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Сумка из ткани Пустоты - Предмет


Комментарий от enodda

Total mats needed:20 Netherweave Cloth2 Rune Thread

Note that unlike Mooncloth bags, these are Bind on Equip.

Edit-- updated the mats to 20 cloth, as they were changed in 3.0.2

Комментарий от pwnage999

FYI Mooncloth bags aint bop lawl.

24 netherweave cloth seems pretty rasonable for 16 slot bag wouldn't take long to farm that much

Комментарий от thesmidget

where can i get 16 slot netherweave bag pattern?

Комментарий от Manxome

This binds on equip, so if you want to trade up at a later date and sell your bag on the AH, buy a mooncloth bag instead.

Комментарий от napox

Best bag for mules since it is very easy and cheap to make, i made over 20 of those and sent to my mules.

Комментарий от Elk20

This is the best bag you can buy for your money once you can buy one without making you completely broke. They go on my server for 5-9g and you can always find these on the AH.

Комментарий от nick

A stack of Netherweave goes for 3g on my server, plus the cost of a Rune thread and tip, I've been getting them for around 5g (less if the crafter refuses my tip). Not to blow anyone's cover, but the profit margin on these things are ridiculously good.

Комментарий от Rarehunter

At what level of tailoring does this bag become green/gray?

Комментарий от Smokeymotors

I would say these are great if your leveling an alt and don't feel like spending money or time on 18 slot bags yet, and using these in the bank.

Комментарий от bluetubegroove

Great bags for new alts. You're not going to need much more bag space than what these can give you under level fifty - At just around ten gold a pop or cheaper, you can't go wrong.

Комментарий от PersonGuyDude

On my server these can actually make you a decent amount of money, about 4.05g for the mats (If the netherweave is bought for 3g a stack) and I can sell them for 6-7g; they always sell, even when I sale 20+ of them. Minus the deposit these are quite a money-maker, if you buy the netherweave cheap and do the whole thing en masse. I make about 125g a day at level 53 with these as long as I can find people who can sell me loads of netherweave.

Er for some reason, post 2.4 there seems to be way more stacks in the AH for 3g, dunno why people would do that though, they just lose money from the deposit when they can just turn into bandages and vendor. Anyways its a even better money-maker now on my server!

Комментарий от spark92077

It is actually 96 netherweave clothes that are needed...not 24. 24 just creates one bolt and the bag needs 4 bolts

Комментарий от Kralnor

These are the best use for excess Netherweave Cloth that I have found. Stacks of Netherweave Cloth average at about 3.5g at the AH but the bags sell for anywhere between 6-10g on my server.

Комментарий от ezechiel

it is indeed one of the best ways to make profit.on my server too i make them with costs of maximum 4.50g if i buy all the mats, and sell for 7-8 g, so it's 70% added value business.so i invest daily 100g in making these, and the next day i have ~170g back

Комментарий от evanblegen

on my server they sell for 15-17

Комментарий от tubago

Somehow a few days before the 3.0.2 patch these bags were hitting 10~11g on my server :) I made over 300g on that and still got 2 bags of those full with this bags O.o somehow i can fit 16 bags inside one of the same kind ;P Waiting for prices to rise a bit again since they are 6~7 atm

Spinebreaker EU Horde :P

Комментарий от b0rt

I sell loads of these for at least 15g a pop on our server, they always sell out really quickly!

I make 15-20 every day and it nets me about 200g a day, maybe it has something to do with all these people levelling Death Knights, looking for bagspace?

Anyway, enjoy these moneymakers!

Комментарий от Mystic6

To date, these are the best bags in the game even though the WOTLK is out. They have the most slots for the least amount of money. Lowbies want them, Maxed lvl toons will buy/craft tons for their lowbie alts. They sell like none other even on a maxed server.

This item lets you know, It's good to be a tailor*

Комментарий от ziddy1232

Currently these sell for 8-10g each on my server and the cloth is really cheap, going for just 2-3g a stack. Great money maker on Warsong US (Horde).

Комментарий от Fear808

On my server these bags have been selling for 16-20g each. The funny thing is people are buying them and the price is not going down. All because of the DK leveling spike.

Комментарий от directlive

prices are still going up! I remember buying these at 5g a pop before wotlk ,now 15+gold. somethings are booming

Комментарий от LoKHor

The market on a high pop server is absolutely flooded with these things, even now in 4.0.1. The thing is, ensure that you will make a profit when you take into account the cost of the cloth, the rune thread, the posting cost and the auction house cut. Even if they still sell like hotcakes, with the amount of bags being put up you will be in fierce competition against people. And every time you get them returned in your mail because of all the botters and people undercutting you, that's a small loss to take into account.

However, one thing to bear in mind at this stage is that there will be absolutely hundreds, if not thousands of people levelling new toons come Cataclysm. If you stockpile either these or the cloth needed to make them you could well turn a very big profit in the first couple of days of the expansion's release. :)

Комментарий от Haroldnca

For the love of bags, blizzard... can you reduce the time it takes the craft these? Geeze.

Комментарий от Zorrah

I make a ton of money off these bags...

Buy all cloth from AH below 50 silver.

They sell for 15-18g each. I make 100-200g per day on them. Its nicer when I farm the cloth myself...which I do...on occasion with instances or solo raids such as Kara.

Either way these are a moneymaker. Sold thousands over the years. They'll get down to 12g or so and I'll save 'em...back up to 19-20g I'll post 'em for 16-17 and they're gone in an hour.

Making 5-7g per bag may not seem like much but if you sell 20-30 a day it adds up..day after day.

Комментарий от jaxsonbateman

I have to agree, these bags are fantastic, and actually the main reason I power levelled tailoring on my mage (well, that and the cloak buffs). A 16 slot bag for a simple stack of Netherweave - very simple when you consider you can get around 5 stacks from a Blood Furnace run on a level 85 and only spend 8 minutes doing so - and you've got a great way of making sure your alts are ready to venture into the World of Warcraft.

Not to mention that bags seem to be very sporadic on the Auction House, so it shouldn't be overly difficult for a keen player to corner the market.

Комментарий от Caranten

The best bag for your alt toon.

Комментарий от Bantas

You may want to look into Gnoll Skin Bandolier instead. They're only 50 honor points a piece, but unavailable to Horde characters.Do check that you wouldn't get more money by reselling mats obtained through the honor quartermasters though.

Комментарий от Chrizzy

These are still a great way to make gold for tailors, at least on my server. In the past 7 days I've sold 500 of these in the range of 24-34g gold. A stack of cloth I buy for 10-15 gold. I've made a 7k profit buying stacks of cloth and selling the bags. Easy and it sells every time pretty fast.

Комментарий от Fandralen

Definitely the cheapest bag to get if you're just starting out or making toons on a new server, they're generally dirt cheap and while not huge decent enough for until you can afford larger.

Комментарий от nicorn

Hey, so I did some math and it's quite profitable to make these bags.The time and Average AH Prices are taken from this site.

Сумка из ткани Пустоты - (a stack of Ткань Пустоты + Руническая нить) = Profit

23.37G - (11.80G + 0.40G) = 11.17G

Time needed:

4 Рулон ткани Пустоты + Сумка из ткани Пустоты = Total time needed for one bag

8sec + 10sec = 18sec

11.17G/18sec = 2234G/Hour

You can make more Gold if you farmed the netherweave yourself (this time is not included in my calculation) and you also may check if bolds of netherweave are cheaper on your server than the cloth.

Комментарий от XZFHTF

This is still the coolest-looking bag in the game.

Комментарий от tomato93

This item is still a good product on the Auction House. May not be tons of gold in doing it but a few stable markets and you will have the raid repair covered at least.

Комментарий от Grammie

so I bought some of these bags in AH to give away as Christmas gifts but for some reason I can not trade them out - any explanations ? Please ?


Сумка из ледяной ткани - Предмет


Комментарий от jevchance

Now I feel stupid for crafting all those Primal Mooncloth bags... /sigh

Комментарий от tilgare

Well the icon is superior at any rate! :D

I did the same Pre-BC too, had a bunch of mooncloth bags, then they were EASILY replaced in BC.

Комментарий от Dragonskull1111

Go and stock up on "Gigantique" Bags :P

Комментарий от lsfreak

I wouldn't recommend stocking up on those either, unless you've really got the cash to spare or have severe bag issues now (those of us who have never destroyed a purple, for example). 22-slot bags will be the equivalent of the current Imbued Netherweave, which all things considered aren't that hard to get a hold on even while leveling. I was fully kitted in 18-slotters by level 64 from questing and then spending half an hour grinding on spiders, and plan on doing the same with 22-slotters in WotLK.

Комментарий от Dindor

As it looks now the craftable 22-slot bags will be more like Primal Moocloth Bag

Glacial BagWill according to wotlkwiki.net need:4xMoonsshroud4xEbonweave1xEternium Thread

And with 4 days CD on those clothes it will take a tailor (4x4) + (4x4) = 32 Days to make one of those bags.

To clarify.... 32 DAYS / Bag in pure cooldown. (without any tailor specialization that is)

So if you have time to grind gold now i'd suggest to go for "Gigantique" Bag instead.

But since it's only on beta so far, it might change several times before it goes live.

Комментарий от Dindor

Sorry i deleted my post by misstake. Jetstream was replying to that post.Yea your right about 16 days cooldown, my misstake.I wrote something like:It will be more like Primal Mooncloth Bag

Glacial Bag4xEbonweave4xMoonshroud1xEternium Thread

This makes up to a total of 16days/bag cooldown if you not specced or trade them.You can get down to 8days/bag cooldown if you trade Spellweave for the ones needed.

So you might consider farming gold now for "Gigantique" Bag

But since it's only in beta yet, we can only speculate. They can still change alot until it goes live.

Комментарий от themrb

This bag, seemingly the 'basic' tailoring bag of WotLK, is significantly more difficult to make than the Burning Crusade equivalent was, Netherweave Bag (24 netherweave cloth and 50s - easily and cheaply mass produced). This bag requires 90 Frostweave Cloth to make the 6 Bolts if imbued.

No doubt Blizzard are reluctant to have everybody running around with full 20 slot bags.

However, for those with a bit of cash and a of need the extra bagspace, this will be well worthwhile and cheaper than the Burning Crusade 20 slot bag.

Комментарий от DJScythe15

Now is created with 6 Bolts of Imbued Frostweave instead of 20 Bolts of Frostweave. Each imbued bolt requires 3 normal bolts and 2 Infinte Dust, so now 18 normal bolts (or 90 pieces of unbolted cloth) and 12 dusts are required. However the new trainable ability Northern Cloth Scavenging (http://wotlk.wowhead.com/?spell=59390) should help ease cloth grinding for tailors.

Комментарий от Xxkilla

Yay, lowbes, never fear, no more overflowing bags for you!

Комментарий от Ahuramazda

Per Frostweave Bag:90 x Frostweave Cloth22 x Infinite Dust2 x Eternium Thread

Комментарий от Benedict

Bought a bunch of these today for 120g each, while the mats needed are still >200g in raw form on the AH, but that is because people use these to powerlevel tailoring and take the loss.

I don't know if I will equip them on alts or resell them

Комментарий от blupache

And lets just compile all the nonsense from the Imbued Netherweave Bag thread down into one comment...

For 4 bags (one character's inventory)- 360 Frostweave Cloth (18 stacks)- 48 Infinite Dust (2 stacks & 8)- 8 Eternium Thread

For a full bank (seven slots)- 630 Frostweave Cloth (31 stacks & 10)- 84 Infinite Dust (4 stacks & 2)- 14 Eternium Thread

Hence for one toon go from zilch to fully decked out (4 in inventory, 7 slots in the bank)- 990 Frostweave Cloth (49 stacks & 10)- 132 Infinite Dust (6 stacks & 12)- 22 Eternium Thread (1 Stack & 2)(Plus the 111g 10s to buy the 7 bankslots in the first place)

Considering a starter character only has 16 slots in their bag & 28 slots in their bank, I hope you've got a second bank alt to hold mats for your bank alt if you're honestly going to trying and collect all this at once (you nutter).

If you want to know more... learn to multiply for yourself ;)

Комментарий от Xdoom

It seem pretty easy to get the mats if you are tailoring and enchanting.You get extra cloths from tailoring if you pay for the Cloth Scavenging quest (5g to train). Enchanters will get lots of Infinite Dust from DEing most wotlk's greens... or i get unlucky for essence. *cry*

Anyway, its easy mats for the new bags... i cry myself of spending hell of mats for BC's Primal Mooncloth Bag a year ago.

Комментарий от ME412

1 Bag(s):Bolt of Frostweavex18 (90 Cloth)Infinite Dustx12Eternium Threadx2

4 Bag(s): InventoryBolt of Frostweavex72 (360 Cloth)Infinite Dustx48Eternium Threadx8

7 Bag(s): Bank SlotsBolt of Frostweavex126 (630 Cloth)Infinite Dustx84Eternium Threadx14

11 Bag(s): Bank Slots + InventoryBolt of Frostweavex198 (990 Cloth)Infinite Dustx132Eternium Threadx22

1 Bolt of Frostweave:Frostweave Clothx5

1 Bolt of Imbued Frostweave:Bolt of Frostweavex3 (15 Cloth)Infinite Dustx2

Комментарий от Itsallmuscle

As of 11/4/08:

1 Frostweave Cloth: 1.25g1 Infinite Dust: 6.00gEternium Thread: 3.00g_______________________

This bag costs about 190g to make for tailors buying mats from the AH, and on Warsong US we are selling these bags for about 100g.

Комментарий от romansamurai

It's funny, on both Alliance and Horde Ah on the server Frostweave Cloth goest at 2g a pop and Infinite dust is cheapest at 7g, average 8g. However Frostweave Bags sell for 120-175g and people keep undercutting each other. Now, other than skilling up purposes (which i recommend just leaving for yourself after made), you can sell mats for upward of 260g easy and fast...why make the bags at all other than personal use...

Комментарий от bangback

Hence for one toon go from zilch to fully decked out (4 in inventory, 7 slots in the bank)- 990 Frostweave Cloth (49 stacks & 10)- 132 Infinite Dust (6 stacks & 12)- 22 Eternium Thread (1 Stack & 2)(Plus the 111g 10s to buy the 7 bankslots in the first place)

For sake of completeness, if you were to contemplate becoming THE frostweave bag supplier on your server by supplying all 2000 people, each with 10 toons (hence, 20k bags), you'd need the following BOM:

19,800,000 frostweave cloth3,640,000 infinite dusts440,000 eternium threads

Granted, you'd have a challenge stocking all this at once, and you'd have to spend a little time collecting everything, but hey, you'd get to know those cute-looking shoveltusks in the process! ;-)

Комментарий от Athendial

just saw one of these for 80 gold buyout on the Sargeras horde AH.

Комментарий от menoblack

and that is

990000 stacks of frostweave132000 stacks of infinite dusts22000 stacks of eternium threads

so 1144000 stacks total :)

now let's say each bag costs 150g you'd pay 3.000.000g

anyone having that? :D

Комментарий от Jagganath

I'm almost there.... 8-)

Комментарий от Striker511

Once Patch 3.0.8 comes out, the prices will go down per bag:

Bolt of Imbued Frostweave now requires 2 Bolt of Frostweave instead of 3;

You still need 6 bolts of Imbued to make the bag; Since each bolt of Imbued Frostweave = 2 bolts of Frostweave and 1 bolt of Frostweave = 5 Frostweave cloth, the new total cloth needed now will go from 90 frostweave cloth to 60 frostweave cloth.

To buy the mats on the AH: (all prices are from the average wowhead price; server prices may vary): If cloth is about 1g , the Infinite dust is 5g and the thread (3g each) from the venders:

Комментарий от ikit

Bags go for 90gold today on blackrock.

Комментарий от Shnorque

Just some quick math now that the bags are only 60 cloth each (blatantly copied and edited from blupache's earlier post):

For 4 bags (one character's inventory)- 240 Frostweave Cloth (12 stacks)- 48 Infinite Dust (2 stacks & 8)- 8 Eternium Thread

For a full bank (seven slots)- 420 Frostweave Cloth (21 stacks )- 84 Infinite Dust (4 stacks & 2)- 14 Eternium Thread

Hence for one toon go from zilch to fully decked out (4 in inventory, 7 slots in the bank)- 660 Frostweave Cloth (33 stacks)- 132 Infinite Dust (6 stacks & 12)- 22 Eternium Thread (1 Stack & 2)

And as an aside bags are currently 85-90g on my server (frostmourne (oceanic)). I'm expecting this to go down to reflect the lessened cloth price, as they were about this price for the last few weeks.

Комментарий от ves0

I don't get understand how people can sell these bags for 90g.

On my server (Boulderfist-US) it's a bargain to buy a stack of Frostweave for 10g. Usually they go for 13 - 15 gold. Infinite dust is about 5 - 6 gold. So going by Striker511's calculations:

60 Frostweave cloth = 3 stacks * 10g = 30g12 Infinite Dust * 5g = 60g2 Eternium Thread * 3g = 6g

So the cost to make is 96g, and notice I used the lowest mat cost possible. Now explain to me how in the world are people selling these for 90g at the AH?

It makes no sense. Even if they are farming the mats you are losing money because you can sell the raw mats for more. Am I missing something here or are some people really bad with math / money?

Комментарий от Quttan

The goal of making these for most people isn't to sell them for a profit, but to level tailoring. These are still the easiest way to level tailoring for a long time and a loss of 10 gold for a level is the smallest loss out of a lot of the possible things you could make, except for the rare cloths which have a four day cooldown each.

Комментарий от phillymike101

People might not sell the individual mats on the AH because of the huge amount of those mats for sale - meaning your auction might not sell fast, if at all. Essentially, if raw mats were 100g and bags are selling for 90g, you ultimately pay 10g for the very high liquidity of the bag.

Worth it in my opinion.

Комментарий от boom621

These sell pretty well on my server but selling them is only making me about 10g buying the supplies myself so instead i recomend to others trying to make money to find out witch creature is easiest to kill and gives you the most frostweave there are other places where you can get more cloth but the best place for me is behind amberpine lodge cloth drops like every 3 kills but when it does i get 3-4 pieces and after about an hour of farming i have a stack i also did the culling of stratholme and got about 2 and a half stacks of cloth so itll make you alot more money if you put some time into it and farm the cloth it also helps o take enchanting as your second proffesion to get the dust.(Hope this helped)

Комментарий от Striker511


I can see this as the easy way to level your skill even if you break even on the market.

Комментарий от recentlykilled

A reason that some people can sell these bags for what might seem like less than mat price is if they are enchanters and have a lot of infinite dust lying around. I always level my tailoring before enchanting so I haven't used all my dust to enchant stuff that could go into making imbued frostweave.

Комментарий от goodgoan

If you want to make this for all you characters on a realm(10) with full bank and normal slots(11) this will cost:

6.600 Frostweave (330 stacks)1.320(66 stacks)220(11 stacks)

average cost if you have tailoring (assuming wowhead prices): 6.600+6.600+660=13.860 Gold, but the wowhead prices for infinite dust and frostweave are way higher then the prices on the server I play (lightning's blade EU).

One bag is: (patch 3.0.9)60 frostweave12 infinite dust2 eternium thread

Average cost if you have tailoring )assuming wowhead prices) for one bag: 60+60+6=126 Gold, wowhead price isn't the same as realm price!

this calculation is made in patch 3.0.9, mats can change (cheaper or more expensive).

Комментарий от goodgoan

Also note, that this is the cheapest way to level your tailoring, maybe you loose 10g for each bag. This means it is still a lot cheaper than level tailoring with anything else.

Комментарий от Nougati

These bags are relatively huge enough.They can hold 20 different weapons.They can hold 200 10 stack trade goods.They can hold 400 20 stack trade goods.They can hold 2000 100 stack reputation medallions (Assuming there isn't any trade goods with such a stack).And they hold 5000 250 stack reputation medallions, or whatever.

These things are quite big, I just wanted to put an emphasis on it.Just imagine the things you could do with a 22 slot :D

Комментарий от goodgoan

Why downrate, prices are wowhead prices, not your server prices.

Комментарий от Eaglesight

Here is a complete breakdown of materials for Frostweave Bag as noone has posted it.

1 Frostweave Bag___ 2 Eternium Thread___ 6 Bolt of Imbued Frostweave Cloth_____ 12 Infinite Dust_____ 12 Bolt of Frostweave________ 60 Frostweave Cloth

Комментарий от FuxieDK

Tailors should sell for 150-175g each bag - check and recalc your prices per your server mat costs; If you get the mats yourself and ask a tailor to make, don't forget a tip :D

Your calculation is both right and wrong...While the price for the mats are resonable, you will NEVER get over 100g for a bag.. Average price is around 80g.

This is a classic example of "mats are more expensive than the finished product".. You see it for more or less every crafted BoE item in game..

Комментарий от spelbound

If you are buying the mats yourself then it costs about 85 gold (on Frostwhisper horde, 30.8.09).

The bags themselves already made are currently costing 88g.

Add in the cost of the thread and its currently more expensive to make them yourself than to buy :-P (assuming you are buying mats ofc and not gathering yourself).

Комментарий от Leort

A handy way to do it if you can get cheap/farm cloth is to make a few Duskweave Wristwraps and DE them, they reliably break down into 4-8 Dust (on the odd occasion 1-3 Greater Cosmic Essences).

My experience is 2 Wrists usually gives me the 12 dust, so 140 cloth gives me a bag on avg.

Комментарий от Esbeno

Add in the cost of the thread and its currently more expensive to make them yourself than to buy :-P (assuming you are buying mats ofc and not gathering yourself).

Actually even if you grind the mats yourself it still 'more expensive'. By 'more expensive' I mean you would have less gold in stock making this bag yourself, since you can sell the mats, buy the bag and end up with more gold.

Комментарий от drdoom5081

With the random heroics now, mats for this have gone down considerably.

Комментарий от bigcountry127

Drazkull wants the frostweave bag.

Комментарий от gothnate

Seeing as all cloth will have their cooldowns removed in 3.3.3, my realm has been seeing a lack of these bags on the AH. I'm wagering everyone is stockpiling Frostweave Cloth just waiting for this change. It's been a few weeks since I've seen a Frostweave Bag on the AH. It would be a good time to post some for extra gold if your realm is short on them.

Комментарий от Ztrl

Lame question maybe, though I'm starting to doubt, so here it goes..Can anyone confirm that they've created these from skill level 448 till 450? 'Cause I've made over 20 now, and I'm still where I started, at 449. Annoys the crap out of me! D:<Cheers, :o)

Комментарий от LimonP

Where are these dropped at?

Комментарий от rnbw

Check the AH and do some calculations before actually crafting these from any mats you might have acquired during instance runs.

I thought my mats were rotting in the bank anyway so decided to actually have 4 of these crafted. However the price for which I could sell the mats, plus the crafting tip, was higher than the price of the bags on the AH (as a comparison, the price of the mats plus the tip was 60g each, while the bags were on the AH for 50g each).

So in short you're probably better off just selling the mats and buying the bags if the economy's similar on your server. :-)

Комментарий от coredin

some how in dalaran trainer doesn't show in the train list. do you guys another options to learn it?

Комментарий от killerch0

Raw mats for frostweave bag

Комментарий от Catlover74

Wowhead are you trying to scare me?

Комментарий от alicyndecay

On my server, Bonechewer US (Horde Faction), the prices for these bags has gone UP significantly. Before Cata came out, you could get these bags anywhere from 45-70g in AH and a stack of Frostweave cloth for 5g. Nowadays, it costs 175-200g per bag and a stack of Frostweave cost nearly 20g.

Considering how expensive these are now, the Netherweave bags are in higher demand now than ever before. You can buy a STACK of Netherweave for 4-5g ( or farm it in Outland if you have the time) and buy the rune thread... Then you can sell these for 15-18g a piece, and you never have to worry about not selling these because these sell like hotcakes on my server, and can earn you a decent amount of gold... even if you DID buy the mats off AH.

My advice would be to make a bank mule toon and create a guild bank... in the long run, the bank would be cheaper to buy 3 slots, because you can send the items to your new mule and won't have to worry about running out of bag space.

Комментарий от skrator

I agree with Alicy, the price of these bags has skyrocketed. on my server mats cost about 170-200g to make a bag, and i have sold them for 350g. I wonder if the old days of 50g will every return.

Комментарий от T3rry

i doubt it, frostweave is not as easy to come by anymore because people aren't constantly grinding in areas where it drops.

Комментарий от aaliyana

My server, most people have a ton of money I guess. There was a bag on the AH for 1300g that actually sold. I know what my tailor is doing this week!

Комментарий от Avalionis

these are going for roughly 150-300g per bag on Duskwood. glacials are around 300+, and abysal/embersilk bags are the same as glacials...if not more. and I doubt the price of these will go down anytime soon.

Комментарий от bridgetn88

Sellinfor 200g on my server for 1 bag - i found a guy who said with my mats, he charges 100g... ppl are greedy T_T

Комментарий от darthrich

Whe' I wer' a lad. I knock these out for 50g a pop, an' make me a profit.

The good ol' days.

Комментарий от Tigerseyee149

On Ghostlands i see these regularly got for 200+g and its insaneNets me a nice profit though when i sell them.

Комментарий от Diogenes13

These sell for 500g on my server (Dragonmaw EU) now days. i - n - s - a - n - e.

Комментарий от Unstopebble

The Frostweave Bag isn't a good as the 20-slot Bag, because you can use the 20-slot Bag at level 1. But you can't with the Frostweave bag.

Комментарий от WhiteToTheLaw

My server, Emerald Dream, they're going for about 350g-375g. I got to this point in tailoring, and I made 9 of them (I made as many as I had the frostweave for, and that was nine). There were a bunch for 375g but only from one person, so I undercut to 360g, and all of my sold. The first few came slow, but I went to bed last night, and here I am, waking up not even 6 hours later, and they are all sold! I checked the AH again and there were a few that were lower than what I had put them up for, but I made just over 3000g off those.

If you're looking for a spot to get the frostweave easily, because 60 per bag adds up quick, go to this spot:


and just farm there(pretty much that whole area, from where those huge skeleton guys are, to where you start hitting the walls of the bridge and stuff up at the north side). Kill the contended heroes, I believe that's what they are called. There's groups of them walking around. Just kill the groups. If you kill them all, just wait like 5 min, they will be there again. As a mage at 85 I just used arcane explosion until they died, took just a few seconds.

It really helps if you have "The Guide to Northern Cloth Finding". I have to go, so just search it on here, it helps you in finding cloth. It says it's only for humanoids, and these guys aren't humanoids, but it helps, trust me. Unless it's this great of a drop rate normally.

I got about 400 frostweave in 30 min!

Good luck guys.

Комментарий от cjmorrissey

Summary of total mats needed for 1 frostweave bag if you're just looking to farm it:

60 frostweave cloth22 infinite dust2 eternium thread

(The 60 cloth and 12 infinite dust combine to make 6 bolts of imbued frostweave cloth.)

On Norgannon the bags are going for about 275g on AH at this time. Farming the mats is done very quickly up in Icecrown. You can disenchant the greens you pick up or ask an enchanter friend. I'm farming and sending these mats to a tailor guildie instead of spending my money on the AH. If you don't mind grinding for a half hour or so in Northrend that's the way to go.

Комментарий от RufusHonkerIV

Still an easy moneymaker, years after Wrath of the Lich King.

Комментарий от angorashi

I can farm enough cloth and greens for disenchant to make about 20 of these babies in just two hours. At 200g+(I have yet to see it dip under 200g, generally 200-240g on my server), they're a HUGE moneymaker for me.

Here are the two places I farm for mats(with northrend cloth scavenging). Both places are courtesy of wow-professions frostweave cloth farming guide.

Naxx. Plague quarter. Go in, 25man, clear everything up to the first boss. kill the first boss. The mobs you'll be farming are the mobs in between first and second boss(DO NOT KILL SECOND BOSS.)

Run outside. Switch to 10man.(if you don't put it in 25man to begin with, you'll glitch it up. Nobody knows why. Mystery!) Farm the mobs in between first and second boss. My hunter can clear this five times, right up to the reset limit, in about 20 minutes. You'll get an insane amount of frostweave cloth and greens(I typically end up with 25-30 greens in this 20 minutes. Bonus points if you're a chanter, because you'll usually get 2-3 epics as well, which can be disenchanted for abyss crystals, which can be shattered for even more dust!)

Mail all that crap to an alt, you'll need the bag space. Your hearth should be shrine or dalaran as an easy go-between.

The spot you'll be farming while waiting for naxx to come off cooldown is in Icecrown, just to the west of Ymirheim(the center of the map). Half the section is dedicated to random ghouls, skeletons, and geists that don't drop for crap. Ignore those. Above them, you'll be farming those groups of 7 Converted Heroes.

Simple. Get into the grind, keep killing these groups, best spot I've found for farming frostweave(except for naxx). I'll end up with 120ish frostweave bolts' worth of frostweave by the time naxx is ripe again. (you might no get quite this much here- I had the benefit of being able to phase into a low-pop realm regularly whenever I found an empty gap. However, they respawn very quickly, and it is still an extremely wonderful spot!)

TIPS:Empty your bags 100%, with the exception of a few stacks of frostweave. Use these pieces to place 1 piece of frostweave cloth in every bag space available. This way, when you're autolooting, you will automatically loot all the frostweave, while leaving behind the junk. Keep an eye out for greens, when you're in naxx- whenever some greens drop, just toss an appropriate number of individual cloth pieces into a stack, and replace the spots with the greens. Very neat, very tidy, no wasted bag spots!

Комментарий от meohmy

These have Dropped in price sense 6.0.3

125G each. Due to the mats to make these have also dropped in price.

Most items have or will be dropping in price over the next few months, My guess is these bags will only be Priced around 75G each soon.

Also keep an eye out for Blizzard changing the Bag market big time if they make a BOA bag it could Kill the Cloth markets and sales on these all Slot bags for good!.. SAY NO TO BOA SLOT BAGS!

Комментарий от Saucery

The best way to farm Frostweave cloth to make these bags is right here in this guidehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iA9sdkx5wE

Комментарий от Lodar

how do i get this frostweave Bag ?


Сумка Халаани - Предмет - World of Warcraft


Комментарий от Fugazi

Great another free 18 slot! o/

Комментарий от Wraithius

It's unique, so you aren't really going to have much use for 8 of them. :-p

Комментарий от Enuff

He is talking about the coins not the bag.

Комментарий от Spectro

Can be bought for 8 Halaa research tokens.

Комментарий от phllpw

The effort required to acquire this bag is insanely huge and not worth it. You can farm all the materials to craft or even money to buy an Imbued Netherweave Bag (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=21843) in ALOT less time then required to get these Tokens.

Комментарий от britpod

Why is this bag unique? As a LW I've had to farm Clefthoof leather so much that I've ended up with stacks of tokens. After using a couple for the PVP gear there is nothing else to spend these things on other than bags... well bag.. Blizz have seen fit that we can only hold one of these mystical 18 slot bags.

Комментарий от rrcp1us

This bag is not that hard to get, if you're farming your way up to Exalted after being done with all the quests (also the chain greatmother gives) you'll have 8 tokens in a matter of time.the question is more, do you want to spend your tokens on a bag, or save for something better? (but also more expensive.)

Комментарий от justcallmefred

So, only bag? I don't do pvp...so can I still get anything else?

Комментарий от BiggusGeekus

Unless you are an alchemist or saving up for an epic Talbuk, this is the item you'll be wanting. The other option is level 66 blue armor pieces, those aren't bad, but if you level by questing instead of grinding, you'll end up replacing those pieces soon enough.

Other than the alchemy recipe, this is the only item that does not require the Halaa Battle Tokens. The Halaa world PvP is structured around you having a group and your opponents being obliging enough to show up and fight you. Then there's the question of winning. I think its a shame more people don't try the world PvP, but most people find it easier just to avoid it. I personally think it'd be nice if the town reverted to "neutral" status every few hours for a minimum of two minutes to allow for the possibility of more conflict. But I'm not in charge of the game.

The consequence of all of this is that on a PvE server, you will very likely have more dust and research tokens than you will have battle tokens. This is especially true on servers where one team is heavily dominant. Those 66 blue armor pieces will probably be harder to save up for than you imagine. So save up the dust and check in on Nagrand from time to time. When your side has the town, grab the bags (and the recipe if you are an alchemist). Don't bother saving up for everything else because they use battle tokens and PvE servers will find those to be rarer than they think.

Комментарий от kelden2313

um.....me being lvl 70 and grinding for mots all the time up top weth my flying mount i had this bag and the mount weth out relly trying all the guys up thar drop this stuf so if might be slow if your not 70

Комментарий от Dimizor

I got this bag from killing ogres on Northwest Nagrand.I needed the Warbeads for Kurenai rep (Talbuk <3), they dropped some nice money and greens, and since they are in Nagrand, they drop the powder samples too. So I just got a bunch of those and gave em in... took 2 days or so for this bag.

Комментарий от Jomper

You can only own and equip one of these bags, I learned the hard way.

Комментарий от ChildinTime

That was rude.

Комментарий от DeathNight

is it 20 slots now?

Комментарий от Hashmahalum

This bag is pretty useless actually. An 18 slot bag can easily be bought out of the AH nowadays. The time spent farming Oshu'gun crystal powder could be better spent farming gold to simply buy an 18 slot bag off the AH.

The only reason for obtaining this bag is if you happen to come across 160 Powder samples from doing quests in Nagrand (which is very unlikely) or the fact that its blue and unique.

Комментарий от OmegaTau

As a leatherworker you get a huge gain while "farming" the crystals.Actually, you can take the quests from the safary, do the skinning/LWing, collect the crystals, gain experience...Profession leveling, character leveling and getting a container.Could it get easier?

Комментарий от Hooie

How to make money off old tokens. I was traveling through Negrand on my 80 and remembered I had some Halanni tokens and powder. Bought this bag, used it to replace a Imbued Netherweave Bag in my bank and sold the Imbued Netherweave Bag for 1g. lol freed up bag space and made a gold.

Комментарий от Solvia

For some strange reason that I have actually forgotten, this bag meant a lot to me - so much that it is my longest surviving 18-slot bag, though it has been retired to one of my bank bag slots for years.

Now, however, it's time is done... it is now replaced by a younger and bulgier model.


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