a mount. Next pull is tricky. When I'm on my DK, or have a DK, I pop army. If I have an arcane mage, I have them use presence of mind, and then insta poli the medicine man. I go for one of the mounted trolls, and kill its bear after, then the ax thrower. Then the other mounted troll, and lastly the medicine man. In my actual bear runs, we feared the healer, then hexed him. I popped CDs as I needed them.

Kill bear, move to next.

Range kill scouts. Pulls with scouts, make sure to purge, dispell, or spellsteal the flamecasters. As a tank, I ran in on a mount, slowed w/ Avenger shield, or stunned. As a DK tank I'd grip then chains them. This pull is a hard pull, because of rend and sigils, so big heals, and even popping divine shield (if pally) to remove debuffs. I have a macro to cast it and then cancel it in a split second.

Next pull, rush in stun the scout, then aoe the rest. More than likely there will be 1 or 2 more pat scouts there. Watch out. We had one run where we had reinforcements come 3 times, and still were successful.

Range kill the lone scout, then rush in and kill and aoe down the next group, scout dies in the aoe. Remove the buff from the flamecaster.

Next pull, 3rd hardest pull on a run, we CC'd the 2 flamecasters (not always successful). Purged if we had to. I had my shaman purge the Juggernaut of the quake buff he has. I do that all the time on my ele shammy. Then kill the guardian & casters and go to boss. Hatch 1 side (to be safe). Kill adds over boss. Clean up the first set as the first set of bombs go off. Then burn boss and make the rest all come. As a pally, I popped my raid wall and a CD, and dropped conse at the bridge. Died in seconds. Burn boss. Sometimes you kill him just as he does his fire bomb thing, meaning you have to wait for the fire wall to end.

Drop down and go right against the stairs to hex lord. Watch for pat. If you have a rogue, you can sap the elder lynx and hug the wall to the right of the lynx and skip that group. With the changes to CC in 4.2, I'm sure you can do any CC and skip that pull.

Watch for the gator pat. If you have water walk, use it. If not, swim as far as u can till you are around the pat and then proceed to the stealthed cats. 1 group at a time, because they run right passed the tank, so tank needs time to get threat. As the pack is about to die, kite towards the next spot and get rid of that group. Same for the last one.

This last pull with 2 cats that stun first on agro, and 2 trolls who MC, is very hard. With a DK, you can pop army and alleviate the damage. A mage can use presence of mind and insta poli one of the trolls as they come down. In my case, 5x times, we hybernated one cat, shaman spammed hex a troll, our lock feared another troll, though only did it once out of the 5 times. Killed them one at a time. Pulled the last of the group into the boss room.

As soon as the boss drops his 1st water totem, pop lust and all CDs, burn and that was that.

Since you have to kill the last boss in ZA or ZG to be able to queue up for the other dungeon, we requeued and did it over again.

My group was:

Prot pallyEnh ShamanDestro LockBoomkinDisc Priest

Boomkin is great for using their moonlight ability that silences if mobs are in it. Works very well against flamecasters and medicinemen. No totems, and no time to buff themselves with the crazy haste buff. Also good for keeping the tamers just before Lynx boss, from casting domesticate. Any druid, roots is GREAT for those pesky scouts!

Shamans are great for dps, CC, and purge. Purge is the BEST for them. I prefer ele myself, but enh works. Can't trust mages to be quick on the spellsteal, so purge the haste buff. Purge the quake buff.

Hands down, paladins are the BEST tanks for ZA bear runs. They were in BC, they are in Cata. Raid wall, LoH, conse, salve, BoP, Divine Shield, hammer of the righteous, crusader aura, resist aura, hammer of justice, avenger's shield with glyph for dazing shield. Since lvl 70, I've mounted up, rushed in HoJ the scout, then he died quickly. Drop conse to pick up the rest of the group.

DKs are great, as tanks or dps because of deathgrip on scouts or kidnappers. Chains of ice as well is VERY handy. Army for the pulls before bear and lynx. Blood boil is great to pick up the stealth cats. Path of frost for the water part.

Rogue is nice for sapping the first bear pull and the lynx pull next to hex lord stairs.

Arcane mage for insta poli via presence of mind. If they are quick, spellsteal for flamecasters.

So, we did all this 5 times in a row, and we walked away with 5 battle bears.

Комментарий от Dradee

I'm glad I have this mount, but really, let's face it; it looks like the Amani War Bear that has been left for too long in the dishwasher.

Комментарий от alex97000

ahhh a pink battle bear...Mrs battle bear my bad

Комментарий от jbarbas

i got my bear yesterday with a pug. it was a prot warrior, resto shaman, ret pally (me), arcane mage, and a lock. we got to the last boss with 3 minutes on the timer and beat him with like 20 seconds left. we used no cc and pulled as much as possible and no invisibility potion or other elixers. and the other 4 were on the same server and had some 353 gear so its possible with anything.

Комментарий от Vaev

Just got this as a resto shaman (ilvl 363) running with a low ilvl Paladin tank, a Warlock (had 2 pvp pieces on), Frost DK and a Hunter. We were ahead of schedule and almost used the LOCK SS pull through the surprise mobs of Lynx through, then mass rez from the soulstone rez... However, the tank opted out of the plan and we pulled them regular with about 5 minutes left on the timer. Tip: Don't need to wait for the healer to mana up before the actual boss encounter and keep that head on a swivel!


Комментарий от Kalyssa

Very possible to do a bear run in a pug if people are geared enough, focused, and the tank is a good leader nonstop

Who cares if this will eventually be "the new bronze drake". The difference is this Amani Battle Bear isn't butt-ugly like the bronze drake. I have the Zulian Panther which is actually rare but the bear mount is much cooler looking

Комментарий от LordVHF

Just done it running with a pug random group, we killed last boss and we had still 2 minutes remaining until the whole time ends, the group had 2 melees (feral druid and warrior arms) and a hunter, priest healer and a druid tank well geared, was an easy run, but unhappily I didn't win the mount.

Комментарий от KharmahofExodar

Had the most epic bear run with this pug tank named Fuzzybear from Arygos server.

I won the first bear and was so happy! I felt bad for the tank though cause he had lost the roll for the 4th time. I told him if we were able to specific qeue I would have gladly gone with him so we could try again. So then it was on.

We qeued again, got ZG over with and then ran ZA again. This time it was his turn to win-- and with that-- he did! I was so stoked for him! That was going to be his last run but we decided to go one more time so my friend could get his bear.

Finished ZG quick-- then back again in ZA. My friend won the roll for the 3rd bear run with a roll of 13, LOL. I was so happy!I just want to thank you one more time Fuzzybear if you ever read this. It was wonderful running with you and I really wish there were more people like you in this game. I am really happy you got your bear finally. =)

Комментарий от Superbiff

That is an awesome story; it is great to see more people like this in the game.. I have a counter-example of a bad tank: ME .. but wait it turns well..

Two nights ago I decide to see if I am ready to tank ZA full (I'd come in as a late tank before - no issues). Get a group, 2 guys from my server.. That's gotta be a good sign right? WRONG. I totally botched up the Eagle trash b/c I didn't realize about the guys who come running up from the bottom so I was subconsciously not looking anywhere but 'forward'.. Healer is screaming "TANK! ARE YOU F*(# BLIND! PAY $(*$(ING ATTENTION", I'm going "where are they?" in my head trying to find them.. We get them down, get the party back together.. bottom of the stairs up to boss.. same problem.. WHERE ARE THESE EXTRA MOBS COMING FROM! Healer is ripsh*tpissed at this point and I'm so flustered that with all the "gogogo" and the "kick tank after this fight" I ran in on Eagle boss too soon... not realizing the healer was outside.. valiant effort.. wiped, dropped, hung head in shame, healer PST'd to call me "Garbage" (I replied back something nasty.. got ignored)..

Tanked a ZA run about 10 minutes later.. Not the smoothest thing but no wipes, no major problems..

Still I stewed on that guy for probably 16 hours off and on.. Not in a "god that guy is terrible.. ".. What got me is he was RIGHT; my performance was utter garbage; I just don't know how it had gone so wrong. So I decided to send him an in-game mail apologizing for being rude in response to his critique b/c he WAS right after all and sent him 10gold toward repairs. We talked later yesterday and smoothed it out.. He was in a bad mood that night and felt like I wasn't paying attention, etc etc.. I apologize, he apologizes.. Now we're good.

But now the GOOD party of this.. So this morning at about 5:15 am I'm deciding "sleep or play a heroic" once I notice they reset the weekly counter.. So, still a bit nervous about it I signed up to tank, got in, warned everyone I was 'green' for ZA, got reassured healer was pro (and man was he!) and off we went.. Well from there on out it was an absolute massacre. Tanking as bear I was the low-man dps averaging out to about 13k (iLvl 366). We had some psycho DK who was pulling 22-26 constantly and the other two bounced around from 14-19k sustained.. I felt like I was hanging on by a thread but we only had one death (his fault) and he was back up before the boss was done.

I don't know how close we were but the timer seemed like it had said "1 minute left" forever.. Halazzi died with what I imagine could not have been more than 5 seconds left tops.. Battle Bear came down to 3 b/c 2 had it and I got lucky.

After Saturday, I was utterly demoralized as a tank hearing "Garbage" in my head whenever I'd go to tank anything.. Today I get to sign out on a high note with the last thing said to me about it as "You could be tanking FL".. Now I dunno about all that.. 60k dps in a 5-man makes any tanks life easier, but it was nice to hear..

So I dunno.. maybe this will serve as some 'feel good' cheesy thing to make some tank not give up hope a bit..

Комментарий от Mitbrandir

i dont hope this mount will lose its value like the bronze drake did , would be a shame really.

Комментарий от Baltibor

Hi,I just launched a new website for wow mount collectors : http://mounts.wowlogy.comHave a look !Baltibor

Комментарий от sponge

Surely, you may have won the battle, but have not won the war.

Комментарий от Traynwreck

bronze drake, my friend .. bronze....

Комментарий от Goats

On my demo lock, after 4.2, it has been quite a bit easier to carry groups with high aoe dps and high single target dps thanks to certain trinkets combined with meta. I'm usually pulling anywhere from 25-35k depending on how lucky I am with rng crits on single target bosses. My gear consists of valor, daily and jp gear. A lock with raiding gear could probably pull better numbers, but good luck finding one that needs to do 5mans.

Комментарий от yairmorales44

So happy i got the mount today around 4:25p.m. server time on Anvilmar(Palylord=charater name) she breaks a few vases before she gets to the sack.

Комментарий от DeGoudenEeuw

Love this mount, and the fact that there are faces glowing at the sides visible in Shadowform, which makes it superior to other bear mounts (if you are a Shadow Priest who likes bears, that is).Got it in a random dungeon group on my 4th roll attempt.

Комментарий от lxbrgs

If you have a hunter or a shammy(with reincarnation on CD) and you see your time is ending by the lynx mobs, all your group can mount, and go aggroing the mobs, and when you get at the boss room the hunter can FD or the shammy can die and use reincarnation and mass rez everybody, and there you go! you'll probably kill the boss in time and perhaps win the mount!

Ps: The hunter or shaman need to be on a lvl 25 guild, cause the shaman pobrably won't have range to rezz all of the group(And we need to save time here too), and hunter, well, they cant rezz you, unless you're his pet. lol

Комментарий от dexter98

This mount is so easy to get now. Yesterday was my first time doing ZA and our random dungeon group was able to pull it off with few minutes to spare. I was ret pally in ilvl 358 gear doing 17k - 20k dps.

Today I did it again with the pug, this time as a tank but unfortunately I lost the roll both times. Anyway, it is possible to get this mount with random dungeon finder pug, as long as people aren't stupid and doing 8k dps. It will get easier over time and by the time patch 4.3 hits, this will be the new Bronze Drake of WotLK.

Комментарий от Rtucci

Tanked for a really good pug and came about 20-30 sec from getting it. Would've had it if we all knew that we were in for a non fail pug. But it started off slower because everyone just thought it was going to be a normal run I think lol. Lock was pulling 42k dps as demo on single target lol. Oh wellz. I just hope I get it before they remove it again : /

Комментарий от sixxfoxx

LOL That was good!

Комментарий от sixxfoxx

LOL That was good!

Комментарий от Xuazvius

Just done this with 7 minutes remaining. Overall dps 82.3k

Комментарий от LeDPS

Finally , I got this sweet bear today :D

I was in a pug and this was my third time I saw this bear dropping but never really managed to get it until today , I rolled a need and I rolled a 98 :D ,

For the DPS , The highest was 24K and the lowest was 16K

Honestly saying (although I think the first one is better) the bear looks good and I'm happy to have this version :) .

Комментарий от Dealendb

Yay now I have two Amani bears! :D

Комментарий от Craxen

A little late but still..... why the heck bring this mount back? The one of the few mounts a TBC raider could be proud of and now blizz put it back and every d..mn player could get it now because ZA today is way too easy. So sad, I know a lot of peoples that does not have it are like " Nice blizz for taking this mount back" and im telling you this, yes I have the old ZA bear. It is just that some mounts are supose to be removed and unobtainable in future. Bye bye rareness -.-

Комментарий от mimee

With patch 4.2.3 out and everyone in DS normal gear. This run is very easy.. our healer DC and we wiped on trash and we still made it with 11min left.

Комментарий от Hoosqt

Easy to get. to bad I still don't have it lol

Комментарий от Mohandar

It's good to use a Tablet at start, 10% of my dps was the bonus dps from it.

Комментарий от Wazdakka

My group was waaaaaay overgeared for this, with the lowest ilvl being over 370. However, the Amani beast-tamer (mob with the crocodiles) nearly wiped us with his mind control. I (warlock) was controlled while I had a bunch of procs, and nearly killed one of my group members, but saved them by instead aoe fearing them, and nearly pulling more mobs. So stay sharp!

Комментарий от trombi

Anyone know if it will be still available with MoP? Any Blue Posts on that?

Комментарий от Loony555

This mount can still be obtained in Patch 5.0.4 (MoP prepatch). We just finished a Zul Aman timerun successfully and got it, first day of patch 5.0.4 in europe.

Just in comparison to the old Аманийский боевой медведь, added with patch 2.3.0, and available in the old Zul Aman 10 man raid. The old bear was removed from the game with the wotlk prepatch 3.0.2 for "being obtainable too easy from then on".

Комментарий от baconseed

I think it's nice they didn't change the look but only color from the first mount, so it can still be unique in some way.

Комментарий от Necrowolf82

I got this today running with a few friends, didn't know they brought it back, and I couldn't be happier. Two of the guys rolled need to be mean and I still got it, huge thanks to Kinetic :)

Комментарий от Adeltor

By the way did they remove that bear by adding patch 5.0.5 MoP. Cuz some rumors say that it has been removed. Any information?

Комментарий от Adnamra

For those who wants to know if in MoP (Mists of Pandaria) this mount will be avaible in Zul'aman instance or not, the answer is yes and its still in the patch 5.0.5. Don't know for the future^^

Комментарий от Joschka

In proper footprints of the original Amani War Bear I would like Blizzard to take this one out of the game as well.

Комментарий от Joschka

It's about time to remove this from the game, in old tradition with the amani war bear.

Комментарий от CreeperLeague

I need some help. I've been trying to do this with 2 friends, a lvl 90 pala, DPS, a mage lvl 89 and me, lvl 90 Priest, healer.Reading some of the comments, it seems that we have a few minutes less than every1 else, as we start with 15 mins to do it.

I dont really know the tacts, but im pretty sure all we have to do, is kill all the bosses within the 15 mins before the sacrifice begins.

Комментарий от JCrystal

The Bear Run can be soloed by a Hunter with pretty average gear (ilv466).Here's a complete How-to video with commentary: LinkAll the information you could possibly desire is in the description.

As of April 14th, I have also done it with my Paladin (ilv483). Here is the video to which you can see the run.

Комментарий от johnkimble16

I have some advice for anyone trying to get an Amani Battle Bear.

The first thing you need to be aware of is that time is working against you. As soon as you help Vol'jin open the gates of Zul'Aman you're given a 25 minute timer before a sacrifice is made and you fail the bear run. You start with 15 minutes but gain 5 extra minutes for killing both the 1st boss and 2nd boss. Having good gear, knowing the boss fights, and having a general layout of the dungeon will help considerably when making that 25 minute timer.

Before you continue to read this I must warn you. Jcrystal is right about a hunter being able to solo it. It may even be possible to do this with another classes. The truth is I don't really know who can and can't solo it. What I do know is that having another person with you makes all the difference. Anything you read from here on out will be the information about mine and my friend's duo attempt. If it helps you great! If not then I wish you's the best.

To start things off me and my friend are both DKs. To give you an idea of our gear levels I was in an average ilevel of 475 and he was around 460. I was Blood specced while he was Frost. As most of you probably already know a Blood Tank can soak insane amounts of damage while healing themselves. This made it possible to do this all without a healer.

I knew quite a bit about the level 85 version of Zul'Aman as I have cleared it dozens of times as a tank in Cata. Moving quickly from boss to boss is the key to beating the timer. Remember this! Talk to Vol'jin and assist him in ringing the gong to open the gates to Zul'Aman

Trash leading to Akil'zon (Eagle Boss):

Kill the adds at the beginning of the dungeon. Proceed towards the 1st boss Akil'zon. Be wary of the two adds that patrol the pathway leading towards the boss. Initiate the gauntlet and begin your ascension towards the eagle boss. When making your way through the gauntlet always focus the healer add. Time isn't on your side and any healing they preform will only eat away at the precious seconds you have. It helps to just kill the healer add then continue towards the boss. To end the gauntlet simply begin the fight with the rather large HP troll add at the bottom of the stairs leading to Akil'zon.

Akil'zon (Eagle Boss):

For two players this fight is very simple. It however does require paying attention. Periodically the boss will summon an eagle add that will pick up a random player. It's important to DPS this eagle add down fast. Everyone needs to be ready for the Lightning Storm. You'll know when this ability happens because someone will suddenly be floating in midair with lightning streaming from four corners. Simply stay underneath this player to avoid taking damage from the Lightning Storm. Kill the boss and move on.

Trash leading to Nalorakk (Bear Boss):

Exit the area where you killed Akil'zon and head towards where Nalorakk is. Again be wary of the two adds patrolling that I mentioned at the beginning. Nalorakk's trash hits rather hard and cooldowns may be needed. You'll know you're in the right place when you see Nalorakk yell out stuff. He'll then send adds to fight you. The adds can hit hard so be on the defensive. Once they have been killed head in the direction of the two bears that should be near you. Kill them and keep going. You'll see another group of adds that Nalorakk will send at you. DPS them down and move further. Before being able to enter Nalorakk's arena you'll have to fight two troll adds ontop of bears. It should be noted that if you can kill a troll add before he dismounts (IE using a stun when he has low HP) he shouldn't summon his bear. Kill these guys and head into the arena. Fight the last pack of trash mobs (you may need to use a cooldown here but make sure it's not a huge one). Take em down and prepare for a hard fight.

Nalorakk (Bear Boss):

If you've done this fight at 85 then you'll know he was the cause of A LOT of wipes. That's because of an ability he uses called Surge. What Surge does is the boss will charge towards the furthest player away from him and hit them for about 35k damage. He will do this 3 times before entering Phase 2. Not really a big deal at level 90 right? Well the debuff he places on you is a big deal. It increases all physical damage dealt against you by 500%. If someone takes consecutive Surge hits they will intake quite a bit of damage. If this person takes three Surge hits they will likely be dead. This is why it's a good idea to have at least one other person with you. Here's what me and my friend did.

Before the fight I told my friend to stand away from the boss. Not long after the fight began, the boss used Surge on him. I then told him to run back in because I was going to take the 2nd and 3rd hits. Yes this would mean I would take 500% additional damage for 20 seconds. Risky but better then my DPS friend risking death. My plan was to use cooldowns to survive the onslaught of damage from the Surge debuff. Thank-fully it wasn't an issue. I told my friend to burn the boss fast and I outlived the damage.

Trash leading to Jan'alai (Dragonhawk Boss):

Leave the area where you killed the Bear boss and head left. Notice the troll scout on this pathway. The trash leading to Jan'alai was infamous for a large number of wipes at 85. The main thing to do when heading through this area is to focus fire the troll scouts and kill them before they summon reinforcements. Any reinforcements they summon will only make you waste time so do your best to kill any scout you see. The next challenging thing about the trash is the large amount of damage the troll adds can do. It's best to burn them fast and interrupt any casts they use to help ease some of their damage. Continue through this area and you'll eventually will arrive at Jan'alai.

Jan'alai (Dragonhawk Boss):

This boss can create problems. At some point during the fight the boss will summon two troll adds that will hatch eggs at a rate of four at a time. It's best to kill one add and let the other hatch eggs. Kill any dragonhawks that hatch while DPSing the boss. Watch out for Jan'alai's fire breath and avoid the fire! When Jan'alai reaches about 40% he'll run to the center and summon a large amount of fire bombs. Don't stand near them and you'll be fine. Jan'alai will also hatch all remaining dragonhawk eggs. Simply burn the boss and hope the adds don't overrun you with damage.

Trash leading to Halazzi (Lynx Boss):

Head out of the area and towards Halazzi. You're almost done. Being a DK or someone with water walking will help immensely. Try and skip any adds you see. You need to enter Halazzi's temple from its east side. You'll know you're in the right area when a bunch lynx adds jump you. In this area you'll be ambushed a few times by these lynx adds. They can hit hard so only pull as many lynx as you can handle. Continue through here and enter where Halazzi is.

Halazzi (Lynx Boss):

The only thing you need to worry about here are the healing totems the boss summons. Just move him away from it and he won't heal. The boss will take a bit of time to kill so use DPS cooldowns if you're short on time. Destroy the lightning totem if you see it. Burn the boss and hope you made the timer!

If you fail the timer you can always go again the next day. Good-luck

Комментарий от rawryer

This guy doesn't like to give up .. unless someone has higher threat.

Комментарий от vexis58

Two-manned by a level 90 blood DK and mistweaver monk. We were able to avoid a lot of the trash in the lynx area by water-walking over the lake, and ended with 3-4 minutes left on the timer. None of the bosses gave us much trouble, though the healer taunted the bear boss away from the tank when he had the 500% damage debuff just to be safe, as the boss's attacks were dealing about 80% of his health.

The bag to loot the bear is located inside the Lynx boss's room, and can only be taken by one person per run, so you'll be running this twice to get both people their mounts. Once you do it once, it's simple to do it a second time though.

Комментарий от Pandorajade

Is this mount still avail in Mists?

Комментарий от Talkmate

Today I 2 manned this with my friend. Both of us hadn't done it before and I had looked up a few level 85 guides just to find out a path to take. I'm a ilvl 488 protection paladin, my friend is a 479 elemental shaman and I had no problems at all keeping myself up at any part. It would be a fun solo timed run if you have a tank that can do enough damage, it may be possible to solo in 5.2 with best in slot tanking gear not for survivablilty reasons, you just may not have enough damage to beat the timer. If you don't have this mount I encourage you to get a friend and try to 2 man it. If neither of you have a decently geared tank then grab a healer from a guild or something and you could speed through this with not one issue. My friend and I finished it with 5 minutes to spare and if we had more of an idea of what to expect we could have shaved off another minute maybe 2.

Комментарий от kryski

This mount is still obtainable in MoP. Here is a video I found showing the mount is still obtainable in MoP.


Комментарий от pestolence

no matter what, it´s NOT the war bear. it will never replace that. if anything it´s just a reminder that you dont have the war bear and will never get it(like myself). just a +1 for the mount achievement. it´s just a tease. when i get it, i´ll never mount up on it, especially in public. it will just remind me that this is what i had to settle for and it´s not the real thing. all i have is the deathcharger and thats the least rare of all those rare mounts.

Комментарий от Thrakall

Actually soloable as hunter.

Nothing different that the 4.0 ZA timer run.Know the different bosses encounters.Be quick, don't loot corpses.

Done it on my first attempt (ilvl 499 hunter but not specially prepared), so definitely not a difficult run.

Комментарий от Deactivated1664

The new Amani Battle Bear looks like the Amani War Bear with AIDS.

Комментарий от Varania

Does this still drop as of 5.2?

Is it soloable by a Warlock?


Yes it does drop.

Yes it is soloable by a Warlock because I did it.

Комментарий от romatno

Soloed easily today with a retribution Pally. Everything was easy except Nalorakk's brutal strike which hit me for 500K the first time. Came back and used some damage mit and had no problems.

Just don't play around with skip-able trash and kill those scouts before they waste your time and you shouldn't have much trouble with a fairly well-geared toon.

Комментарий от Gird

I'm at four consecutive successful timed runs without this dropping (received one chest piece and three bags of coin). Can anyone please verify a recent drop so I know that the RNG just hates me and not that this has been removed? Thanks!

Комментарий от zumogg

Destroyed it as a Destruction warlock. ilvl 532. had 11 minutes after killing the fourth boss. And I even missed killing a scout promptly. If you're well geared you will have no problem at all soloing it for the mount.

Комментарий от zerodark9

I would like to say that the Bear can drop from other loot bags, rather than just from Сумка Кайши. We got it out of a bag from the person who was near the south east boss.

Комментарий от cacce

Patch 5.4 InfoI was unlucky with rolls all the time and never got the Bear, so I though i try to solo it as of patch 5.4

Today i ran it and I decided to go straight for last boss since I had read somewhere this would work.It doesnt work.I ran straight there whilst killing the few pack that blocked my way and killed him quite easy as boomkin on first try.Kasha opened 2 vases as she usualy does before she shoots the third and i got a bag of coins but no bear :(

Maybe blizzard changed this on purpose, so if u want to solo u need to kill all 4 in the amount of time you have, or they have taken it away, I dont know.I will do all 4 tomorrow and see if it drops then, I get back with the info on that run.

Комментарий от Flyra

Got this today as a hunter with help from a priest friend. He made the mistake of getting too close to nalorakk who surged over and one shotted both of us with battle strike. Despite wiping and various other mistakes that would make anyone ashamed we managed to get the bear. None of us have very high gear either. Although we were rushing to make up for the wipe we still had time to spare and I thought it was surprisingly easy. Just make sure if you're using a pet to tank stay well back until he's cast both battle strikes, that's the only difficult part.

Комментарий от nikitto

Got this today in a group of 5, we cleared the whole instance in few minutes, so now it is absolutely not a problem.However, we missed the bag. So everybody left without the mount. Then I read comments here and came back, and voi-la: the bag was at the place, so i finally got it.

Комментарий от Vartear

I'm tried getting this mount twice now and all i've gotten is That coin bag twice in a row and the coin bag is like a 5 percent drop (Or Lower) And this is 90, I'm starting to think this doesnt exist, well Here I go for another run wish me luck aha.

Комментарий от Tulavelir

Confirmed that it still drops as of 1/5/14. Just let her run around and bust all the vases she wants before looting any of the piles to avoid possibly glitching the bag.

Комментарий от Briang1332

Tried for this last night as a quick guild run. Freed the prisoners, looted Kasha's bag, only got some plate chest...no bear. Made for some disappointed guildies.

Комментарий от bennicolaysen

Still confirmed to drop as of 3/14/14. Soloed without great difficulty as ilevel 522 Lock. Only had trouble with the Bear trash, finished with 8min to spare and could have easily gone faster.

One note of importance: when you free the fourth scout in the Lynx room, make sure you wait for her to break all the pots. I lost track but the first two pots she broke only had gold in them, the third had the bag with the mount.

Комментарий от applebear

I don't know if this was just a glitch on my end or not, but figure it's worth a mention for other hunters. I was on final cat boss with plenty of time to spare. Only I made the mistake of FDing when his spirit form came out and aggroed on me .

As a result, the spirit cat dispawned and he completely bugged. I was unable to kill him as he was stuck in the last phase.

Hindsight, I probably should have dismissed pet and FD to reset fight but it was my first time through and I really had no clue what I was doing. All things considering, if it wasn't for that one hangup, I would have completed in time and had my mount . :)

Side note: After failing, I tried this on a couple other 90s I had and though it was solable, I just couldn't make it in the same time frame. This could vary from person to person depending on gear and skill, but for me it just wasn't going as planned. With the hunter, I was able to run through a lot of crap and FD at next boss, giving me a lot of extra time. Be a little cautious with this, as the first boss has like a mini gauntlet and there are some tattle tale scouts to be aware of getting to the serpent boss. Camo is good too in some of these cases.

Комментарий от oleikjosen1

There is no way the drop chance of this mount is so high... i did the dungeon 3 times now and all i got was a bag of coins.

Комментарий от VampyrPryncess

3:43 am EST 6/10/14 still in game.

Комментарий от demonstealer

Guyz i killed the lynx boss alone and the mount didnt drop from the bag, i tried again but this time i killed the bear boss and then went to the lynx boss and still it didnt drop, do i have to save all of the sacrifices for it to be able to drop?

Комментарий от Necromanic

Dropped for me from Akil'Zon (from the prisoner you free, it was in the satchel in the crate he breaks).

One thing - this was on the Warlords of Draenor beta server.

Tip : Halazzi resets the 15 min timer when killed..

Комментарий от Telar

Hey Guys,

I created a video guide which shows you how to farm this mount - Here is the link:


Have on my channel more such guides to Wow and other games such as Diablo III, WOD Alpha and Heroes of the Storm – here is the link to my cannel:


Sincerely Telar

Комментарий от KingWancieho

Is it just my bad luck but I just did this run and the bear didnt drop from the bag... 90% chance.

The mount hasnt been removed has it? Before I try again...

Комментарий от rolled64

still drops as of 6.0.2

Комментарий от mcjkaiser

I just did this today 11/1/14 and it dropped on my second attempt which i had used an alt. The first time i did it today a pair of boots dropped, but i think i figured out what happened, the first time i killed the boss that holds kasha second and without releasing the other prisoners and the boots dropped but the second time i had done it i released all the prisoners and killed their bosses and then did kashas last and when i released her on the second time i got the achievement Bear-ly Made It and the bear dropped. I believe that was the reason to which the bear would only drop 90% of the time because the did the bosses in the wrong order. Now i am not 100% sure about this theory i could have just had bad luck and been one of the unlucky 10 percent but the achievement Bear-ly Made It makes me think otherwise, its kinda like a wink that you completed the necessary steps in order to get the bear, I hope this is right and this helps anyone that needs it,

PS To those that dont know and are looking for directions to this dungeon it is in the ghostlands which is right under silvermoon,The Blood Elf Capital, the actual dungeon is in the south eastern corner of the Ghostlands and it is a LV 85 dungeon. and the bear still drops as of 6.0.2

Комментарий от stabbyf00

This item still drops as of 6.0.3. Easily solo'd as an ilvl 491 WW monk. Just do the bosses in the standard order (Akil'zon, Nalorakk, Jan'alai, then Halazzi) and be sure to save the sacrifices in the cages after each boss fight. You don't have to loot their treasures until the end, just have to save the trolls out of the cages. I had a good 15 min. to spare at the end, so yeah, very easily doable!

Комментарий от Tulavelir

I kept shaking my head in amazement at how quickly the bosses just seem to melt now. It's kind of hard to get used to! :)

Anyway, don't loot any of the piles until she's done breaking all the vases to keep from possibly bugging the bear bag drop. Verified that it does still drop as of November 5, 2014.

Комментарий от SteakOnSpear

I just got one from the prisoner at Jan'alai. It doesn't just drop from Kasha's bag!

Комментарий от funkytrousers28

My lady friend recorded a video of her druid running through Zul'aman solo to get this drop and asked me to voice over it for her and put it on my YouTube channel, if anyone's interested in watching a how to video for this mount then you can watch it here :)youtubecom/watch?v=3FZYVv2lB8Q

Комментарий от fumanchuaeon

For the love of god, wait until kasha destroys ALL the urns. I spent a week farming this without realizing she walked around like an idiot looking for her bag.

Комментарий от etychon

As you'd expect this was a piece of cake to clear at level 100 in a dozen of minutes. All bosses are down in a matter of a few seconds.That's when you realize how impressive the difference is between level 90 and level 100!

Комментарий от Scoobydeux

Note that WoWHead shows the Amani Battle Bear mount dropping from Сумка Кайши, but this is not entirely true. The comments for that object say that the bear can drop from other prisoner's loot. You can loot the caches that each of the four prisoners leave as you progress, so for the timed event requirement to work, the bear has to be held in the cache of the last prisoner you free.

Most people will do these in the order: Akil'zon (the Eagle Boss - gives a five minute extension), Nalorakk (the Bear Boss - gives a five minute extension), Jan'alai (the Dragonhawk Boss - you are midway to him after Nalorakk), then Halazzi (the Lynx Boss) last, which gives you 25 minutes total to complete the event. The bear usually drops from Kasha's Bag because Kasha is the prisoner near Halazzi.

Doing Akil'zon last, the bear was in the loot from the prisoner near him. I don't recommend doing this, I was running out of time, since I did not get his five minute extension applied to the timed event, and just barely made it.

You can move directly from Jan'alai (the Dragonhawk Boss), after freeing his prisoner, to the path to Halazzi (the Lynx Boss). You can walk down the pyramid behind where Jan'alai initially stands, putting you back near the center, you do not have to retrace your entire path. You cannot go up that same way, only down.This also lets you avoid the clump of mobs on the central isle (the one joined to the peon areas by two bridges) while you are on the timed event (assuming you killed Akil'zon (the Eagle Boss) first).

A return shortcut door opens up on the left side of Halazzi's (the Lynx Boss) room after you finish with him. It is two way.

Комментарий от Willasaurus

Extremely easy to get now. Just do all the bosses in order they appear on the objectives list and save the prisoners. You'll have at least 15-20 minutes left on the timer when you're done.

Комментарий от Species3259

You can kill their respective captors, talk to them, finish the rest of the instance and then come back to pick up their treasures.

No need to wait is all i am saying :-)

Комментарий от Zoronden

For anyone new to Zul'Aman or having trouble getting your mount, here is a simple and short guide to the whole process.

Simple WoW Guide - Bear-ly Made It and the Amani Battle Bear Solo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_0R0OxIWVOc

Комментарий от ReZerO

one thing i quite like about this mount is that it has unique animations while swimming and mining nodes.

Комментарий от Wuatdah

The bear is back, baby!

Комментарий от tsudragon

This is my achievement video : Amani Battle Bear Mount Run - Zul'Aman (Solo)


Комментарий от Jorvalt

For some reason, as a Tauren my legs seem to clip into the mount.

Комментарий от mrcleanx

First run (solo). Dropped from Kasha's Bag.

Комментарий от RaCante

The new coloration is hideous. I dont understand why they not just gave us the green amored model that is actually running around in Zul'Aman. This thing just looks ridiculous.

Комментарий от MrAaaaawesome

If, like me, you saw the 90% drop chance on this and thought to yourself "Why don't I have this mount yet?" and ran all the way over to Зул'Аман only to leave disappointed when it didn't drop over and over again:

You have to kill Халаззи, and subsequently release Кайша, AFTER killing Налоракк, Джан'алай, and Акил'зон. After completing the bosses in this order (The first three can be in any order, there is just a 20 minute timer to kill all 4, and Халаззи has to be last) release Кайша and she will walk around breaking three urns. The third and final urn she breaks will contain Сумка Кайши with Аманийский боевой медведь inside.

P.S. If you have a DK, use your Врата смерти and get to Восточные Чумные земли much faster!

Комментарий от SerralynnAP

The Аманийский боевой медведь may be listed as a drop from Kasha's bag or Norkani's Sack in Zul'Aman, but my husband just looted it from Bakkalzu's Satchel after having no luck from Norkani or Kasha. So it is possible to loot it from others -- so encounter everyone. And it was on PvE Realm Aerie Peak.

Комментарий от danicadb1

I just looted Amani battle bear from a bag that looked like an old fish basket, and I didn't do it in the order suggested; I almost left, then went back to see the loot and wow, I got the bear, after reading that it needs to be done in order, I didn't think I would get it, but I have it :) it was from Bakkalzu's satchel; and I didn't kill Halazzi last.

Комментарий от NcJackson

The Аманийский боевой медведь is probably one of the easiest mounts I have ever had the pleasure of obtaining, its takes little to no time (or effort for that matter) as a level 100 to run this instance and be out within several minutes with a new mount in your clutches.

I found the easiest way to run this dungeon was killing the bosses in this order: Налоракк --> Джан'алай --> Акил'зон --> Халаззи ~ Which gives optimal time boosts to complete the achievement.

(Note: Be sure to agro the main adds and not skip big packs, just run through and AoE them down before the boss. I found during my first run that not killing some packs bugged the spawns of the bosses, which is not so great when you are on a timer.)

Once Халаззи is dead you can then proceed to let Kasha out of her cage, I didnt loot any of the gold from the pots she smashed until the bag dropped, as again I had heard of bugging occuring and being unable to loot the bear.

Following these little rules it only took me several moments to clear and get this wonderful mount. No stress or hassle needed. Enjoy everyone :)

Комментарий от mikeyt

Yes, it still drops as of today, did it on my 100 feral druid, ridiculously easy /nowadays.

Комментарий от pennsygurl

still available as of 6\7\2016

Комментарий от TronhildaMain

6/25/16 Just got it on my lvl 100 blood DK (alliance), ridiculously easy, although I did use the Crystal of Insanity from Timeless Isle and my Augment Rune because I have the permanent one and why not. The most annoying part is opening the door.

***** Make sure you talk to Voljin to start the door opening sequence then follow him to the gong. Only hit the gong once! Your character will continue to bang away on his/her own. Soon after Voljin will do his thing then walk over and open the door.

If you mount up after the initial trash, you can probably run left to the first boss (Akil'zon) and ignore all the trash. As a DK, I hit blood boil once and finished with a single melee strike. If you can do @20k dps normally then you can almost one-shot all the bosses.

Then to Nalorakk next, which took longer because I had to wait for him to call his guards which I killed with a single bloodboil.

Jan'alai for the 3rd boss and again I think I did 1 bloodboil and a deathstrike, easy peasy.

Last of all Halazzi's (the Lynx Boss) - beware there are still 3 packs of stealthed lynx's that will attack you even if you run through mounted. Wait 3 seconds for them all to group up around you and use an AoE. If you are a mage you may need something a little more powerful than Arcane Explosion. :)

Don't forget to release Kasha from her cage. Wait for her to blow up all three urns and then open the bag from the last one.

I ran out through the middle, and if you are mounted you can probably outrun the trash. Either way they are easily one-shot.

P.S. I tried to reply to MrAaaaawesome's post because his was the most helpful, but for some reason I couldn't. I mostly followed his advice and was in and out in like 5 minutes.

Комментарий от Yaiden

Jesus christ so much irrelevant information here.

Very easy to get nowadays, but what none of these comments specified, is that the actual mount is located inside Halazzi's boss room in the top right corner in a small sack. Enjoy

Комментарий от Turimo

Anyone got it in 7.0.3 ? after 9 try i start to doubt aboute my chance

Комментарий от deviXD

I tryed it today and it still drops. HF

Just kill all four bosses one by one and release all prisoners and drop is guaranteed.

Комментарий от tccb1833

Remember you have to actually kill all 4 bosses in time to get this. It doesn't always drop from the bonus loot at Halazzi. The first kill will always reward you with a bag of gold. The second and third kills give you an epic item and the 4th kill will be the mount.

Комментарий от holodeckgirl

Zul'Aman - heroic, very easily soloed on my lvl 101 WW Monk. I originally went in to get the 24 slot bag (Tattered Hexcloth Bag) from one of the quests in there, but decided to try for the mount while I was there. I went straight to the bosses and killed them, releasing the prisoners because I had the quest and saved Halazzi for last. At the end, in Halazzi's boss room, I released Kasha. Wait a little bit afterwards and in a corner there will be a pot that Kasha will break. When she does there is a small sack left behind that contains the mount as well as some piles of gold to pick up. I got today 1/7/17 so confirmed that you can still try to get this. :)

Комментарий от PacificNorthwest

I thought it would be really hard to get this mount, but it is extremely easy to obtain. Probably, the most difficult part about getting the Amani Battle Bear is travelling all the way to the Ghostlands on Ali. I flew from Iron Forge, but maybe there is an easier way to get there.

Комментарий от Thanatos2211

Just ran ZA with 15 min left on my timer and did not receive the mount from the bag. I instead got a 2 handed epic axe Перекованный Троллебой, this was on my alt account which does not have the mount yet. Did blizz take the mount out of the game or did they just lower the drop chance?

Комментарий от vindurza

this drops off the 4th boss timed chest now regardless of the boss

Комментарий от lehavila

List of mounts obtainable via drop from raids and dungeon.A updated version of @sickbox list, a special thanks for him/her.

Classic – Level 60



The Burning Crusade – Level 70



Wrath of the Lich King – Level 80



Cataclysm – Level 85



Mists of Pandaria – Level 90

Dungeons - None


Warlords of Draenor – Level 100

Dungeons - None


Legion – Level 110




Зул'Аман - Игровая зона - World of Warcraft


Комментарий от sekirus

После патча 3.0.2... чтоб открыть дверь на входе надо пятерым членам рейда одновременно с НПС ударить в гонг... Правла на практике это не так уж и легко... из 3х раз токо 1 раз удалось в инст попасть... каждый раз где то минут по 40 мучались(((

Комментарий от Warthrak

На самом деле всё просто, нужно чтобы 5 человек из рейда нажали на гонг один раз (не обязательно в один момент с NPC) и больше ничего не делали. Если будете нажимать по нескольку раз, вы будете входить в инстанс дольше чем его проходить. Удачи!

Edit: теперь для прохода в инстанс никаких танцев с бубном не требуется (3.2.0)

Комментарий от Entomber

Вся проблема в пинге, у кого-то 62, у другого 178, у следующего 420 и т.д. Все збиваются и получаестя каша, а ударить надо дюйм в дюйм.

Комментарий от TOIIIA

уже пол часа стою бью с ребятами и хоть бы хны

Комментарий от TOIIIA

и в 5 и в 6 ниче не получается

Комментарий от Maxim84

Нужно бить в такт с НПЦ, мы минут за 10 нервоза уложились.

Комментарий от glorr

а где Зул'Аман лягушки-вендоры ?

Комментарий от ExeilYo

История:Однажды лесные тролли управляли обширной территорией Лордерона. Зул'Аман был центром их империи. Но много лет тому назад высшие эльфы и люди объединились, чтобы одолеть империю и покончить с властью троллей - навсегда. И теперь эта крошечная область на северо-востоке Лордерона – все, что осталось от древней империи, которая охватывала ранее целый континент.

Многие охотники за сокровищами все еще рыщут в Зул'Амане в поисках легендарных реликвии империи лесных троллей, игнорируя слухи о возвращения их беспощадного лидера, Зул'джина. Все больше героев исчезает там, за стенами города разжигаются жертвенные костры, а армия троллей становится все сильнее и сильней.

Тролли хотят любой ценой отомстить людям и приемникам высших эльфов - эльфам кровавым. Скоро настанет день их мести.Взято от сюда

Комментарий от LostPoint

Сейчас (патч 3.2.0) не требуется 5 человек для входа в инст. По-крайней мере на 80 уровне. Ходил один за сумкой 20-слотной. Просто один раз ударил в гонг вместе с НИПоп и он пошел открывать дверь.

Комментарий от Thomerthu

огромное спасибо всем товарищам, бьющим соло боссов в рейдовых инстах БК и классика, и выкладывающим этому подтверждение на вовхед и иные форумы официального Вов. из-за таких как ВЫ и идет постоянный нерф тех или иных классов с каждым новым обновлением. все потому, что даже теоретически близзы подразумевали, чтобы соло этих боссов было невозможно убить, а вы подтверждаете, что они вроде как бы сделали персонажей слишком сильными, получите очередной нерф.

Комментарий от alxbrd

Ты мне ответь, кто способен убить соло самого первого боса инста - Акил'зона (http://ru.wowhead.com/?npc=23574)?Не говоря уже про прохождение всего рейда. Не надо тут про соло ла-ла-ла. Тем более самый яркий пример - Ониксия. Близард с ней поступили совершенно по другому...

Комментарий от lev111

Всем любителям фантастики! Приглашаем посетить сайт, посвящённый миру фантастики и фэнтези. Свежие новости мира фантастики, обзор новинок книжного рынка и возможность беспланого скачивания литературы.Адрес ресурса http://fanfiction.at.ua/

Комментарий от zifzif

де этот гонг и как в него бить и что за НПС должен идти ?

Комментарий от stas2x

первый босс с трудом, но таки бьется в соло. А вот остальные - нет

Комментарий от punic

Ресто друид и ретро паладин разложили легко инст,полностью без вайпов,на рыси правда сложновато было

Комментарий от VioID

Вопрос немного не по теме, но связан с инстом.Изучал я календарь, тыкал фильтры, поставил галочку напротив "Обновления рейдов" и заметил, что Зуламан обновляется каждые три дня О_о

Это действительно так?

Комментарий от MORODER

Thomerthu ты реальный нуп - есть действительно оверповернутые классы =) и такие ребята которые проходят рейды соло говорят что их нужно занерфать - существует понятие класс сезона - нерфы будут всегда! и да ДК в соло ОП но еще больше я хочу чтобы занерфали паладинов! потому что остальными классами соло зуламан вообще не проходиться! вайн вайн! Либо все либо ничего!....Т_Т

Ну а так - бред пишеш это рейд позапрошлого года - с того момента выпустили шмот на 110 уровней выше - или ты предлагаеш сделать "Огненую Пропость" на столько непроходимой что бы неодин персоонаж даже 30 лвл не мог пройти ее соло? да ты посмотри на накс - на ульдуар туда уже давно нетребуеться полный РЕЙД состав и если ктото проходит рейды соло =) Это говорит как минимум о мастерстве игрока или о том что рейд уже отжил свое=) Ты то не можеш фармить ЗА соло =)

Комментарий от shadowii

солировал фул дк 5.8 гс 51 к хп с барабашками и свиточками , оказалось не так страшно, тока рысь и мишка адово вламывали. ну и тотемы нервишки потрепали на рыси. А в целом фигня.

Комментарий от BiSeTrojanov

Харрисон Форд бьёт каждые 5 секунд. Через четыре секунды после удара используйте гонг. В первый раз мы с ним ударили вместе, но дверь не открылась, я ничего не нажимал, мой перс продолжил автоатаку, и второй раз дверь открылась.

Комментарий от sdfghjkl

В ДК в соло запросто, не первый раз хожу.

Комментарий от win32

Соло 80 не проходится. По крайней мере я, протваром с 50к анбаф не сумел убить ни одного босса.Максимум, на что Вы можете рассчитывать, идя в ЗА в одиночку, - это пощипать треш на предметколдовская палочка амани, нужной для получения вудуистского амулета и ряда других предметов, например таких, какзапечатанный ящик со свитками.Палочки падают только с гуманоидов. При фарме треша будьте осторожны со стражами, имеющими крайне неприятные абилки как для кастеров - вот эти,так и для латников - вот эти ( настакивается быстро и очень много раз, умереть можно очень быстро ).В принципе всё, удачи в фарме :)

Комментарий от Torpedolv

Прошёл в соло всех боссов,кроме медведя,его мне помог убить лок)Ферал дру ,причём шмот на кота)

Комментарий от arexu

после патча инст без проблем запинывается прот-палом в дд-шмоте. главное "защитник добра" в талантах взять :)

Комментарий от shadowii

по поводу входа в инст - говорим с гарри - он топает к гонгу. Через несколько сек гонг станет "активным" - один раз делаем щелчок мышкой и спокойно стоим - чар будет продолжать бить "на автомате" и вас впустит в инст через 7-8 секунд.

Комментарий от av1m

просто не знаю уже у кого спросить:после того как одолеешь Зул'Джина начинает играть такая интерестная "бодренькая" музыка.кто-нибудь может подсказать как или где её раздобыть?

Комментарий от zloibot

просветите кто знает , в 3 варике тролли говорят Зуд Джин будет отмщен как эти вещи связаны?

Комментарий от Gerzinee

Вроде как троли до сих пор мстят за то что сделали с его крутым бывшим лидером

Комментарий от kirivasile

Зул'Аман переделают в Катаклизме, он вернётся также как и ЗГ, так что спешите убить ЗулДжина, возможно будет великий подвиг, вроде Ониксии. Блюпост:Возвращение ЗулАмана

Один из любимейших рейдовых инстов игроков 70 уровня – ЗулАман станет подземельем для 5 человек в патче 4.1. В нем также будут падать эпические предметы 353 уровня.

Особая фишка – возможность получить редких маунтов! В обновленном ЗулАмане вы найдете новые версии редких маунтов: раптора, тигра и медведя.

Пока мы не готовы сказать вам, как можно будет получить этих маунтов, эта информация будет опубликована позже.

Комментарий от DiverSaint

Спасибо за информацию, специально вчера заморочился и прошел

Комментарий от lok1

если сейчас получить ачивмент за его прохождение, с патчем 4.1 он будет подвигом или как вообще?

Комментарий от SniperWar

Ой ли! Вчера прошли 2-ем с шаманом не дали великую ачиву! Зато получили лягушку, с палочек которые падают с тролей! )

Комментарий от tanzwood

в 4,2,0 Близы хотят обновить инст и сделать из него данж... а рейдовый инст останется? будет как с Оней или как с КТК и мертвые копи?

Комментарий от tareeck

Прошел сегодня своим дк весь инст соло. очень простой инст, проблемы возникли только с Повелитель проклятий Малакрасс.так как накладывает Кровавая метка (наклыдавет также на прислужников) и после каждого нанесееного ему физ урона востанавливает 4% своего хп. завалил таким образом: первые 30 сек. метку он не кастуе поэтому опустил боса до 200 к потом ждал пока она спадет (кайтил), а это происходит во время каста Лунный огонь и в то время пока он кастовал я его дамажил. также болезнями и лужей по кд. Спешите получить ачиву в 4,1 инст переделают и рейдовая ачива будет более недоступна)

Комментарий от Hipocrite

Сегодня прошел инст энхом в 346 пве обвесе, Проблем с босами небыло вообще, разве что с Джаналаем и Рысью, рысь всекала приличные циферки в мили(пришлось надеть щит и лупасить с 1 руки). А Джан больно жег огнем, пришлось прожать героизм и добить его быстро-быстро. Адды его убивались тотемом магмы и кольцом огня.

Комментарий от Minatrix

пройден фул в шп в 352 шмоте. пошел ради ачивки да увидеть старых друзей:) самый тру бой с джаналаем, остальные интересны но в целом просты. остается только ждать выхода нового ЗА..должно быть не менее прикольно:))

Комментарий от dima1977

ну после переделки я думаю ачивка уже будет во вкладке подземелья катаклизма, а не подземелья бк, и энто будет в принципе другая ачивка, но пока не переделели старую можно получить 10 очков достижений не помешает, щас пойдем с другом проходить :-)

Комментарий от Trangira

Прошел сегодня БМ хантом. Обвес 322, зеленка. Трудности составил только Акил'зон. Повелитель проклятий Малакрасс у меня крал только ловушки. Убил сначала охрану, потом зазергал босса. Отхила его не заметил. Пета не лечил, озверин не включал, только Верный и Взять!

Комментарий от orest

а бос не дурак )) ДК появились позже чем инст создавался, а бос знает что у ДК красть)

Комментарий от Chezyk

Всего через несколько часов там начнеться барренс чат:))

и будет,имхо дня три если не больше:)

Комментарий от bunkkalo

та да, начнется тру задротизм...я вот только не понял. там шмот за задания дают или с боссов тоже валится эпик?если да - то там будет такой трафик, что мне страшно. а все ради более простого прохода ТКТ, ТЧВ и тд

Комментарий от lossua

Зул’Аман – героический инстанс на пять человек, заново рожденный в патче 4.1. В инстансе шесть боссов, доступ к последним двум появляется после убийства первых четырех. Этих первых можно убивать в любом порядке.


Некоторые треш паки в инстансе довольно тяжелые, и могут потребовать от вас крауд контроля.

Треш по пути к Акил’зону представляет собой форму ивента, известную как гаунтлет или сапрешн рум – вам требуется пробежать какую-то область как можно быстрее, потому что убитые мобы респавнятся.

В паках по пути к Джан’алаю присутствуют мобы под названием Страж Амани'ши. Они иммунны к любым формам контроля, умеют диспелить контроль с других мобов.


Самый простой босс инстанса.

Тактика Налоракк

Главная способность босса – чарж в игрока, который в данный момент находится от босса дальше всего. Чарж накладывает дебафф, увеличивающий входящий дамаг на 200% на 20 секунд.

Кроме этого, Налоракк иногда перекидывается в медведя и пугает вашего танка своим видом.


Бой практически не изменился со времен BC. Относительно сложный босс, который проверит способность вашей группы верно позиционироваться и разбираться с большим количеством аддов.

Способности Джан’алай

* Огненное дыхание: босс разворачивается в случайную сторону и сдает огненное дыхание очень далекого радиуса действия. Область действия помечается на земле огненной дорожкой.* Огненные бомбы: босс уходит в центр платформы и разбрасывает вокруг себя огромное количество небольших бомбочек. Через некоторое время бомбы взрываются и наносят значительный урон тем, кто не смог найти себе свободное место.* Адды: босс вызывает двух троллей, которые разбегаются по двум сторонам и освобождают из яиц аддов другого типа – дракончиков.

Тактика Джан’алай

С дыханием и бомбами все ясно: не стойте в огне и не топчитесь по бомбам.

Главное в этом бою – разобраться с аддами. Рассмотрим их механику чуть подробнее.

Босс время от времени призывает себе на помощь двух хлипких троллей. Тролли заходят снизу по лестнице, немного стоят на входе и потом разбегаются в разные стороны – каждый на свой мостик. На мостике тролль останавливается и начинает выпускать дракончиков из лежащих на платформе яиц. Если тролля не остановить (т.е. не убить), то он будет делать это, пока не вылетят все дракончики и яиц не останется.

На 20% здоровья босса из всех оставшихся на тот момент яиц вылупляются дракончики. Ваша группа должна сделать так, чтобы к этому моменту яиц было как можно меньше.

Добиться этого несложно. Когда на лестнице появляется пара троллей, просто всегда убивайте одного из них – допустим, правого. Левый тролль будет бегать на свой левый мостик, пока на нем не закончатся яйца, а потом будет бегать уже на правый. Танк при этом должен следить за ситуацией и своевременно подходить ко входу на нужный мостик, чтобы подхватывать прилетающих пернатых друзей.

Если ваша группа обладает хоть каким-то дпс и не останавливается специально, то скорее всего на 20% босса яйца на одной из платформ еще не закончатся. Будьте готовы к тому, что с этой стороны в этот момент прилетит большая толпа дракончиков. Ну или можете остановить дпс, если вы не уверены, что удастся с ними справиться.


Простой бой для всех, кроме вашего хилера. Ему придется попрыгать.

Тактика Акил’зон

В этом бою вашей группе будут противостоять два типа летающих аддов: орлы (маленькие коричневые птицы) и похитители (большие белые птицы). Орлы наносят небольшой дамаг и со временем респавнятся. Их можно просто игнорировать. Похитители же захватывают в свои когти случайного члена группы и их нужно убить, чтобы освободить заложника.Если у вас в наличии мили группа, то вас ждут особенно приятные забеги за летающими белыми птицами.

Стойте распределенно: босс кастует в разных игроков электрические заряды, которые обладают АоЕ эффектом.

Главная абилка Акил’зона: электрический шторм. Босс поднимает в воздух случайного члена группы, и по всей платформе начинает сдаваться АоЕ. Единственное безопасное место – пятачок непосредственно

Комментарий от lossua

Единственное безопасное место – пятачок непосредственно под целью заклинания, куда все должны очень быстро сбежаться. Безопасная зона помечена черным кружком на земле.


Очень простой и очень затянутый бой.

Тактика Халаззи

Босс умеет всего две вещи.

Первое: весь бой Халаззи ставит зеленые тотемы. Вокруг тотема образуется довольно большой зеленый круг, который лечит всех, кто в нем находится, а также восстанавливает им ману. Босса из круга выводим, с тотемами поступаем как угодно.Второе: дважды за бой Халаззи вызывает себе на помощь адда-рысь. У рыси нет агро таблицы, она лупит кого хочет. Рысь надо просто убить.

Бой настолько простой и настолько долгий (информация с PTR), что и его неплохо было бы как-то изменить.

Повелитель проклятий Малакрасс

В этом бою помимо босса вам будут противостоять два адда. Адды выбираются случайным образом из следующего набора:

* Блад эльф, лечит босса.* Огр, ломает контроль и бросается в мили.* Имп, кастует фаерболы.* Элементаль, кастует довольно вялое АоЕ.* Андед, сбивает игроков с ног и разбрасывается проклятиями.* Дух, кастует АоЕ фир.* Дракон с огненным дыханием и тандерклапом.* Змея с ядовитым АоЕ.

Тактика Малакрасс

В зависимости от сетапа вашей группы и от того, какие адды вам выпали, вы можете либо до конца контролить аддов и убивать босса, либо сначала убить аддов, а затем босса. Исключение составляет огр, которого придется по-любому убить.

А вообще лучше убить аддов и не мучиться.

Что же касается самого босса, у него есть интересная способность Siphon Soul. Направив ее на какого-то из членов группы, босс приобретает некоторые классовые абилки соответствующего игрока. Интересная механика, но бой из-за нее не становится сложным, главным образом это связано с тем, что босс и адды бьют как девчонки.


Заключительный бой Зул’Амана состоит из трех фаз. В первой фазе игроки дерутся с боссом в его истинном обличье, а во второй и третьей босс принимает облик двух аспектов, с которыми вы уже встречались в инстансе. Всего аспектов, как мы помним, было четыре, и выбор идет случайным образом из следующих вариантов:

* Дракондор: использует огненное АоЕ.* Орел: ставит тотемы и вызывает торнадо.* Медведь: бросается на случайных членов группы.* Рысь: то же самое что медведь, но в пять раз хуже.

Самый сложный бой в инстансе. Оно и понятно, все-таки это заключительный босс.

Тактика Даакара

Фаза 1

В своем обычном облике у Даакара есть только средней силы вертушка, которую он крутит по мили. Фаза 1 длится до 80% здоровья босса.

Фазы 2-3

На 80% Даакара перекидывается в одного зверя, и на 40% в другого. Расскажем о зверях немного подробнее.


Много огня! Босс крутит огненную вертушку, раскидывает огненные торнадо и кастует длинную огненную дорожку. Дамаг в огне очень приличный, стоять в нем ни в коем случае нельзя.


По площадке медленно летают торнадо, которые наносят серьезный урон игрокам, которые не успеют убраться с пути. Кроме этого, убивайте все тотемы, которые будут появляться.


Медведь бьет танка, и иногда чаржится в одного случайного члена группы. Ничего серьезного.


Бьет танка гораздо сильнее, чем медведь. Время от времени начинает носиться как сумасшедшая между всеми игроками. Очень неприятно для хилера, могут понадобиться сейв абилки.

скопировано с noob-club.ru

Комментарий от Diaman

Тактика на героик 85:


В форме тролля:

* Грубый взмах — Мощная атака, игнорирующая броню. Наносит 78000-82000 ед. физического урона.* Выброс — Рывок к противнику, наносящий 34125-35875 ед. урона. Цель получает на 500% больше урона в течении 20 секунд.

В форме медведя:

* Терзающая рана — Наносит 133400 ед. физического урона в течении 24 секунд.* Раздирание плоти — Раздирает плоть цели, нанося ей 6000 ед. физического урона каждые 0.5 сек. в течении 5 секунд.* Оглушающий рев — Лишает противников дара речи на 2 сек.

Тактика : В облике тролля он чарджится в самую дальнюю цель, надо меняться, чтобы не убило. В мишке танк сильно огребает.

Налоракк — самый простой босс всего героика. Как и в рейдовой версии, в процессе сражения он меняет свой облик на медвежий и обратно. Единственная вещь, на которую стоит обратить внимание — это то, что босс делает рывок в сторону наиболее удаленного от него игрока и накладывает дебафф Выброс. Механика рывка подразумевает, что игроки будут меняться при получении урона от чарджа, что бы дебафф успел спасть. Однако на PTR многие просто зергали босса.

В остальном босс — простой танк-н-спанк. Треш перед ним, пожалуй, и то сложнее.


* Статический сбой — Наносит противникам, находящимся в зоне действия заклинания, 35000 ед. урона от сил природы и повышает получаемый урон от сил природы на 25% в течение 20 сек.* Зов молнии — Нанесение 28500 — 31500 ед. урона от сил природы.* Порыв ветра — Порыв ветра, поднимающий цель высоко в небо.* Электрическая буря — Окружение цели электрической бурей, которая поражает всех противников, находящихся вне эпицентра бури. Урон увеличивается с течением времени.* Орлогриф — способность призываемых в бою Парящих орлов. Орел пикирует на объект заклинания с высоты и наносит ему 17205-19995 ед. урона.

Тактика : Танк держит босса в центре, все бьют босса. РДД убивают белую птицу, иначе она убьет кого-то. Во время бури все сбегаемся на тень от тучки.

Перед боссом присутствует мини-эвент, в процессе которого группе нужно будет пробиваться к боссу через бегущих на них сверху троллей. Как только убили одного тролля, тут же бегите дальше и хватайте следующего, который уже бежит на вас. Сам босс немножко отличается от классической версии.

Танк держит босса в центре. Через 15 секунд от начала боя босс призовет себе на помощь хищных пташек. Обычные (бурые) орлы будут бросаться на игроков. Это основной урон, который будет получать группа в сражении с этим боссом. Орликов бить нет смысла, так как они появляются снова, если их убить. Тогда же будут появляться белые орлы, которые хватают случайных игроков. Белых орлов нужно быстро убить, иначе они убьют пойманного игрока. При этом орла могут атаковать в ближнем бою те, кого он схватил. Так же на белого орла действуют оглушения, которые помогут его замедлить. Во время сражения Акил'зон будет создавать Электрическую бурю, поднимая в воздух случайного игрока (выглядит как тучка) — вся группа должна сбежаться под тучку и стоять в ней, пока не закончится АоЕ.

Так же желательно не стоять кучно — Акил'зон кидает в группу Зов молнии, но при этом разбегаться очень далеко тоже не стоит — иначе не успеете добежать до тучки.


* Огненное дыхание — Нанесение 9500-20500 ед. урона от огня противникам, находящимся в секторе перед заклинателем.* Огненная бомба — Нанесение 73125-76875 ед. урона от огня.* Вызов наседки Аманиши — примерно раз в 90 секунд Джан'алай призывает Смотрителя кладки Аманиши.* Стена огня — Джан'алай отрезает путь к отступлению стеной огня.* Высидеть все яйца — Джан'алай выпускает всех птенцов.

Тактика : Дышит по линии перед собой — отбегать. Позволить одному троллю вскрыть яйца, убить второго. Залить аддов. Повторить. Не стоять в огненных шариках. На 20% босс выпустит всех птенцов.

Два основных урона в бою с Джан'алаем — Огненное дыхание и Огненная бомба — можно снизить просто грамотно став вокруг босса и отбегая, когда это надо.

Но суть сражения с аватаром дракондора в другом — в его кладках. В течении боя босс несколько раз призывает у входа на платформу парочку троллей, которые идут к кладкам яиц по бокам от босса (один тр

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Повелитель проклятий Малакрасс

* Вытягивание души — Вытягивание души цели и передача ее вам, что наделяет вас силой цели на 30 сек.* Духовные молнии — Наносит урон от темной магии находящимся поблизости противникам.* Похищение мощи — Похищение силы у всех находящихся рядом противников, снижение наносимого ими урона на 1% и увеличение наносимого вами урона на 1%.

Тактика : Законтролить всех аддов, кого можно, если нельзя — убить их. Шмаляет градом стрел Тьмы, надо лечить. Ворует способности случайного игрока. Избегаем вредных абилок, танк-н-спанк.

Малакрассу будут помогать два адда, которые выбираются случайно из восьми возможных:

* Кровавый эльф — кастер, который лечит босса (Волшебный поток, Наделенное силой сокрушение).* Огр — будет постоянно выходить из контроля и бить в мили.* Имп — кастует фаерболы во всех подряд (Огненная стрела).* Элементаль — делает слабенькое АоЕ магией природы (Плач душ).* Нежить — кастует откидывание и вешает проклятья.* Нежить — кастует массовый страх.* Драконид — делает огненное дыхание и нечто вроде громовой поступи.* Змея — плюется ядом (Отравляющий плевок).

Не зависимо от того, какая парочка вам попалась, тактика останется примерно одной и той же — либо законтролить, если возможно, либо быстренько убить. Исключение составляет только огр, которого надо убить в любом случае, так как он все равно выбирается из контроля.

Как только вы разобрались с аддами, можно переключится на Малакрасса. Единственная его способность — Вытягивание души. Босс выбирает в цель случайного игрока в группе и приобретает несколько способностей этого игрока (в зависимости от класса). Соответственно босс будет использовать те способности, которые украл у игрока, до следующего Вытягивания души.


В форме тролля:

* Подрезать сухожилия — Нанесение противнику 20% урона от оружия и снижение скорости его передвижения на 5 сек.* Кровопускание — Нанесение противнику физического урона раз в 3 сек. в течение 15 сек.* Раскол брони — Ослабляет вражескую броню при каждом расколе. Суммируется до 5 раз. Время действия – 20 сек.

В форме мишутки:

* Ползучий паралич — Поражение всех находящихся поблизости игроков медленным параличом, который приводит к оглушению, если не снять эффект в течение 6 сек.* Почти самый сильный удар — Мгновенная атака, наносящая противнику 115% урона от оружия. Может использоваться в любое время, даже после того, как противник уклоняется. От этой атаки нельзя уклониться, ее нельзя блокировать или парировать.* Выброс — Рывок к противнику, наносящий ему 34124-35875 ед. урона. Кроме того, урон, получаемый противником, увеличивается на 500% на 20 секунд.

В форме орелушка:

* Энергетическая буря — Жестокая энергетическая буря, реагирующая на находящихся поблизости игроков-противников и поражающая их электричеством, когда они применяют заклинания.* Тотем молний — Создание тотема молний со временем существования 30 секунд, который периодически поражает находящихся поблизости противников.* Хлещущий ветер — Пронзительный, повторяющийся звук вызывает ветер, который подхватывает вихри перьев.

В форме рысечки:

* Яростные когти — Атака, оглушение цели и серия стремительных атак.* Скачок рыси — Атака на противника, наносящая 9499-10500 ед. физического урона и вызывающая кровотечение с потерей 50000 ед. жизни в течение 10 секунд.

В форме дракондорушки:

* Огненное дыхание — Нанесение 29249-30750 ед. урона от огня раз в 1 сек. в течение 5 секунд.* Пламенный вихрь — Вихрь вращается, плюясь пламенем в находящихся поблизости противников, увеличивая их уязвимость для магии огня.* Палящее пламя — Нанесение 10799-13200 ед. урона от огня ближайшим противникам.

Тактика : На первой фазе не попадаем под вертушку. На второй фазе босс принимает рандомный облик. Если рысь — призывает двух аддов и больно бьет танка. Если дракондор — убегаем из-под морды, не стоим в столбах. Если орел — убиваем тотемы, убегаем от вихрей. Если мишка — стоим и бьем.

Даакара — финальный босс Зул'амана. Бой с ним состоит из трех фаз. Первая — неизменно фаза в человеческом (троллином) облике, то бишь

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Хотелось бы немного поговорить о тайм-ране.

За освобождение 4ех заключенных по прежнему раздают мишек.

Изначально у вас есть 15минут на 1ого босса. И далее по 5минут за каждого убитого босса. После 3его босса бонус времени не дается. То есть: у вас есть 25минут чтобы убить 4ех боссов.

Несколько общих советов:

- вам нужен очень большой дпс, хил и живучий танк;- убивать боссов лучше в порядке: орел > медведь > дракон > кот;- чтобы сэкономить время - советую скипнуть большую часть треша перед драконом, выпив зелья невидимости (можно купить на ах).

Вобщем, желаю удачи!

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Эх, Близы, похоже, решили окончательно убить Зул'Джина. А такой герой вселенной Варкрафта был легендарный.

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Таблицы лута не обновились на вовхеде. Пичаль.

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Пара мыслей о Драакара. Из всех форм наибольшую головную боль доставляет рысь. Скачок рыси наносит танку в 356 итлвле около 200к дамаги, для дд или хила - это смерть. Но, в то время как рысь начинает рвать кого нибудь из пати, танку можно и нужно ее стаунить. После 5-6 вайпов я просек эту фишку и в следующий пул мы боса убили не потеряв никого.

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Я не в курсе знаете ли вы, но можно абузить систему случайных тролльских подземелий. За всё время после выхода 4.1 ни разу меня не подвела данная фича.

Ладно, ближе к делу:

По моей статистике один и тот же тролльский данж не может попасться снова после полного прохождения оного, но обязательно появится если вы не прошли и ливнули/разошлись .


Вначале бегал один; записался в рандом, прошёл ЗГ, попал в ЗА, потом ЗГ, и снова ЗА - они всегда чередуются при полном прохождении. В ЗА ради ценного опыта уходил на разных боссах: после лива и отката всегда попадал снова в ЗА, с ЗГ всё тоже самое.

Далее проверил с группой: лидер всегда определяет случайный героик в который вы попадёте. Пройдя ЗГ, я набрал пати с гильдии, мы попали в ЗА. Людей заманил "тайм-раном" и они горевали, мол, не получат 140 очков, однако были очень удивлены когда их получили! Пройдя ЗА, с пугами *ибо так можно скипнуть боссов аж до ласта, но не всегда везёт* пробежался по ЗГ (снова пользуясь исключительно поиском случайного героика). Набрал ещё разок пати на тайм-ран, и угадайте куда мы попали? Всё верно, в ЗА.

Мораль: пока можно абузить систему - абузьте. У вас есть доступ к бесконечному числу медведей для всех. Пати лидер прошёл ЗГ, набрал народ на тайм-ран. Прошли 4 босса, получили мишку, дисбанд, пересбор, лидер снова записывает всех в рандом, повторить 4 раза или сколько вам медведей надо.

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Что то я тут увидел интерессное про бой с халаззи,а точней чушьЧто мне не понравилось,написано " У рыси нет агро таблицы, она лупит кого хочет. Рысь надо просто убить."Это бред,рысь убивать ненадо,это бесползеная трата времени,так как у босса и рыси одинаковое кол-во хп,а что бы про пала рысь нужно просто слить босса,теперь думайте2 ляма рысь + 2 ляма босс и обоих вы сливать задумали,удачи вам в этом)Я например так никогда не поступалЧто касается ачивы на боссеТуннельное зрениеАчивы очень проста,я её сделал с пугами,рдд просто становятся в тотемы исцеления(зелённые кружки такие)а хил просто хилит танка и того на кого лезит рысь,тотемы молнии сливать ненадо,так как это часть ачива,хилу очень просто отхилить всех из круга,мы сделали ачив с 1 попытки,удачи вам)

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Про тайм-ран. Зелья нивидимости не помогают перед Дракондором, есть треш где летают мелкие дракондорчики - они ВИДЯТ инвиз и агрятся их не обойти.

Единственное что может помочь это шам и рога в пати.

Рог сапает 1 медведя перед поворотом (что экономит время до Медведя и все пати просто пробегает мимо милых мишек )

А дальше уже после боя с Мишкой все дружно садятся на маунтов и едут почти до Дракондора через весь треш. Главное :1 Ехать всем вместе, и умереть рядышком, желательно под лесницей перед боссом .2 Хил не должен вешать отхилики перед рывком на танка, иначе треш сагрится на хила и он просто умрет не доехав до места назначения.3 Шам не должен вешать кд на свой рес до этой поездки, даже если ляжет на вороне или мишке.4. Для быстрого реса нужно чтобы в пати был хоть кто-то с масс ресом. Его-то и подымает шама.

Ну и несколько советов в догонку. Треш когда вас убивает иногда около минуты стоит над вами, особенно заклинатели огня, пока у них не спадет баф на скорость. (потом они просто исчезают ) и шам встает и ресает тело с масс-ресом или хила (если шам не хил) чтоб побыстрее все встали.

Потом ОБЯЗАТЕЛЬНО слейте пак треша перед самым боссом. Он агрится когда вы пуляете Дракондора и пребегает. Что было для нас довольно не приятно и не ожиданно в первый раз(((.

Дальше, раз у вас есть шама то вы просто пробежите к коту по воде. ( ну об этом уже наверное все знают )

Единственная вечная проблема это пак треша перед котом... Вечно срывают контроль, и бывает обидно когда у тебя еще 4 минуты времени и все как по закону подлости или усталости начинают делать ошибки и пати ложится. )

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Трансмогрификация: Вуду.Как известно, в патче 4.3 нам дадут трансмогрификацию - возможность заменять внешний вид одних вещей видом других. Вашему вниманию представлен небольшой (хотя в этот раз скорее большой) гайд по добыче экипировки троллей, поклоняющихся великим Лоа.Warning: в данном посте будут представлены комплекты брони всех типов, поэтому приобщиться к религии (и адскому виду) троллей сможет любой класс.Комплектов брони великое множество. Некоторые остались еще с классики и бк, некоторые появились в катаклизме с возрождением древних империй троллей. Общество троллей довольно многогранно, но все оно строится вокруг общего стержня - вуду. Это не просто религия, это образ жизни. И этот образ жизни требует жертв. В прямом смысле слова. Поэтому тролли часто украшают доспехи черепами и костями. Другими материалами их брони являются те, которые довольно просто достать в местах обитания троллей (обычно лесах и джунглях) - кора деревьев, кожа зверей.

ЛатыПоскольку с железом у троллей туго, для брони своих воителей они используют кору деревьев и кости врагов, зачарованные знахарями и оттого очень прочные. Латных комплекта два (заранее извиняюсь за возможный излишний пафос в названиях, так как придумываю их я):Одеяние кровавого воителя.Деревянные части окрашены кровью врагов, а маска сделана из черепов. Все части комплекта продаются у Г'ираса в Шаттрате за очки справедливости. Стоимость:Маска, штаны и нагрудник по 390.Пояс, перчатки, плечи и сапоги по 312.Наручи за 182.Итого 2600 очков справедливости. Тут нужно сделать оговорку, что оригинальные нагрудник и сапоги сета отправились в вечную тьму, а точных копий не было. Поэтому пришлось взять предметы с несколько измененной расцветкой.Вот весь сет, его можно посмотреть в 3D.Броня костянного дракондора.Броня из отбеленных костей врагов, шлемом которому служит голова дракондора. По сути перекрашенное одеяние кровавого воителя, только шлем поменялся. Большая часть опять же покупается у Г'ираса.Штаны и нагрудник по 390.Перчатки, ремень и башмаки по 312.Наручи за 182.Итого 1898 очков.Однако и этот сет не обошелся без потерь. Из него выпилили шапку и наплечники. Однако, к счастью, мы имеем их копии.Плечи за квест вождь Амани.Шлем, падающий с Занзила в Зул'Гурубе.Также можно взять деревянную маску, падающую с Налоракка в Зул'Амане.Весь сет.

КольчугаВ кольчужных одеяниях троллей даже есть некоторое количество, собственно, кольчуги, которую они обычно получают из брони поверженных врагов (а может это вовсе не кольчуга, а стальная паутина лоа-паучихи Шадры), в остальном они состоят из зачарованной кожи.Звериный доспех.Пришедший к нам вместе с возрождением Зул'Амана и Зул'Гуруба (падает там же), этот сет сшит из шкур, наплечниками служат медвежьи головы, а защитой для головы стал череп орла.Нагрудник с Халаззи, аватара рыси.Плечи с Налоракка, аватара медведя.Наручи с Акил'зона, аватара орла.Пояс с повелителя проклятий Малакрасса.Шлем с Даакара, вождя племени Амани.Перчатки из четырех боссов сокровищницы безумия Гурубаши.

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Штаны с колдуна вуду Занзила.Сапоги покупаются за 312 очков справедливости у Г'ираса.Весь сет.Броня кровавого кондора.Другая версия звериного доспеха с килтом вместо штанов и плечами в виде масок вуду. Существовал еще в бк. К сожалению оригиналный шлем был выпилен, и его пришлось заменить на орлиный череп. Большая часть сета продается у Г'ираса.Поножи и нагрудник по 390.Перчатки, плечи и сапоги по 312.Наручи за 182.Итого 1898 очков.Пояс падает с повелителя проклятий Малакрасса.Шапка добывается с вождя Даакара.Весь сет.Одеяния колдуна вуду.Перекрашенная в фиолетовый броня кондора, с оригинальной маской сета. Подобную (только зеленую) броню носит Занзил.Перчатки из сундучка за убийство Джан'алая до истечения таймера.Пояс с Джан'алая, аватара дракондора.Наручи с Халаззи, аватара рыси.Маска с вождя племени Амани Даакара.Штаны с Вушулая в сокровищнице безумия Гурубаши.Кираса с верховного жреца лоа-змея Хетисса - Веноксиса.Наплечье с колдуна Занзила.Башмаки вообще-то не в теме, но на мой взгляд неплохо подходят к сету, ибо из-под килта выбиваются только носки. Их можно купить у Кайри с острова Кель'Данас за 208 очков справедливости.Весь сет.

КожаКожа она и в Африке у троллей кожа. Ну и еще изрядное количество мелких косточек.Комплект тени джунглейМаска с Халаззи.Либо можно взять шапку из волчьей морды, которая падает с вождя песчаных троллей Укорза Песчаного Черепа в Зул'Фарраке.Перчатки падают с треша в Зул'Амане.Поножи из сундучка за убийство Джан'алая до истечения таймера.Наручи с Джан'алая.Нагрудник с Малакрасса.Плечи с Даакара Непобедимого.Пояс с верховног жреца Веноксиса.Сапоги с Гри'лека в тайнике безумия.Весь сет.Одежды кровавого охотника.Наручи с Налоракка.Плечи с Акил'зона.Сапоги из сундучка за убийство Налоракка до истечения таймера и сумки за убийство четырех аватаров до истечения таймера.Перчатки за квест фетиш повелителя проклятий.Шапка с Даакара.Поножи с верховной жрицы лоа-пантеры Бетекк - Килнары.Куртка с Джин'до Низвергателя Богов.Весь сет. Честно говоря, мне не нравится вид плечей и шлема, уж слишком цветасто. Но это все субъективно)

ТканьПолагаю, что ткань тролли получают из листьев и коры, хотя вероятнее, что это та же кожа. Маски колдунов сделаны из дерева в виде страшных рож для отпугивания вредных духов.Робы страшного колдунства.Перчатки с треша в Зул'Амане.Сапоги с Налоракка.

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Колоссальный топор фармится в выжженных землях, болоте Печали и затонувшем храме.Перекованный Троллебой из тюка и сумки за таймран Джан'алая и всех четырех аватаров соответственно.КинжалыДвойной клинок Хаккари с Джин'до.Двойной клинок Хаккари с него же. Warning: левая рука.Проклятый клинок вуду с тюка за таймран Джан'алая и из кучи золота. Warning: правая рука.Клык Газ'риллы с Газ'риллы в Зул'Фарраке.Клык хрустального паука с Хрустального Клыка в пике Черной горы.КистевоеКулак Божества с верховный пророк лоа-мамонта Мам'тота - Мураби . Warning: правая рука. Адски фапабельная штука. Увы, к ней нет пары(Алчба с сундука Мал'Ганиса в очищении Стратхольма и её сестра Гордыня, продающаяся в Даларане у Бертрама Холлера за 550 очков справедливости.Когти старого верховного жреца лоа-тигрицы Ширволлы - Текала и старой верховной жрицы лоа-пантеры Бетекк - Арлокк. Падают с Хазза'раха и Ренатаки в сокровищнице безумия соответственно.ПосохиПриговор Джин'до с Джин'до.Наследие Арлокк с него же.Посох зверей за последнее испытание в Кольце Крови.Головорез вождя с вождя Укорза Песчаного Черепа в Зул'фарраке.Мега-пафосное стрекало Зум'раха падает со знахаря Зум'раха там же.ЖезлЗульская вудуистская палка с боссов тайника безумия.ЛукиПамять о Мандокире с Джин'до.Вудуистский охотничий лук за квест фетиш повелителя проклятий.ЩитыЩит Соленого камня фармится в забытом городе и курганах иглошкурых.Зульский вихревый щит с треша подземелий каты.Зульский страж с Джин'до.Щит Бога Крови с него же.Вот вроде и все. Желаю удачи в выбивании, ваш Рекс шесть тыщ.P.S. Если у вас есть идеи по улучшению вида сета, вы можете написать их в коментариях и я добавлю понравившиеся идеи в пост.__________________________________________________________________________________См. также:Трансмогрификация: рыцарь Альянса.Трансмогрификация: Sith lord.Трансмогрификация: Падший паладин / рыцарь Наару.

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Для пристов: на паках можно использовать мк на Заклинатель огня племени Амани.Кроме автоатаки можно использовать 3 абилки (Точных названий не помню)1) Аое заклинание (по дефолту находится на клавише 4), атакующих ВСЕХ ближайших мобов. Не использовать ни в коем случае! Чревато тем, что сагрятся далекостоящие мобы.2) Баф, повышающий скорость передвижения и скорость боя. Именно это закалинание и повышает дпс и позовляет сильно оторваться от прочих дд3) Заклинание, бьющие одного противника, ничего особого, кд около 30 секунд.

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Жалко зулджина убрали.лучшеб нацепили на него т13и оставили

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К труду о трансмогрификации: Аномальный посох Забры В отличие от Приговора, светится синим цветом. Треш дроп в Нордсколе, но можно поискать на ауке. На ЧШ-альянс подарю бесплатно, имя перса - Спрингфрост

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Патч 4.3
  • Теперь для встречи с Повелителем проклятий Малакрассом игрокам нужно убить только две из четырех аватар зверей.

Исправления (читай нерф) от 20 декабря:

Урон Завоевателей племени Амани снижен на 12%.Здоровье призываемого Целителями из племени Амани Духа-защитника снижено на 60%.Теперь, если Разведчик из племени Амани заметит вас, он будет тупить одну секунду, прежде чем побежит за подмогой.Урон Подкрепления племени Амани снижен на 15%.Град огненных шаров Заклинателей огня племени Амани теперь наносит меньше урона.Урон от Огненного дыхания Джан'алая теперь не такой настойчивый.Способность Даакары в облике дракондора Пламенный вихрь теперь увеличивает получаемый урон от огня на меньший процент.Способность Даакары Ползучий паралич теперь наносит меньше урона.

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Небольшой экскурс в прошлое:

The Burning Crusade - Patch 2.3: The Gods of Zul'Aman

Обновление 2.3: Описание

«Боги Зул’Амана» — крупное контентное обновление. В нем в World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade появляется множество новых испытаний, наград и дополнительных возможностей.

Зул’Аман — рейдовое подземелье для 10 участников, расположенное в Призрачных Землях. Враги и трофеи здесь еще внушительнее, чем в Каражане. В этой рейдовой зоне под открытым небом обитают злодейские лесные тролли Амани, которыми правит подлый и коварный Зул’джин. Вам предстоит одолеть шестерых боссов. Четыре из них — разные воплощения Зул’Амана в облике того или иного свирепого чудовища. Закаленным участникам рейдов придется по душе продуманная система наград, предполагающая, что на выполнение определенных задач отводится ограниченное время: это добавляет игре остроты.

Другой важный аспект «Богов Зул’Амана» — изобилие материальных и нематериальных наград для самых разных категорий игроков. Могущественные предметы эпического качества, которые можно получить за убийство монстров, — далеко не все! Теперь еще можно приобрести множество новых наград, от наград гладиатора 3-го сезона Арены до множества новых Знаков справедливости, а также полный комплект новых наград Чести. Наконец, с выходом обновления в игре появится масса полезных и просто забавных предметов, например, новые летающие средства передвижения — ветролеты: их строят и водят опытные инженеры. из числа нематериальных преимуществ — более быстрое развитие персонажа до 60-го уровня, новые задания в Пылевых топях, новые ежедневные задания в подземельях и на полях боя и, наконец, ряд существенных перемен в балансе классов. Словом, много, много всего!

Банк гильдииБанк гильдии — это общее хранилище предметов для членов гильдии, к которому можно получить доступ в столичных банках. Он позволяет игрокам, обладающим особым разрешением, хранить там предметы и деньги, которые можно использовать на благо всей гильдии.

Новые награды за знаки справедливостиГ'ирас в Шаттрате предлагает новые предметы превосходного качества. Кроме того, знаки справедливости теперь можно получить при убийстве боссов в Каражане и Зул’амане.

Ускоренное развитие персонажа до 60-го уровняРазвитие персонажа с 20 по 60 уровень теперь значительно ускорилось благодаря снижению количества необходимого опыта. А за задания 30-60 уровней теперь дается больше очков опыта.

Новые ежедневные заданияТеперь вы можете выполнять ежедневные задания на полях боя и в подземельях обчного и героического режима сложности. Каждый день вам будет доступно одно из целого ряда заданий, выбираемое в произвольном порядке.

Новые летающие транспортные средства С данным обновлением в игре появляются новые летающие транспортные средства, а именно летающие машины! Их смогут создавать инженеры с высоким уровнем владения профессией. Можно изучить схемы как обычных, так и эпических машин.

Улучшение аукционаИнтерфейс аукциона был дополнен новыми функциями и в целом стал удобнее для использования.

Новая характеристика — мастерствоПовышение значения этой характеристики снижает вероятность того, что противник парирует или блокирует ваши атаки, или уклонится от них. Мастерство появится в качестве характеристики существующих предметов взамен уровня владения оружием.

Дополнительный урон от заклинаний и дополнительное исцелениеЭффекты от дополнительного исцеления теперь дают бонус к урону от заклинаний в размере 1/3 от значения дополнительного исцеления. Это изменение будет отражено в описании уже существующих и новых предметов.

Изменения в долине АльтеракаНа этом поле боя появились дополнительные элементы, улучшающие игровой процесс для персонажей высоких уровней.

Возвращение в Пылевые топиВ Пылевых топях появились новые задания для развития персонажей средних уровней.

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а на какой локации находится этот инст

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По лфг можно попасть в ЗА и ЗГ с 85 по 87 уровень, илвл от 346. Ожидание для дд на конец 5,1 составляет от 30 минут до 2,5 часов.

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После победы над ластом начинает играть очень весёлая музычка, есть ли на неё скрипт?

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Испытание чемпиона/way Ледяная Корона 74.18 19.46 Испытание Чемпиона вход/way Ледяная Корона 79.63 22.98 ЦДОт ЦД назад к крестообразному в плане строению, вход с северной стороны - от ЦД обходите строение справа.

Испытание крестоносца, рейдовое подземелье/way Ледяная Корона 75.17 21.81 Испытание Крестоносца вход/way Ледяная Корона 79.63 22.98 ЦДОт ЦД назад к крестообразному в плане строению, вход с восточной стороны - ближний к кладбищу.

Цитадель Ледяной Короны: Кузня Душ (1), Залы Отражений (2) и Яма Сарона (3)В три этих подземелья входы расположены в одной комнате, слева направо как написано вышепроход к этой комнате начинается с этой точке локации:/way Ледяная Корона 52.51 89.32 вход/way Ледяная Корона 54.41 90.72 КВ/way Ледяная Корона 53.95 71.26 ЦДЧтобы немного проще было найти вход духом, можно следовать такому алгоритму:От ЦД - бежите все время прямо, сквозь ЦД, вниз, оставляете огромную лестницу - подъем к Цитадели слеваи доходите до точки /way Ледяная Корона 48.88 87.65 точка взлетаТут взлетаете до верхней террасы (вторая снизу если считать справа, третья снизу - если считать слева)КВ и вход находятся на этой террасе.

Рейдовое подземелье Цитадель Ледяной Короны/way Ледяная Корона 51.48 85.66 Цитадель Ледяной Короны КВ/way Ледяная Корона 53.79 87.02 Цитадель Ледяной Короны вход/way Ледяная Корона 53.95 71.26 ЦДСквозь ЦД прямо, вниз и налево на огромную лестницу - вход наверху.

Бездонная пучина: Трон Приливов находится в зоне Вайш'ир/way Бездонные глубины 67.96 24.54 Трон Приливов КВ/way Бездонные глубины 69.44 25.16 Трон Приливов вход/way Бездонные глубины 68.14 25.06 Трон Приливов ЦД

Вершина Смерча/way Ульдум 77.15 85.18 Вершина Смерча КВ/way Ульдум 76.72 84.38 Вершина Смерча вход/way Ульдум 74.07 83.61 Вершина Смерча ЦД

Каменные Недра. Вход расположен в локации Подземье, Водоворот./way Подземье 46.82 52.25 Каменные Недра КВ/way Подземье 47.37 52.11 Каменные Недра вход/way Подземье 47.23 57.29 Каменные Недра ЦД

Грим Батол/way Сумеречное нагорье 23.00 55.48 Грим Батол КВ/way Сумеречное нагорье 19.21 54.12 Грим Батол вход/way Сумеречное нагорье 23.77 56.81 Грим Батол ЦД

Затерянный город Тол'вир/way Ульдум 60.79 64.02 Затерянный город Тол'вир КВ/way Ульдум 60.52 64.19 Затерянный город Тол'вир вход/way Ульдум 64.45 65.17 Затерянный город Тол'вир ЦД

Зул'Аман/way Призрачные земли 75.66 65.66 Зул'Аман КВ/way Призрачные земли 82.08 64.26 Зул'Аман вход/way Призрачные земли 80.41 69.83 Зул'Аман ЦДОт ЦД по коридору до входа, прыгать вниз не нужно.Особенности: Призрачные земли, как и другие локации БК в Азероте - пешие (лицензия на полеты выдается только таксистам=)). Вход в Призрачные земли со стороны Чумных земель: /way Восточные Чумные земли 54.36 8.88 вход в Призрачные землиДля Орды альтернативой может стать маршрут со стороны Луносвета, через Леса Вечной Песни или полетником через Транквиллион.Недалеко от подземелья также расположен нейтральный полетник:/way Призрачные земли 74.67 67.13 Зул'Аман полетник

Зул'Гуруб/way Северная Тернистая Долина 71.77 33.84 Зул'Гуруб КВ/way Северная Тернистая Долина 72.03 32.91 Зул'Гуруб вход/way Северная Тернистая Долина 66.50 34.06 Зул'Гуруб ЦДот ЦД под арку, прямо - вход

Полный список находится тут, в комментариях.

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Вход в инст находится в нижнем правом углу локации "Призрачные Земли" по координатам 81.96 64.16 . Всем удачи =)

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Только что прошел соло энхом 540илвлВся тактика превратилась в зерг) БЛ прожал на мишке и на рысе (откатилось к тому времени, когда я к Халаззи дошел)На мишке сначала умер один раз. После чарджа прожал дефабилки и добил.

Дальше не шел - мне нужен был только мишка, а я его получил)

Думаю, в овергире можно всех убить без проблем ;)

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Прошел соло монком специализации Ткач Туманов, фастран, 541 илвл (пвп) Всем удачи

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Зул'Аман находится Призрачные земли на координатах 76.31 64.41

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Народ, помогите, кто может объяснить ПОЧЕМУ я не могу попасть в "такт" Волджина, если мы бьем по барабану ОДНОВРЕМЕННО!Битый час в начале инста сижу и ни черта не понимаю в чем косяк(((((

P.S. Хант100-соло

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Зул'Аман вход: http://youtu.be/vD34sD7KTNw

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Если присмотреться к моделькам местных зандаларов, то можно увидеть, что сапоги на них сидят более цивильно, нежели на их собратьях)

Осталось отыскать обутых дренея и таурена...

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Зул'Аман https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOn57z_shOE


Халаззи - НИП - World of Warcraft


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Halazzi the Lynx Avatar is one of the 4 "Animal" bosses before Hex Lord Malacrass and Zul'jin in the 10man raid instance Zul'Aman.Zul'Aman will be introduced in Patch 2.3.

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The last of the 4 Animal bosses in ZA.

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lewl i are newb

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(Copied from Elitist Jerks)

This boss has a tiny amount of hp, roughly 600k. This is a 2 phase encounter that rotates (similar to Nightbane) every 25%.

Phase 1 -He hits quite hard and also does a Mother Shahraz type of ability like Saber Lash that if it hits more than 1 person the damage received by each person is much less than if it were to hit only 1. Once you get him to 75 % he will go into phase 2.

Phase 2 -During this phase he will transform back into his Shaman form and spawn a Spirit of the Lynx that has approx 200k hp. Also during this phase he will drop a nasty totem known as: Corrupted Lightning Totem that does chain lightning for approx 5k, maybe some nat res is not a bad idea, but not a necessity. The last ability of this phase is a Flame Shock that he will do randomly to 1 target.

Basically tank and spank in phase 1. When phase 2 occurs, 1 tank stays on the Shaman and the other tank takes the Spirit. You need to dps down the Spirit as fast as possible so you will not stay in phase 2, too long because of the nasty totems.

Kill the totems when they spawn (similar to Tidvalas during the Fathom Lord Karathress encounter in SSC), cleanse people if needed. Rinse and repeat till dead.

Комментарий от docorpheus

SaberLash's damage currently is more than posted here. Last night our tank was hit by it for 18k+ when the off tank wasn't in position. Even when they were both in position it hit for roughly 7500 on each target. (after mitigation)

Can anyone confirm if Saberlash is bugged? Our off tank says he was in position and the tank was still taking 100% of the damage from it sometimes rather than it splitting as desgined. I think our second group in ZA said the same thing.

Also, can anyone confirm my suspicion that Flame Shock also has an Earth Shock like ability to interrupt spell casting and lock out that school for 2 seconds? That seemed to be the case when we fought him, but I've read nowhere that it should have an interrupt mechanic.

Комментарий от krawnight

Points of clarification--

1) Saber Lash is split between just two targets (logically the tank and the offtank). Since Halazzi does NOT do crushing blows, a feral druid is logically the best choice for main tank against this boss. They have the best chance of surviving a single-target Saber Lash do to their high health and armor if the OT doesn't get in position in time.

2) You do not kill the Spirit of the Lynx as at 10% Halazzi recalls it and continues fighting. You do want to burn it down as quickly as possible, however, when there aren't any totems up.

3) Halazzi has a 10-minute enrage timer. If he is very close to death, a raid can possibly still kill him if sufficiently spread out.

Комментарий от Kauroth

After killing him for the first time tonight I have this to suggest:

Don't kill the Spirit Of the Lynx, keep the DPS on Halazzi. This is the "test" of your DPS.

Since you'll be dealing with the Corrupted Lightning Totems as well as the Spirit of the Lynx with the boss, you have to keep Phase 2 as your "quick phase".

Burning Halazzi down to 20% will start up Phase 1 again.

During Phase 1 when there is only one target, the healing is a lot more intense, this should be the endurance portion of the battle. While this phase shouldn't last forever, you can give your DPS a bit more leeway

Have Mages and Shadow Priests Wand to regen Mana for Phase 2 as they will probably be on Totem and Cleanse Patrol.

During Phase 2 the healing "slows down" as you don't have to worry about Frenzy and Saberslash. If totems aren't dealt with quickly, they can take people out or at least give your healers a bit more work to do.

Have your DPS who have good burst damage be on Totem Duty. Have them create a simple target macro:

/target Corrupted

Or "/tar Corr" if they're lazy...

If you tank Halazzi right at the bottom of the "Green Square", you can have your healers spread out behind the tanks so they won't get hit by Chain Lighting too often.

We also found that by letting our ranged DPS stand at the far North end of the room (by the gong), and have them run behind a pillar and bandage, they could keep themselves up without having to be healed.

To sum up:

Phase 1 - Intense Healing on MT.

Phase 2 - Spread-Out Healing while focusing on MT.

Good luck.

Комментарий от Khakhan

HP:Halazzi - 600k HP (150k per phase)

Shaman Form - 240k HPSpirit of the Lynx - 200k HPCorrupted Lightning Totem(s) - ~9k

Phase 1 AbilitiesAbilities - Saber Lash: Hits the Tank & 1 other person standing in front of Halazzi (5yd range), Aggro is not a factor for the offtank, just positioning. Saber Lash hits a 17k armor Prot Warrior for ~8.5k . Frenzy - Greatly increases attack speed, Tranquilizing Shot-able.

Phase 2 AbilitiesCorrupted Lightning Totem: Casts a Chain Lightning that does about 2k per person. (2 sec cast). Flame Shock: 20-25yd Range, Random target, 4.5k Initial hit, 3k tick, Dispellable Earth Shock: 20-25yd Range, Random target, 4.5k dmg, interrupts casting.Flame Shock & Earth Shock do not share the same CD

Spirit of the Lynx - Bestial Wrath's periodically when within ~25 yds of Halazzi (Still doesn't do much damage).

ExplanationThere are 3 phases. They are defined by Halazzi's HP %. The first "Phase 1" ends when Halazzi gets to 75%. The first "Phase 2" ends when either the: Spirit of the Lynx gets to 10% or Halazzi's Shaman form gets to 20%. Then Halazzi will reappear with 75% HP and you repeat this till he reaches 25%, then he goes into phase 3. Phase 3 is just like Phase 1 except Halazzi will continue to drop "Corrrupted Lightning Totem."

Phase 1:Key: Keep both tanks alive. Make sure the tanks are DIRECTLY on top of eachother, not infront or behind or to the side. (Tauren range is an issue with this, if the MT is tauren and OT isn't then the OT must move slightly infront of the MT)

2 Tanks take the Saber Lash (~8.5k dmg each, ~5sec cooldown). Considerable healing is required. Tranq shot Frenzy, if possible.

Phase 2:Key: Kill "Corrupted Lightning Totem" quickly

DPS Macro/target corrupted

1 Tank stays on Halazzi, the Offtank picks up "Spirit of the Lynx" (spawns right next to him). DPS Order in this phase is: "Corrupted Lightning Totem" -> Halazzi Once Halazzi is at 20% the 2 will combine and Phase 1 starts again.

Healing notes: The raid will take a decent amount of damage in phase 2 but neither of the tanks get hit too hard, Dispel Flame Shock, make sure everyone has enough HP to live through an earth shock or flame shock (4.5k). Outrange the earthshock/flameshock if you can.

Комментарий от wowjaded

I've read so many conflicting reports (even from the posts above) on who to burn down in phase 2. Some say Troll some say Lynx...does it really matter? I've had good results burning down the Troll and keeping the Lynx offtanked...I'm told the Lynx has less health though which would mean less time in phase 2 less totems etc...

Is it really a matter of preference or is there an advantage to killing one over the other?

Комментарий от Phelia

The Frenzy can be removed with Tranquilizing Shot.

Комментарий от Nymrohd

We killed him quite smoothly by keeping all dps on the troll on both phases. And the troll seemed to go down far faster than the lynx did for us in phase 2. We were physical damage heavy (Rogue, Fury warrior, hunter) so maybe the troll has a lot less armor than the lynx? Otherwise it must be the troll with the smaller healthpool.Also bringing a hunter really helped us down him, he sometimes did two saberlashes right on top of each other during frenzy, plus the misdirection helped a lot with sending the spirit of the lynx to the offtank and not running to chew on a squishy.

Комментарий от Tarquinator

as you enter this bosses chamber you will find that there is a large urn in the corner on the right hand side when facing the boss, if you change the camera angle to look inside it you will find a bag which contains an additional loot reward, we have gotten 3 rings up to now so i guess its a different ring each time.

Комментарий от theagon


Комментарий от davidb70

9 million health ......WOW!!!!! more then illidan.

Комментарий от afhouston

The "Earth Shock" ability needs to be listed up there.

It catches many people by surprise. Hits for about 3,000 to 4,500 nature damage. Can easily kill people when it takes them by surprise

Комментарий от fluxie

i can only say it from our own fights, with a 18k armor warrior, and the offtank wassent close enough he got hit for 19679, very deadly (healed with my paladin)

as in split phase the choise should be on halazzi, tested it and he dies faster then the spirit cat

as for tanks amplify magic is a good ide, make it easier too keep em up, im a feral druid and survived an frenzy, when our hunter was dead, with the bonus to healing effects, and in the second phase tanks have enough health for shocks and totem, so they are not needed too remove amplify magic

Earth Shock is an ability he use, and it (from my experience) does not share cd with flame shock, had a mage get hit by flame shock, corrupt totem and earth shock all with in 1 second, took 11k dmg

Комментарий от Uglie

Phase 3:

Remember in the last 25%, its not the same phase 1, he puts up totems and shocks the raid, dont slack off on heals and DPS. Burn him down fast or you'll wipe.

Комментарий от Aifor

Just an fyi, you can outrange the schocks that he does. I believe it is the same range as a Shaman's shock so if there is one in your group use him/her as a marker. Also, the Frenzy that increases his attack speed by 150% can be removed with Tranquilizing Shot, the same one from MC.

Комментарий от Daigo

I went posting on the official forums regarding Saber Lash ignoring one of the tanks despite positioning and was told that the ability can bug against Tauren models. The proposed workaround was to use a shapeshifting ability like Savory Deviate Delight, which seemed to do the trick.

Also, it should be stated that Halazzi's Phase 1 lifebar is his "real" HP total. He has a separate lifebar for Phase 2 that starts at 100% each time the phase begins.

Комментарий от Aeoin

It's possible (at least for a druid tank) to solo tank both Halazzi and the Lynx spirit that spawns during phase two. Both targets are tauntable/can have bleeds (lacerate) applied to keep aggro on the Druid. I stacked Lacerates on both targets and mangled, and then pretty much Swiped continually, taking care to reapply bleeds and mangle or even taunt when necessary as one target was burned down, moving him into the next phase. We had a warrior tank and myself dual-tanking Halazzi to split the cleaves during our first couple of attempts (it took 4 tries to take him down at the end of the day), but eventually it was decided to experiment with a Druid tank with high dodge, hp and armor, and it turned out that it can actually allow the raid as a whole to focus more effectively. He dropped the leather healing chest which I received as part of my healing set :)

The strategies listed by others on this page are probably easier, but if you have solid focus heals and a strong Druid tank, you could consider this as an alternative. Our warrior slapped on his DPS gear instead and helped to take down totems, saving our healers a lot of grief during the more relaxed (as far as tanking is concerned) phase two of this fight.

Комментарий от SIRCronoS

I would like to make a few adjustments as of last night's intense wipeing has clarified some things.

In Normal Form (when the troll and lynx are combined, aka when you pick him up) the boss lists ~600k HP.I can confirm that the saberlash is split among the 2 tanks (hits for 9k-10k damage on a 17k armor tank) even if one of the tanks miss/parry/dodges. If both tanks do it... well... it's quite nice.

The boss also does 2 normal hits (with Main Hand and Offhand) which hit for 3k-3.5k (MH) and 1.6k-2k (OH) on MT.

So the MT will not only get the saber lash but also the normal hits. In one second (if you are that unlucky) you can receive up to 15k damage. So high avoidance is a must (I as a pala tank lasted with 2 dedicated healers on me until he enraged in phase 3). I have ~21.5% dodge, 16.7% parry and 517 defense. I sometimes used a trinket to increase dodge by ~8%. It helped me a lot in tight spots.

In Phase 2, when the boss splits into Troll and Lynx, the Troll has ~245k HP (not 400k as listed above) and the Lynx has ~200k HP.

The difference is also that when the Troll reached 20% they merge (so you have to burn down ~200k hp) and when the Lynx reaches 10% they merge (so you have to burn ~180k).

The upside of focusing on the troll though is that the Corrupted totems always spawn near the troll and not the Lynx. So it's easier for DPS to switch from boss to Totem and back than from the Totem to the Lynx.

Комментарий от Elqqura

Strategy from Bosskillershttp://www.bosskillers.com/cgi-bin/bbguild/index.cgi?action=view_guide&guide_id=247&sid=zWl9yy83UV

Video how tohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzWGP1k0AxY&feature=related

Комментарий от heatt

Is it just me or, There is no caster loot(mage,lock) since the Chestpiece drop has Spirit..I'm guessing us mages and locks have been owned :(

Комментарий от Ward5x5

Anyone got a screenshot of this bag of mysterious loot?

Комментарий от gjaxon

It was mentioned briefly in a post above, but it's worth repeating--you can outrange the corrupted lightning totems. If your group is having a hard time with the totems, try having Halazzi tanked near the entrance to his room with all ranged dps and healers in the back of the room by the gong. Then when he summons the lynx, have the offtank pick the lynx up and drag him the whole way back to the gong. From here, melee sticks to the lynx and range focuses on totems (dps the lynx when no totems are up). Then just have the off-tank take the lynx back to the main tank when he gets down near 30% hp so that the off-tank can absorb his half of the cleave (watch for totems at this point).

Doing this seems to make it so that only the tank on Halazzi is getting hit by the chain lightning, which is a heck of a lot easier to heal through than 4 people taking the damage.

Just stay at max dps/heal range during the lynx phase and your healers should have saved enough mana then to deal with healing through the totems from 25% to loot time.

*This may not be necessary and may be a waste of time for well-geared groups, but for those small, under-geared guilds out there--this should help significantly. This also answers the question as to who to dps: the lynx or Halazzi?

Комментарий от Sharro

I came up with a great macro for mages in this fight.

/cast Frostbolt; Frostbolt

Simply make that macro and target halazzi and you will automatically attack the totem without switching targets.

All other casters can just change Frostbolt to whatever spell you plan on spamming.

Hope this helps!

Комментарий от Triden

As of 02/16/2008 he performs an instant cast spell named "Transfigure" when he switches from phase 1 to phase 2 that hits the raid for approximately 4250 nature damage (approximately 3750 on a prot warrior with the spell damage reduction talent). Confirmed that this does not occur when switching from phase 2 to phase 1. Rogues can Cloak of Shadows through it to avoid taking damage.

Комментарий от YaKenok

Saber Lash consist of 2 parts, every part doing around 6.5-7k damage on 30k armor. Every part CAN be dodged!So Halazzi and hes spirit can be solo tanked by feral druid with 30k+ armor 55%+ dodge and around 20k HP buffed. Also I reccomend use same +dodge trinkets whe hes going frenzy if u don`t have a hunter in group.

Комментарий от 1qazse4

i coudnt have not notice u put it at 8.900.000 hp it has 600.000 hp and 3 split phases per 25% hp loss to 2 mobs 1 with 230.000 and 1 with 240.000 and when either split mob reach 20% halazzi will merge and return to his hp when he as split (450k 300k 150k) so in sub total if ur team focus on the 230.000 hp allways he has in total600.000+230.000X3X0.8 = 1.152.000 isnt it abit presumptous to put a 10 man raid boss at an hp no raid boss including 25man has?

Комментарий от MMrrTT

If there's only one MT and he's got 17k armor, then he will receive ~8,5k damage or about 17k? In description of the ability it's written in does 12k damage - is it unmitigated, like base damage, which can be reduced by armor or smth? It's possible to block/dodge/parry Saber Lash?

Комментарий от fireballz

6.6 mil. health??? thats like 6x the others

Комментарий от Thrabone

the key this fight is to have enough heals and Hunters got to do Tranq shot on him when he dose his frenzy and Dispell the Flame Shocks

Комментарий от Nekronosis

He can be disarmed in both his forms. The key is to make your warrior time his disarm AFTER a Saber Lash. I personally have NEVER seen him do an saber lash while disarmed.

Seriously, Disarm HIGHLY cripples this boss, reduces dmg on MT, and thereby saves mana for the healers.

Комментарий от jj9wow


Two free badges and maybe some gear!

During this fight make sure the tanks stack up on each other to share the saber lash ability or you will die. When he summons the spirit of the lynx have the pally tank or MT pick it up as it is harder to tank than the boss... I have noticed he loves to resist taunt so have a hunter MD if needed. Just dps halazzi the whole fight the despawns the spirit of the lynx...


Just follow these simple instructions and you will get a few badges for 2min work!

Good luck... Excuse me I mean lucky you on the free badges

Комментарий от rhoark

Some people get confused by Halazzi's health bar. When he hits each 25% mark and switches forms, he appears to heal back up, but his humanoid form hp drops quickly, and he switches back when the humanoid form hp is around 25%. When he's back in lynx form, he once again displays his true hp.

Saber lash doesn't have an official cooldown, but I've never seen him do it anywhere close to back to back. So, while he can suddenly take off a big chuck of health with the lash, his unimpressive regular melee is not likely to back up that lash with enough damage to finish off a tank unless healers are under mana pressure. Having a hunter for tranq shot is definitely optional for a t5 tank.

Комментарий от Oriossis

i can confirm that he IS solo tankable. on the second shift at 50% my OT was wasted by a lighting, flame shock, and saber lash crit. we thought it was a wipe, but i grabbed both mobs and got overhealed by all the healers. to sum it up, i was finished off when he was at 3% and he died with two people still up.

we by no means out gear him, im a feral in full t4/badge gear. we do have za on farm, so we at least know what we were doing

Комментарий от torkel

He looks more like a hamster than a lynx imo.

Комментарий от Phounus

Just a quick note to all you progression raids out there:If you're having trouble on this fight I really suggest switching a DPS to a healer. In my guild we do have ZA on farm but was doing a "boost run" to gear up some peeps. We had some major difficulties here and went down before 50% many times. I switched to my priest and gave us a minor healing boost and we took him down directly, without any problems at all.

Комментарий от Xchange

I found this macro to be extremely useful while off-tanking the lynx. This will prevent you from having to chase him down if a healer or dps-er pulls agro the instant he spawns. It's also referenced on wowwiki.com.

When he is about to split, he will say "I fight wit' untamed spirit.." ... then just spam this until you pick up the lynx:

/cleartarget/targetexact Spirit of the Lynx/cast Growl/target Halazzi

Комментарий от Evandar

Hunters role during this fight:1. Save MD for a bit later2. Use Tranquilizing Shot when Halazzi Frenzy.3. MD on Offtank when Halazzi summons linx spirit (at 75% hp)4. Kill fast totems that boss drops during his troll form. (Lightning Totem.5. Use Tranquilizing Shot when the linx spirit Linx Flurry

Two good macros for this fight:/cast Misdirectionand/target Corrupted to find quickly the totem/target Spirit Linx to fast dispell enrage/target Halazzi to fast dispell frenzy if needed

Hunter's Guide in Zul'Aman - video Not made by me.

Комментарий от Mattimo

This guy looks like a frickn rabbit roflmao

Комментарий от Thae

As of 3.0, the new rogue Anesthetic Poison works to remove Halazzi's Enrage effect.

Комментарий от Mecantar

Does anyone know what he's muttering when he dies? It's very hard to hear :l

Комментарий от Zaleindris

2 man'd him today. Me (Prot Pally) tanked and had a mage sit there and DPS the totems. At 80, this fight is a joke, his cleave attack misses 90% of the time.....the other 10%, make sure to have SS up.

Комментарий от Kualun

Killled by a hunter/prot paladin combo.Paladin stands with the tankpet just anywhere where you think its ok to tank this kitty :DImportant: Use your blockset. Hunter should dps and switch QUICK to the totems and dispellhis enrage with tranq shot. See, your only problem are the totems, as they WILL kill the hunter if he is too slow at switching. Dead hunter => dead paladin shortly after (enrage hurts!)

Комментарий от Sunlar

'You can't fight da power!' -> Imba quote :)

Комментарий от Chaoscrusader666

Tried soloing as a prot pally... Devo aura up for his Phase 1, and flame res aura for P2. It's VITAL to dispel his flame shock off yourself, or the ticks will hurt (2.5k ish a tick). Everything was goin good until I saw him turn red and get HUGE... Turns out he has a 10 minute berzerk timer.

Halazzi yells: "Whatchoo been doin', pacin' yourselves?"

Комментарий от IsWindy

Soloed as a prot paladin (icc/toc 25 gear).Keep holy shield and sacred shield up. Use judgement of light to heal yourself and back it up with seal of light when needed.Cleanse the flame shock, destroy the totems (they stack up otherwise) and get out of the duo phases(lynx+troll) as fast as you can.In last phase do as much damage as you can(save mana potion for this) and continue to get rid of totems. I did not reach the enrage timer but feel free to use flask/food/replace trinket if you have issues.

Комментарий от KandyCane

As a Protection Paladin, I honestly found this to be the second easiest boss to solo.

You do NOT have to destroy the Lightning Totems at any point, despite what so many claim. At first I tried to destroy them, but I couldn't keep up with the spawn time(they spawned about 5 seconds after I killed one), so I decided to kite the boss around the room.

It turns out that if you kite him just outside the range of the totem, you'll be able to move him around the room, with totems despawning after the fourth-fifth cast. This made the fight extremely easy, and a push-over compared to Nalorakk and Akil'zon.

EDIT: The only real danger is his Saber Lash ability. I just kept Seal of Light up during phase 1 after the first transition(burned him down with Vengeance at the pull). I never at any point got dangerously close to death, had to use Divine Shield or anything like that. The only consumable I used was the Tanking Charm from the Hex Sticks.

Second edit: This was done in mainly Icecrown 10 gear, some lesser pieces and a few Emblems of Frost and crafted Icecrown pieces, no drops from any 25-man.

Third edit! Pretty editting

Last edit! I did NOT have any troubles with the enrage timer using this strategy. He died after about 7 minutes of combat.

Комментарий от Uroon

For anyone standing outside a closed gate, trying to work out how to get in to him - you're at the wrong entrance. Head east, around the fallen tree and back to the east side of his room - there you will find an open door.

Комментарий от Skorpion9x

Soloed easily on my Feral Druid in mostly 264 tank gear with a few 277s. I used the kiting strategy mentioned by previous posters.

Комментарий от Nobbel

In Cataclysm he can very easily be done solo:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f-5Skuylwa4

Комментарий от Corehoundhunter

Dont FD as a hunter solo when he splits becuase the spirit disapears and then the troll becomes invincible.

Комментарий от Draugir

Easily soloed as a level 85 balance druid, in 361 ilvl gear. I stayed in solar eclipse the entire time, and kept hots on myself the entire time. He does somewhat high damage, but it's consistent and he doesn't have all that much health - around 700k total including the split phases.

Комментарий от DELallmartyrs

Soloed as a 85 Enhancement Shaman in ilvl 361 gear, using 4pc PvP for increased Maelstrom procs.Moving him to avoid the Lightning Totem helps but it isn't necessary unless he has several of them up at the same time. Use MW procs to heal, kill, probably the most durable of all bosses.

Комментарий от Ketho

  • Get on ya knees and bow.... to da fang and claw!/run PlaySoundFile("Sound\\creature\\Halazzi\\HalazziAggro.ogg")
  • You can't fight da power!/run PlaySoundFile("Sound\\creature\\Halazzi\\HalazziSlay01.ogg")
  • Ya all gonna fail!/run PlaySoundFile("Sound\\creature\\Halazzi\\HalazziSlay02.ogg")
  • Me gonna carve ya now!/run PlaySoundFile("Sound\\creature\\Halazzi\\HalazziMelee01.ogg")
  • You gonna leave in pieces!/run PlaySoundFile("Sound\\creature\\Halazzi\\HalazziMelee02.ogg")
  • I fight wit' untamed spirit..../run PlaySoundFile("Sound\\creature\\Halazzi\\HalazziSplit.ogg")
  • Spirit, come back to me!/run PlaySoundFile("Sound\\creature\\Halazzi\\HalazziCombine.ogg")
  • ?/run PlaySoundFile("Sound\\creature\\Halazzi\\HalazziBerserk.ogg")
  • Chaga... choka'jinn./run PlaySoundFile("Sound\\creature\\Halazzi\\HalazziDeath.ogg")

-- Оскверненный тотем молний97494     SPELL_CAST_START, SPELL_DAMAGE

-- Оскверненный тотем воды97502   Освежающий поток   SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS, SPELL_AURA_APPLIED97505   Освежающий поток   SPELL_HEAL, SPELL_ENERGIZE


Комментарий от Pledioch

Halazzi seems to be the same fight at 85 that he was at 70.

He still has all of his old abilities, but he also summons a Refreshing Water Totem with 100,000 health that gives 5% health and mana back to Halazzi every 2 seconds, but we realized you can just move the boss away from the totem's green circle on the ground and it won't heal him, but we still killed the totems anyway.

The lynx will still completely mess you up if you're a mage like me, but our rogue and DK didn't have too much trouble taking hits from him. Good luck!

Комментарий от Servian

In 4.0.6 you focus on the Lynx when it spawns and kill the totems that come up. The Lynx can't be taunted when it enrages.

Комментарий от cywang86

Drag boss away from Оскверненный тотем воды, you can start moving when he starts casting.Kill Оскверненный тотем молний.Taunt Дух рыси when it's summoned.

Keep in mind the water totem works for party. Ranged stand under it to help the healer and the 5% mana per 2 should make this really easy.

Rest is tank and spank.

Комментарий от tenduramax2

There is no need to focus on the Lynx. It will beat on random players, just ignore and heal thru it. When the Lynx spawns you'll notice that both he and Halazzi's HP will be at 2 million. Just continue to DPS the boss and when his health reaches 0 the Lynx will despawn. Rinse and repeat one more time and you win.

Комментарий от ncbase

Kite him out of the healing aoe if you have trouble. Problem solved. Thank me.

Комментарий от Sumthing

Rather than destroying the Water Totem, I'd suggest keeping it up.If you stand in the green circle, you get healed, much like in Vortex Pinnacle. This reduces the strain on the healer, and as ranged (and a bit of smart positioning melee) you can spend all your time in this circle and focus on the Lightning Totem and then boss instead.

Комментарий от Neanoa

As of 4.1 I'd recommend this method to kill the boss:

Tank moves Halazzi away from Освежающий поток. No one should dps this totem, but rather have all the ranged/healer step into the green area of it. This makes the lynx-phase a lot easier to deal with.

Once the lynx-phase starts, dps'ers continue to focus only on the boss (and ). The ranged should already be standing in the green circle from Освежающий поток and optionally if a melee dps is focused by the Lynx he/she can move into the green effect aswell. Besides that people can ignore the Lynx.

This strategy worked like a charm and made this boss a breeze.

PS: Note that the lynx is stunnable and tauntable (for a few seconds) when not enraged.

Комментарий от Agetro

Will the water totem heal the Boss during the Lynx Phase, or does it despawn by then? Wouldn't be good if it goes after a person that's standing in the water totem, would it?

Комментарий от serloin


He has 2 phases:

Phase 1. he will cast a Water Totem that has significant health and displays a green healing circle similar to the dragon in VP.

Tank needs to be aware of the cast bar as these heal for a good amount. Tank kites the boss out of range of the totems. Have DPS/Healer stand in the healing circle for high mana regen. Don't waste dps killing the healing totem unless the tank (fails &) boxes himself into a corner.

Phase 2. A lynx add will spawn. The add will fixate on a party member and is unable to be tanked. All DPS need to focus this down asap.

The boss also drops a corrupted lightning totem which casts chain-lightning & hits for decent damage. A shield slam crit, or revenge+heroic strike is enough to kill it so you don't have DPS swap off the ADD, simply have your tank deal with it.

When phase 2 ends, phase 1 restarts.

Комментарий от Parrky

Take note, players have been reporting nausea from the horrible voice acting of this encounter.

Комментарий от Psychedelia

For 4.1 patchRanged dps stay near water totem and tank move him out them. DPS the lighting totem, and if possible ignore the lynx add.

Комментарий от Seahenar

For any Death Knights out there, you can use Dark Simulacrum on his Flame Shock for a nice 25k dot.

Комментарий от LeminaAusa

If you're an arcane mage, sit in the water totem, spam arcane blast (and only arcane blast) and laugh at your 1 button dps numbers.

Комментарий от Jaromor

Am I the only one who can't make any targeting macro work for the Corrupted Lightning Totem?

/target Corrupted/target Corrupted Lightning Totem/targetexact Corrupted Lightning Totem

...none of the above seem to work.

Комментарий от photos

ok tanks, try this; when he drops water totem kite him out as you should but go some distance then run back in to the healing circle yourself. Now he will be outside the healing ring and you will benefit from the regeneration, greatly nerfing his offense. Ignore the cat, burn him till he recalls it and repeat.

This can be the easiest fight in the instance.

Комментарий от PrairieChicken

It's pretty impossible to end the fight NOT in full mana, unless your party does not destroy the lightning totems. The mana regen from water is just insane(Arcane mages could also spam Arcane Blast, and remain in full mana the entire combat).

Комментарий от Souldead

For all the tanks out there, you can easily guide yourself on the edge of the Water Totem range and keeping him out by using the walk key to move yourself there.

The amount of distance he covers when you aren't on running speed is drastically reduced, and you won't have the effect of him standing right on top of you.

Комментарий от LiquidNeon

Well i was having fun soloing ZA as a 487 Destruction Warlock until i hit Hallazi who wtfpwned me into the ground.

However with some trial & error heres how i did it:

P1: Voidy tank & spank using "Move To" each time a water totem spawned to pull boss outside of green circle (beware its slightly larger than the graphic). My voidy died twice, dont bother trying to health funnel him its easier to use Flame of Xoroth and repop him then quickly taunt.

P2(Spirit): Stood on very edge of water totems left from P1, Voidy tanked boss i tanked spirit (Spirit obviously outside of water totem range but im inside it getting some extra healing). Nuked the living crap out of spirit, might wanna save DPS CD's for this bit. Used Fel Flame or instant Incinerates to drop the lightning totems. If all water totems de-spawned before spirit was dead i used Sacrificial Pact & Unending Resolve until spirit merged.

P1 is annoying due to the constant having to move of the pet but P2 is seriously rough. Healthstones saved my life twice so dont forget them.

Total Time to Kill: 5mins 21sec (He also got a fair bit of healing due to slow moving from totem range)DPS: 53'942

This is not an easy fight as a clothie so be prepared to wipe a few times. Hunters however will probably lol at it (i hate hunters!).

Also i missed the Timed run due to this guy.....had 9 mins left on 1st try too :(

Комментарий от Nobbel

How to: Solo Zul'Aman & Zul'Gurub Heroic in Mists of Pandaria. Also includes the achievements.http://youtu.be/fzmR5JiNQmo

Комментарий от sidelsky18

A strange thing happened to me a friend last night. We were doing a timed Zul'Aman run and killed Halazzi with 13 minutes left after freeing the first 3 scouts.

We even got the achievement for not killing his totems.

Except... the doors of his room never unlocked. And the scout (Kasha) in his room had the dialogue as if we hadn't killed Halazzi yet. We trying dropping group and going back in, but the doors to his room were still shut.

Комментарий от Sandwalker

Twice now (today and yesterday), my party killed Halazzi quickly, to find that the doors remain shut. I'm wondering if he has to be killed a bit slower in order to transition through all his phases first. The first time, two of my party had Жертвенный кинжал Ра'ши on them, so they used it to kill themselves, and rez outside to summon the rest of us. This time it was just a three-man party, with no dagger. So we had to hearth out, and return to finish the rest of the dungeon.

In future, I'll try to get Halazzi killed a bit slower to see if that's a viable workaround for being trapped.

Комментарий от Hazgard2099

i realize this is realize this is quite old, but my wife and I tried this tonight...He now has over 4 million health. He drops his healing totems quite often, and with that we were unable to drop his health below 3m. We never saw any lightning totems, nor any other phases. Maybe the lightning totems were taken out, or taken out of the 1st phase anyway.


Ездовое животное аманийский боевой медведь

Даже самый опытный пользователь не сумеет перечислить список всех ездовых животных в игре World Of Warcraft. Он сумеет назвать только часть из добытых им средств передвижения, и это счастье, если в этом списке будет аманийский боевой медведь. На данный момент маунт считается одним из самых красивых в игре, если учитывать только категорию наземных. Игроки охотятся за ним целыми днями, но на самом деле способ добычи его намного проще.

Значение ездовых животных

Средства передвижения в "Вакрафте" еще называют маунтами. Если посмотреть, насколько огромна карта "ВоВ", то невольно понимаешь, что без них передвижение будет длиться часами. Разработчики самой популярной онлайн-игры почти полностью отказались от системы телепортов. Они есть только в столицах к пяти локациям, но это не улучшает ситуацию. По карте передвигаются персонажи только верхом на собственных зверях. Наземные животные, такие как аманийский боевой медведь, увеличивают скорость на 60 и 100 %, в зависимости от прокачки навыка верховой езды. В полете эти цифры значительно увеличиваются.аманийский боевой медведь

Описание маунта

Аманийский боевой медведь использовался зул'аманским кланом троллей для нападений на врага и обороны владений задолго до прихода орков в Азерот. Животные верно служили хозяевам, а те считали их своими друзьями. Со временем племя почти полностью было истреблено, а в эпоху Катаклизма они выступили на стороне Смертокрыла. Именно потому разработчики ввели подземелье Зул'аман для пяти человек, где и падет маунт аманийский боевой медведь. Этот гризли внушительных размеров с легкостью переносит на себе персонажа даже в латных доспехах. На нем деревянная броня, которая бывает двух цветов: красного и фиолетового. Животное выделяется среди других интересной анимацией передвижения, издает грозный рык и устрашает видом. Опытный знаток истории "Варкрафта" сразу узнает в нем ездовое животное троллей, по символам на броне и ее внешнему виду, похожему на тотемы троллей.

аманийский боевой медведь как получить

Описание подземелья

Перед походом за маунтом стоит знать, с чем придется столкнуться в инстансе Зул'аман и стоит ли того аманийский боевой медведь. Как получить место расположения этого данжа, сможет рассказать любой пользователь, который начал свой путь не позже дополнения "Катаклизм". Для начала стоит войти в локацию "Призрачные Земли" и двигаться строго на восток. Вход будет прямо за огромной лестницей. Перед игроком возникнет целая локация со свободным передвижением без линейных коридоров. Дабы аманийский боевой медведь оказался в кармане персонажа, необходимо убить шесть боссов. Сделать это можно самостоятельно, но требуется персонаж не ниже 100-го уровня и экипировка 620-го уровня. Таковы условия для комфортного получения маунта с первой попытки.карта вов

Общие советы

В первую очередь игрок должен помнить, что данное ездовое животное появится только в том случае, если убить шесть боссов в героическом режиме сложности меньше чем за 25 минут. При входе стоит сразу повернуть направо и убить двух главных троллей на возвышениях. Дальше возвращайтесь к входу и передвигайтесь к левой стороне. Там тоже стоит такое же количество боссов. После этого откроются ворота к пятому противнику. Если ваш персонаж 100-го уровня, то проблем с зачисткой не возникнет, и убийство будет длиться пару секунд. Дальше по мосту проходите к последнему боссу и уничтожайте его. После этого освобожденный из плена тролль Кайша начнет разбивать вазы в помещении, а из одной из них упадет Сумка Кайши. В ней вы обнаружите такой предмет, как аманийский боевой медведь. После активации ездовое животное добавится в коллекцию к другим и станет доступным для выбора. Этого маунта часто выбирают для передвижения на боевых полях, чтобы впечатлить врага.


Ботаническая сумка Микаа - Предмет


Комментарий от sdkphoenix

About time herbalists get some love! We've needed this for a long time now.

Комментарий от flyingtoastr

The previous specialty herbalism bag, Satchel of Cenarius, was both smaller than the other profession specialty bags (Spellfire Bag for Enchanting and Reinforced Mining Bag for Mining for example) and required an old world rep (Cenarion Circle) that is no longer widely available for the pattern. The addition of this pattern will make large Herbalism specific bags much easier to obtain, though the mats are still somewhat expensive.

An excellent addition which begs the question of whether some of the other professions that do not have 28-slot specialty bags (Jewelcrafting and Skinning for example) will have them patched in as well.

Комментарий от Coag

New Herb Bag added in 2.4.3Recipe requires Revered with Sporeggar.


Комментарий от Anseloth

do we know yet how much rep one needs to be able to learn to make this bag?

Комментарий от wbig

As far as i can tell this item never made it into the game.

Комментарий от TheInfamousSpamr

That's not what "begging the question" means. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Begging_the_question

Комментарий от Zurr

Should be selling in the AH for around 250-300g when this bag goes live.

Комментарий от Twan

These don't seem Unique-Euipped... goody goody!

Комментарий от DrPancake

I hate blizzard sometimes. The mining 28 slot bag takes some common leather and primal earth, while this takes Primal Mooncloth and Fel Lotus?!?!?!?!?

I mean, it's great that they added this after a year, but couldn't they make it a little more even? >.>

Комментарий от bensam123

So, what you're saying, is because we were screwed at the begining we should be screwed till the end of time cause that's the way it is?

Parent post is valid and your post is quite skewed towards conformism.

Комментарий от bensam123

He's not comparing it to it's predacessor, he's comparing it to all the other 28 slot bags that are easily and cheaply obtainable for other professions.

Комментарий от bensam123

The point of all my posts is what you're saying in now way relates to what he is saying; yet you are somehow trying to argue his point. That's called a strawman argument.

I'm not the only one rating you down. Perhaps if you weren't actually trying to argue his point you shouldn't have replied to his post, much in the same way the first post stated that this new bag is superior to the old one.

If you're looking at cheap bags - engineering also has a cheap 28 slot bag. Relatively speaking, alchemy no longer makes nearly as much money as enchanting, let alone mining, so why should the bags be so expensive?

Комментарий от bensam123

The point of all my posts is what you're saying in now way relates to what he is saying; yet you are somehow trying to argue his point. That's called a strawman argument.

I'm not the only one rating you down. Perhaps if you weren't actually trying to argue his point you shouldn't have replied to his post, much in the same way the first post stated that this new bag is superior to the old one.

If you're looking at cheap bags - engineering also has a cheap 28 slot bag. Relatively speaking, alchemy no longer makes nearly as much money as enchanting, let alone mining, so why should the bags be so expensive?

Комментарий от hoing69

Last I checked, herbalism made enough money to cover the costs. What this game needs is a little more leather working/skinning love.

Комментарий от Blyth

The 24 slot Satchel Of Cenaris will still hold a place on most realms as it will still still for 80g to 130g which will still be about half the price of the 28 slot Mycah's Botanical Bag.

Great to see this bag become available though.

Комментарий от Vilkacis

I disagree Blyth, With gold being so abbundent now meerly doing one set of dailies will net you enough Gold to buy one of these bags, And any 70 herby who is rolling without one is just plain dumb. Actually if you dont have at least 20 slotter regular bags and the Big 28 slot Profession bags this late in the game, your doing something seriously wrong.

Комментарий от Pokin

"Herb bags can now hold Un'goro Soil and Evergreen Pouches." as of Patch 2.4.3

Комментарий от rhoark

Even if you aren't short on space, herb bags have the advantage of helping keep your inventory organized, as picked herbs automatically go in the herb bag.

Based on the cost of materials, the average price of Mycah's bag should be 160g. Sporegaar rep is easy enough that it shouldn't command a large premium.

Комментарий от berklee555

Total base mats needed for this bag:

72 Netherweave8 Arcane Dust40 Mote of Life (4 Primal Life)40 Mote of Water (4 Primal Water)2 Fel Lotus

Комментарий от Warrok

Leveraging Mooncloth specialication the required materials look like this:
  • 36 Netherweave Cloth
  • 4 Arcane Dust
  • 20 Mote of Life (2 Primal Life)
  • 20 Mote of Water (2 Primal Water)
  • 2 Fel Lotus

On a side note, if one wants to get this bag as soon as the patch hits live, you can get your Mooncloth tailors now to create the Primal Mooncloth so you won't have to wait for cooldowns.

Комментарий от Shwaffle

Given the amount of time that 28 slot bags will last, this is VERY worth the money for it. 9/10 it's going to be cheaper to buy the mats than it is to buy the bag. (Spent 240g on the mats, bags are selling for 400g+)

For those of you that didn't get the mats before the patch, when they were most likely lower; I'd say wait a week or so for the prices to level out.

(On my server)PMC Day before the patch: 40g - Day of: 75gThe Fel Lotus didn't change prices.

Комментарий от Whillow

Picked this up this morning. At last being exalted with Sporeggar for all those months finally paid off!

The average price for PMC on Aggramar (EU) is about 60g each.

Комментарий от phosphorus

This item is very much worth it if you are a herbalist. It is about time they released a 28-slot bag for herbalism. All I had to do was buy primal mooncloths and find a tailor because I had already gathered some fel lotus'. The primal mooncloths were going for around 55g on my server. (Feathermoon) You may want to gather your own mats for those as well if you think it will be cheaper.

Комментарий от shanthia

I bought 3 of these for my bank alt to fill up on herbs before wrath hits. Cost me about 900g total.

Stupid me, I just now realized that I could have just created another alt and mailed the herbs back and forth for a much smaller sum of money. The mail is 60c/slot/60days, or just 60c/slot, since I won't be holding on to these for more than a month, which is compared to 10.7gold per slot for the bag (300g/bag).

So, if your plan is long-term storage, don't buy these bags, but instead use the mailbox.

Комментарий от sinaraine

wtb wotlk version of herb bag, 32 slots please.

Комментарий от Arando

These are still the largest bags available for Herbalism, and with the cost of Primal Water and Life dropping like a stone, it is fairly decent to use these as a way to get some skill points. I had a bunch of primal mooncloth sitting around, and got an easy 12 skill points out of these bags that are fairly good sellers that have made me about 4k gold. In fact, I'm still selling Satchels of Cenarius as well; not many people bother to make Herb bags.

Just don't flood the market with them all at once or people will get wise to the otherwise hidden market!

Комментарий от gasillio

3.1 is adding a new herb bag requiring Revered reputation with the faction of walruses named The Kalu'ak. They can be found in Howling Fjord, Borean Tundra, and Dragonblight. Each zone has one daily worth 500rep. So its 1500rep a day, this bag will be an easy pattern to recieve.

Комментарий от kyu55s

Emerald Bag indeed

Комментарий от TXtobes

Do people use this more as a bank tool or actually carry it with them for herbs on the fly?

Комментарий от the8thark

Something I just worked out by sheer co-incidence now.

A Mycah's Botanical Bag can be stored inside another Mycah's Botanical Bag. Maybe all profession bags can be stored inside their same bags. I dunno why anyone would want to do this. But there you go I just learnt something now.


And to answer the above question. Both. As I have 2 profession bags (one in bank and one in use on toon) for my enchanter and herbalist/Inscriptor. If I didn't I'd be making too many bank runs to store mats to a bank that would have no place to store the mats.


У меня "Большущая" сумка! - Достижение


Комментарий от IrishHero

Sold by Haris Pilton in Worlds End Tavern in Shattrath, Lower City for 1200 gold.

Комментарий от Baraqiel

Definetely the best name for an achievement. Ever.

Комментарий от Benegesserit

I'm going to buy a sack just to get this achievement. Especially if they remove these bags in the expansion for a cheaper tailoring alternative.

Комментарий от Zaphiroth

Achievment to spend money. Prob to lower the realms economics!

Комментарий от Yamanaka

And here is the new money sink of WoTLK.

Have fun spending your money on something useless!

Комментарий от themrb

This might actually be less useless than other comments have suggested.

To compare the bag difference previously:pre-BC bags - 14 easy to get, 16 more expensive but avaliable, 18 difficult to getBC bags - 16 easy to get, 18 more expensive but avaliable, 20 difficult to get - 22 VERY EXPENSIVESpeculation for wotlk - 18 easy to get, 20 more expensive but avalible, 22 difficult to get, possible 24 very expensive

Because of this, I'm guessing that 22 slot bags will still be the best if not one of the best in WotLK. Whilst this may be expensive currently, this will last you at WotLK, unlike most other things.

The other thing is that WotLK will undoubtedly cause inflation due to endgame economics. 1200g will be worth less in WotLK in terms of what it can buy, because normal quests will give more money etc. Because of this, 1200g might not be all that much in WotLK, making these bags more affordable.

Комментарий от llcoolsaj

Paris Hilton loves big "sacks" ^_^

Комментарий от Malaise

There's always the chance that they reduce the price of the bag.

Probably not, though, considering it would lower the bar with this achievement.

Комментарий от pobblebonk

I started playing the Beta after the latest build and it's not detecting my Gigantique Bag.

Комментарий от Chronalis

They should add another one:

"I emptied my sack"You have no items in your gigantique bag.

Or:"Bag, Crack and sack"You have only one bag and your backpack equipped and no items in either.

Комментарий от smack80

I bought this on the PTR today and it gave me the achievement just for buying it. It wasn't soulbound yet. I could have mailed it to an alt, equipped it on her, and got 2 achievements for the price of one.

Комментарий от doown

Basically you have to have the Haris Pilton's Bag in one of your bags for this to complete.

Комментарий от BurningStick

You might buy a Traveler's Tundra Mammoth (http://wotlk.wowhead.com/?item=44234) for 15.000g :D

Edit: I think they set the price up to 20.000 without Rep. discount.

Комментарий от Fatoftheland


Комментарий от john14

The tailor 22 slotter is the http://wotlk.wowhead.com/?item=41600 and the 20 is the http://wotlk.wowhead.com/?spell=56007

Комментарий от AusSpyder

As of live you have to EQUIP the bag to get the achievement, purchasing isn't enoughI say this cause on PTR you used to be able to buy it and trade it to all your toons to get the acheivement

Комментарий от SilentPanda

I purchased the bag today (live) and got the achievement. I mailed it to an alt (wasn't souldbound) but he did not get the achievement. Equipping it to him may have given him the achievement but I didn't try that.

Комментарий от temu92

That bag is BoE and archievement points that bag need to be equipped to archieve this. So you are lying.

Комментарий от Mumpley

Whoa this goes against Blizzard's Terms of Use Policy. *Rolls Eyes*

Комментарий от Redspike

Here's how you can get the achievement by playing pass-around:

Make sure your backpack is FULL. Have someone pass you the Gigantique Bag.

When you receive the item, it must go into a bag OTHER than your backpack.

Комментарий от VanCleef

This is not true, just buying the bag is enough to get the achievement even on live servers.

Комментарий от Thorra

Confirmed, having a full backpack worked for me on 3 characters.

Комментарий от Totemator

This is bugged right now. For some reason, certain people can get the achievement just by having the bag in your inventory even though it says you have to equip it. A few friends of mine were trading it between each other and most of them got the achievement, though a couple didn't. This will probably be fixed, not sure if people who did this will have the achievement revoked though.

Комментарий от Icecoldcoke

The proto-drakes are level 80 mounts, that require maximum riding skill, and are a 280% speed mount.

They are not any faster than a level 70 epic mount, they just look cooler.

Комментарий от Yennziuu

Also the most perverted achevment name. hehe

Комментарий от lastbornnobody

What else are you going to spend your money on if you dont have to purchase a new mount skill :)

Well technically you don't have to purchase a new mount skill but it makes life way easier to get Cold Weather Flying (http://www.wowhead.com/?spell=54197) at lvl 77 for 1000g, rather than having to always use your ground mount in northrend.

Комментарий от banditb17

Confirmed confirmation, my guilds sacks are gigantique

Комментарий от Esre

On the 3.0.8 PTR, you need to equip the bag to get the achievement.

/target blizzard/shakesfist

Комментарий от Mechanical

Getting achievement through pass around has been fixed in patch 3.08.

Комментарий от Ign0tus

Linking this using the "Link" button here on wowhead caused me to get disconnected from the server. I guess you can't link an achievement you haven't completed, or at least I can't link this one.

Комментарий от Ign0tus

Linking this using the "Link" button here on wowhead caused me to get disconnected from the server. I guess you can't link an achievement you haven't completed, or at least I can't link this one.

Комментарий от mrlag

Can i buy the bag, get the achievement and resell it within the 2hours-time?

Комментарий от krazymankellogg

No you can't. The resell value of the bag is 10g.

Комментарий от ivalius

I got two of these already guess whats in the middle.....

Комментарий от bisonbarsinc

Has anyone tried buying the bag, equipping it, then selling it back to the vendor for a refund?

Комментарий от Inchez

hehe ppl say this all the time in trade (inc me):your mum said my sack is guiantuiqe

but they link the achiv tho :P

Комментарий от Gullwings

Not true. I bought the bag and didn't get the achievement and upon this shock I also found out the bag is BoE and put it on the AH for 10K. I hope someone buys it...

Комментарий от alexko9

i didnt know paris hilton had a gigantique sack...

Комментарий от darthfusion

They should change this Achievement to include the Portable Hole

Комментарий от bobthemagician

Why, yes. Yes it is!

Комментарий от minut1

I would betta keep the money until i can buy an Portable Hole than the ginatique bag

Комментарий от santozji

The name must be inspired from artist named "Paris Hilton"....read carefully....=)

Комментарий от drchenoz

Portable hole is more fitting for her.

Комментарий от Belania

Trampy socialite, yes. Artist? Not hardly...

Комментарий от WeirDave

Coordinates are 75.5 30.5 for Haris Pilton

"Gigantique" BagWith Bartering it sells for 1080gBinds when equipped22 slot bag

Комментарий от Olessar

stupid americans!)))) must die! :DD

Комментарий от Mitlyn

Updated,with Bartering Gigantique sack costs 1080g

Комментарий от Rice721

In order to earn this achievement the bag must be equipped on you. Won't work if you equip it in bank.

Комментарий от lms201133

with account achievements, purchasing this bag once seems a lot less damaging to my "wallet"


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